From the desk of Tom Poland

Congratulations on completing your 12 months Leadsology® Program!

It means a lot to me that you’ve “stayed the course” (pardon the pun)!

You’re probably aware that Leadsology® Graduates come in all “shapes and sizes”.

a.) Some Graduates have implemented everything and are enjoying a weekly flow of inbound new client inquires.

b.) Others have implemented but haven’t had the model up and running consistently and feel like Leadsology® is “unfinished business”. 

c.) And still others got distracted during their 12 months and just wish they could start all over.  

But regardless of which “shape and size” describes you, what’s past is past and now you can use this point in time to launch an even better future, regardless of your starting point.  

And I want to be here to support you in that mission which is exactly why I created The Leadsology® Graduate Program.  

My Leadsology® Graduate Program allows you to…  

1. Enjoy continued access to Leadsology® MODULES (our online lessons) - Dive back into any lesson at any time and enjoy access to all updates so you keep your Leadsology LeadStream® system up to date and continually improving.  

2. Enjoy continued access to live Zoom Implementation SUPPORT SESSIONS - Rock up any week or every week, with your questions or challenges and benefit from direct and immediate answers and solutions. Or simply attend “for the gold nuggets”, as one of our clients calls them. Having access to my (blush) vast experience in marketing and management is what others pay me literally thousands of dollars every month for.  

3. Enjoy continued access to our CLIENT COMMUNICATION CENTER - This is where you can Direct Message me, access my library of hundreds of Support Session replays and organize OPN Webinar Swaps and other JV opportunities with other Leadsology® clients. This last feature is extremely valuable because we introduce a regular stream of new clients virtually every week of the year and even one carefully selected JV opportunity is likely to deliver thousands or tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account.  

Now, as a Leadsology® Graduate and for the first time as of writing, you can enjoy continued access to any or all these high revenue-generating elements for only a fraction of their value.  

Click the package link you want to secure:  

Package 1: Online Modules including all updates only US $1,000 annual fee

Package 2: Online Modules and Support Sessions only US $2,000 annual fee

Package 3: Online Modules, Support Sessions and Communication Center US $3,000 annual fee

Or you may wish to talk about to me about working more closely with me one on one in which case I invite you book a chat with me here: (fees are US$2,500 a month)  

Terms and conditions  

• You can cancel at any time with only one week’s notice by emailing me directly at with a copy to (in case your email gets stuck in my spam filter).  

• There are no refunds for fees paid however you don’t need to give me any notice either  

• You can upgrade or downgrade at any time  

I’m looking forward to continuing our Leadsology journey together!  

Yours Strategically, Tom.