Lead Generation Requirements

This is a Progress tracker that shows the number of steps completed.

Step 1 Your Lead Generation Requirements

Part One allows us to calculate the number of leads you need each week to generate the demand and revenue you want and to thereby also create the lifestyle of your choice. The number of leads you need is what we call the "#1 Number" and I recommend that your #1 Number becomes a top priority objective because achieving that objective unleashes the power for you to enjoy the fulfilment of so many other goals including caring and supporting for your children's' education, supporting your husband/wife/partner, living where you want to live and in the style of home you want to live in and so much more.

Step 2 The Diagnostic Questions

Part Two allows you to rate where you and your business are at for each part on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being "I suck at this part" and 10 being "I'm knocking it out of the ball park"

Step 3 Tell us about yourself

We ask you to tell us a little about yourself including your motivations for wanting to know more about how to create demand for your services. The reason we want to ask you these questions is so that we have the opportunity to respond to your needs as precisely as possible