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Three Simple Methods That Will
Put More Cash Into Your Bank Account Faster

(Without cold calling, wasting money on advertising and with no tech required.)

Hi there!

If you’ve attended my webinar or read one of my best-selling marketing books, you’ll know that Leadsology® is focused on generating high quality leads for (your!) business.

But you may have also noticed that some of my methods take a couple of months to implement and some cost a bit of money and others may require you to have a high level of tech skills. And I know that any one of these can prove to be challenging.

And that’s why I put together this very special offer for you…

Three guaranteed cash and client generating methods that work in just a few short weeks, require zero technical skill, and that cost no money to implement.

Click here to access my three proven cash and client generating methods for just US $79.

(That’s three for the price of one! And a saving of almost $150)

These three proven cash-generating methods come with a no-questions-asked, unconditional, 100% money back guarantee: put any one of my methods in place and if within 12 months you are not generating at least 50x your investment then simply email me at and I’ll issue you with an immediate and no-questions-asked refund.

Here’s what you get when you (wisely) accept my invitation:

Definitive Guide #1:

How To Generate New Client Inquiries With a Marketing Message That Motivates Ideal Clients To Reach Out

Chances are that at some point you’ve worked on a “Unique Selling Proposition” or “Elevator Pitch” with the idea that you can use it to answer the age old question at networking meetings, “so, what do you do for a living?”.

And you may have also noticed that it doesn’t really work ☹

I noticed that too!

And that’s why I spent countless hours reading and testing a different method that generates instant interest from the right people.

And it will generate that interest when you use it too because I’ll show how to craft a response that gets cut-through in your prospect’s mind because it’s likely very different from anything that prospect has ever heard before.

And my three-part method will not only get eyebrows raised and your prospect’s desire activated, it will also have them asking you “wow, how do you do that?”.

And bingo, the new client conversation has begun.

In Marketing Message guide, I’ll show you how to not only craft a powerful new Marketing Message that you feel comfortable with (important!) but I’ll also show you how to test your message and generate new client inquiries with it, all within 30 days.

Definitive Guide #2:

How To Motivate Your Ideal Client To Buy Faster By Eliminating The Risk They Feel With A Great Guarantee

One of the top three reasons why your prospects are slow to buy, or worse, they don’t buy at all, is because they fear loss.

That fear of loss can come in the form or loss of time, loss of effort and/or loss of money.

And it can also be because they fear disappointment (this is a huge anti-motivator for your prospects).

Fear  freezes people.

By contrast, confidence empowers your prospects to move forward.

And my method for creating great guarantees, can shift your prospects from fear to confidence.

Once you’ve read this guide and followed my method, you’ll feel confident and ethically powerful when presenting your offer because you’ll be clearly demonstrating to your prospects that they have nothing to lose, and a massive transformation to gain.

And a great guarantee doesn’t have to commit you to paying money back. There are other ways to mitigate your prospect’s feeling of risk, without increasing your own.

In this guide I’ll show you how to craft a guarantee that puts your prospect at ease and protects your cash flow at the same time.

Offering a guarantee, is one of the two fastest ways to move people from being interested to being buyers.

The other method is…

Definitive Guide #3:

Gain Massive Credibility And Boost Your Prospect’s Desirability By Crafting Magnetically Compelling Testimonials 

In this guide I’ll reveal a three-step method to make it super easy for your clients to write authentic and outstandingly compelling testimonials which will generate maximum desire in the minds of your prospects.

Along with great guarantees, testimonials are one of the fastest ways to instill confidence in prospects so they come to a clear and conscious conclusion that you are their number on choice.

My method for generating powerfully compelling testimonials is unique (as far as I am aware) and it makes it easy for you to ask your clients for testimonials, as well as putting your clients at ease as they give you their testimonial (that’s important too!).

Click here to access my three proven cash and client generating methods for just US $79.

(That’s three for the price of one! And a saving of almost $150)

But wait …. there’s more!

(Sorry, but I’ve always wanted to use that line 😊)

When you (wisely) invest in my three cash and client generating methods, I’ll gift you the following five bonus methods, easily valued collectively at another $245 ($49 each).



How To Create Free Guides, Checklists and Other Downloads that Attract More Subscribers…

… and that motivate the right prospects to reach out to you and find out more about working with you.

This is a proven step by step method for creating titles and content that boost the number of opt ins on your website and through Social Media.

Want Leads At Scale? This Guide Shows You How To Generate Multiple Leads, Virtually Every Week of the Year.
Based on my best-selling book “Marketing With Webinars”. Here I give you my formula for attracting a treasure trove of high quality new client inquiries, week in and week out, without spending even one cent on advertising or affiliate fees.

How to Have Clients Buy Faster Because You Give Them What They Have Been Looking For.

Effective marketing puts an offer in front of someone, who we are confident is already looking for that offer.

But how do you know what they are looking for?

This guide reveals my time-proven method for identifying the unmet needs in your marketplace and “feeding” that hungry market.

After you have read this guide, you’ll be able to finally end the days of stress-filled selling, and instead practice authentic and effortless marketing, by giving people what they are already looking for.

Click here to access my three proven cash and client generating methods for just US $79.

(That’s three for the price of one! And a saving of almost $150)

Do you suffer from “Roller Coaster Revenue”? Would you like to be able to confidently and predictably generate new clients?

If you answered “yes” to those two questions, then this guide, which is my most popular ever download, may be the answer to your prayers.

In it I share my transition from “Random Acts of Marketing” to the systemization of lead generation, and I show you the key steps for doing the same.

Free Up Your Time And Accelerate The Development Of Your Business By Hiring Freelancers To Take Workload Off Your Shoulders.

The Leadsology® Team of Freelancers, mostly resident in the Philippines, is my secret key to happiness.

My team of highly skilled Freelancers not only initiate my marketing and handle 100% of Leadsology’s® technical and operational needs, they also support my clients and ensure that Leadsology® enjoys both growth and stability.

Many years ago I created a simple step-by-step system for identifying Freelancers with the capabilities I needed, for selecting the very best of them, for training them (simple and fast using my method) and for setting them free to perform with excellence and with minimum supervision (I suck at that so I needed a method where I didn’t have to do it).

Everything in your work life can be made easier, simpler, faster, more profitable and more effective by starting to work with just one Freelancer at five hours a week.

Virtually anyone can leverage their time and scale their results with that first hire. And grow from there.

Click here to access my three proven cash and client generating methods for just US $79.

(That’s three for the price of one! And a saving of almost $150)

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