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50 minutes + Q&A

Hi there, if you are on this page then it’s likely you are wanting to end the days of worrying about where your next client is going to come from.

If that sounds like you then you’d probably give a lot to discover a proven method that generates high quality leads predictably and without having to waste time and money on marketing that fails to deliver results.

In which case, WELCOME, because you’re in the right place.

Ever have a guru tell you what you need to do for your marketing but it didn’t’ work? And even though you paid them a bunch of money and put in a big effort, you were left feeling frustrated and disappointed?

Then you’ll be relieved to know that at our upcoming e-Demo we’ll share the two ways to tell in advance if a marketing method will work or if you’re simply going to waste your time and money all over again.

We’ll also reveal the 9 step sequence that our clients are using right around the world (we have generated clients in 151 cities around the world) to finally end the anxious days and sleepless nights from the uncertainty that Random Acts of Marketing generates.

Sorry, there will be no replay of this event but if you can’t make it for any reason please feel free to opt-in to our waitlist and we’ll put you on the notification list for the next event.

Claim your exclusive invitation before we close the doors

50 minutes + Q&A

Who this is for

This is for you if you want a predictable flow of new clients and you are a coach, consultant, trainer, SaaS developers and anyone else who is marketing services, advice or ideas.

About Your Presenter

Uwe Dockhorn
Senior Leadsology® Instructor Uwe Dockhorn has delivered over 17,000 coaching hours in the last 14 years. He created a network of over 250 promotional partners with Leadsology® for his own business. He has advanced knowledge of all things technical as well as a strong sense of marketing sequences and messaging.

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What You'll Discover at this e-Demo

WARNING: Please don’t try and attend this meeting while on a mobile phone or travelling! The training requires a level of concentration and screen sharing that will not work for you on mobile phones. Laptops or desktops will work well, as will tablets provided you are not on the move.
Congratulations on being invited to attend the Leadsology® Lead Generation Demonstration.
We run BIG webinars every month but this is special because it’s so intimate with an expected 12 guests in attendance. This is an eyeball to eyeball (it’s webcams on) and there is ample opportunity for your questions.
Just a reminder: there are no replays of this session and there is nothing to buy, it’s simply us showing you a unique, hybrid model for generating leads in the businesses of independent professionals.

Claim your exclusive invitation before we close the doors

50 minutes + Q&A

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