Enjoy the Security and Satisfaction That Comes From A Predictable Flow of New Clients

In just 5 hours over 5 days I’ll show you how to create at least 5 fresh leads and 1 new fee-paying client and how to repeat those results virtually every week of the year.
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What This Training Has To Offer

In this practical, action packed, zero-hype challenge, I’ll show you how to generate 5 fresh leads and 1 new free-paying client as well as how to embed lead generation systems so you can authentically and systematically stimulate a weekly flow of inbound leads.

And if you’re up for the commitment, then we’ll achieve all of that together, in just 5 hours over the next 5 days.

About Me

“Hi, I’m Tom Poland, creator of Leadsology® and author of the #1 best-selling book of the same name. I’ve shown thousands of people how to ‘market the invisible’ and I’m the guy who’ll be walking with you as you experience the FIVE DAY LEAD GENERATION CHALLENGE.”

“Tom’s system is simple, hype-free and incredibly effective. He understands that professional advisors can’t afford to waste time on fancy theories or waste money on expensive advertising. He’s brilliant at showing how to systematically stimulate a flow of inbound leads. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Thomas Kessler, M&A Consultant, Germany
“He’s smart, his stuff actually works (that’s a shock for some), he doesn’t do hype or BS and he doesn’t mess around with manipulative sales techniques. Tom Poland is the genuine article, the real deal, and you can trust him to deliver on his promises”
Susan Kleinschmidt, Corporate Trainer, Canada
“I searched for too many years trying to find a lead generation method that I felt was authentic and that highlighted my values, not compromised them. I’m delighted to say that Tom Poland’s Leadsology® Model was the answer to my quest. Tom’s approach is practical, realistic, simple and as an ‘e-tard’ even I could put his recommendations into place”
Bruce Kennedy, Entrepreneur, Australia

Here's What You'll Experience In Your Five-Day
Lead Generation Challenge


The five questions that will reveal exactly what you should be marketing so that it’s more effective AND fulfilling.


Find out how to 5x your leads by using my SEW Segmentation formula (this is a real eye-opener and chances are you may need a box of tissues once you find out how much money you’ve “left on the table” in the past).


Arguably the most critical part of your marketing efforts — using my “Three Tweak” formula to craft a marketing Message that gets “cut-through” AND motivates your Ideal client to reach out to you to find out more.


The best marketing Message in the world will fail unless you match the Medium through which you deliver it to your Market. This alignment is crucial to your success. The information I’ll share in this part alone can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in wasted efforts.

Now for the MARKETING

Here you’ll discover The Segue and The Gold Standard which when put together will reveal how you can get more than enough time for your marketing as well as exactly what it takes to generate new client inquiries virtually every week of the year!

It may surprise you but I’m NOT a sales person nor am I much good with technology.

Really, I only know ONE THING… and fortunately that one thing is LEAD GEN and it’s allowed me to help HUNDREDS of people generate tens of millions of ADDITIONAL revenue.

However my business has not always run so smoothly. In fact in 2007 I had a failing business on my hands and I was $85,000 in debt with not even one cent in assets or savings.

With my business drying up I worked feverishly to bring on new clients.

Looking back I can now see that I became a victim of my own flawed strategy, what I now call “Random Acts of Marketing”.

After much reading and studying and soul-searching I had a Eureka moment.

You see, I thought I had a lead generation problem.

But the reality was I had a lead generation system problem.

Once I realized my mistake, and the solution, I set about creating a lead generation model that generated new client inquiries on a systematic, predictable and regular basis.


I literally generated hundreds of thousands of revenue in just two months, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve been able to move with the wife of my dreams to the house of our dreams next to the beach. We walk through our back gate, along a tree lined parkway and down onto the sand.

Plus on the professional side of things I’ve been asked to speak on international gigs alongside some of the greats such as Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch of The 80/20 Principle which sold over one million copies, Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Port and many more.

And I can put all of that success down to my Leadsology® method for generating leads.

And that’s WHY I’m excited for you … to see how YOUR LIFE will change once you become a Master of Lead Generation, being able to turn on a flow of leads just like turning on a tap.

Enroll now and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my Five Day Lead Generation Challenge.

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