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(At your Sequencing Call, your Leadsology® Instructor will help you figure out where to start)
Other People’s Networks Previously sold for $9,540 (launch in 90 days)
Enjoy a predictable weekly flow of high-quality new client inquiries by embedding my proprietary OPN method into your business.
LinkedIn Previously sold for $7,500 (launch in 60 days)
Use our unique Freelancer method to generate new client inquiries from LinkedIn without using your account or even logging into LinkedIn (without software or automations).
Persuasion Sequence included in OPN above (launch in 60 days)
Create a powerfully motivational presentation using my famous Persuasion Sequence formula, slide by 31 slides. I estimate that this course alone has generated tens of millions in revenue.
Referrals Machine Previously sold for $795 (launch in 30 days)
I reveal the psychology of referrals and 12 proven methods so that both you and your referrers feel super relaxed about the referrals process. Designed to generate 10 referrals per month.