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MWW Program

One Time Enrollment Fee
Normally $10,000
Launch Special $5,000

Monthly Fee
(starts in 30 days, no lock in term)


MWW Program
Single Pay

One Time Total Fee
Normally $25,540
Launch Special $13,000

Monthly Fee
(includes 12 months access & support)

Email events@leadsology.guru
for an immediate 100% refund

Email events@leadsology.guru
for an immediate 100% refund

All amounts shown are in USD.

Frequently asked questions

I developed Leadsology® especially for people who offer services, advice, or software where the average sale price is thousands of dollars or more. People who enroll in this program include business and executive coaches, business trainers, consultants, financial planners, SaaS developers, marketers of programs and courses, and many others.

Leadsology® is not suitable for businesses that offer only physical products or those providing services where the average sale is below $1,000.

Simple: you get to enjoy a predictable and profitable flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries virtually every week of the year.

And the best part?

Once you have it set up, you’ll wake up Monday mornings, open up your calendar and feel a smile spread across your face as you sip your coffee… because you can see all the consult bookings from highly qualified prospects who are eager to work with you and only need you to validate their intention.

I’m giving you a week-long test drive to make sure Leadsology® is exactly what you need and want. So enroll in the program and take a good look around. Explore as much as you like — you’ll have full access to all your training modules and live support sessions from Day One.

If you change your mind for any reason within seven days of enrolling, simply email me at tom@leadsology.guru (and CC events@leadsology.guru) and we’ll immediately cancel your membership, no questions asked. We’ll refund every penny of your investment, and we’ll thank you for taking the time to try Leadsology® MWW on for size.

If you can commit eight hours a week to the program, then you should have leads coming in around the 90-day mark.

But if you need to go slower, no problem! Your Leadsology® MWW membership subscription will keep you covered for as long as you want, so that you can take it at your own pace.

To be clear: Leadsology® takes time and effort to implement. Think of it like a Boeing 747 Dreamliner taking off from a runway. It takes a lot of energy to get that plane into the air, but once it’s up there, the pilot can switch on cruise mode and it takes much less energy to keep the plane flying.

Likewise, it takes time and energy to implement the Leadsology® MWW system in your business and get it up and running. But once you have it in place, you get to sit back and cruise while you enjoy a weekly flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries streaming into your calendar. (At that point, we think you’ll agree the effort was worth it!)

You’ll be implementing three systems into your business: the AUDIENCE System, the ASSET System and the ACTION system.

The AUDIENCE system will create a fresh group of qualified prospects every week, without any significant cost. This is going to not only grow your email subscriber list, but it will also give you a fresh AUDIENCE every time you present your webinar.

The ASSET system is that live webinar presentation, which will include my “Persuasion Sequence” to make it highly engaging and high-converting for the right AUDIENCE (see above).

The ACTION system kicks in when you invite your webinar attendees to reach out and book a time to talk with you about becoming a client. This system makes sure the right people reach out, and passes them through three quality filters before you meet them — so you’ll only be meeting with highly qualified and highly motivated prospects.

You’ll study online training modules that guide you through how to implement the Leadsology® AUDIENCE, ASSET and ACTION systems. Each module is broken down into a series of small steps, complete with guides, checklists, templates, samples and examples. (I’ve invested over $100,000 with online training program experts to make all of this stuff easier, simpler and faster to learn and implement than ever before!)

Every week, you’ll be invited to attend a live Implementation Support Session (via Zoom) with a Leadsology® trainer to help you implement what you’ve been learning in the online training modules. These group support calls are hands-on question and answer sessions that can also include reviews of your work. I attend personally most weeks to keep up with everybody’s progress and offer extra advice.

You’ll also have a dedicated 24/7 Leadsology® coach and access to our Client Community Center (on Slack) to accelerate your progress in between Implementation Support Sessions.


Chances are, you’ve just finished viewing my live online lead generation demo.

But just in case you didn’t make it to the live event, or you want a written recap… please read on to find out what Leadsology® Marketing With Webinars is all about.

Quick question: do you struggle to get referrals, or to find enough clients?

An empty inbox without a single inquiry?

Wondering how you’re going to level-up your business?

It’s tough, right?

I know. I’ve been there.

When you’re a professional without a physical product to sell, doing business can be challenging. For coaches, financial planners, corporate trainers and every other kind of advisor and service provider. Marketing a service takes time, effort, and a lot of resources.

  • You’ve got to convince prospects to pay for your ideas.
  • You’ve got to demonstrate your experience is valuable.
  • You’ve got to assure every client your advice is what they need.

Work becomes a daily grind of outreach, cold calls, posting on every damn social media network to stay “top of mind.” And for the most part, you hear crickets.

But what if you could make leads and new client inquiries come to you, instead of you having to chase after them like rare butterflies?

Imagine this for a second.

You’re handed the blueprints to a marketing machine. A process that works automatically, around the clock, to find and pre-qualify leads for your business. Once set up, you’re rewarded with new client inquiry bookings pinging into your inbox, eager to speak to you, virtually every week of the year.

Not only that, it’s completely scalable.

  • What would that be worth to you?
  • To your business?
  • How fast would your bottom line grow?

It’s a goldmine, right?

Let me tell you from experience: once the leads start rolling in, the feeling is fantastic. And the leads become almost unstoppable as your momentum grows.

My name is Tom Poland, and my entire career has focussed on marketing. I’ve built and sold four companies, written best-selling books on lead generation, and have more than 37 years’ experience driving customers to businesses. But I don’t want to harp on about that.

What’s most important is the results my Leadsology® Marketing With Webinars system has created for hundreds of clients.

Our clients say

"Our revenue increased by 43% to over $1,000,000 and my net personal earnings rose by 50% to $400,000"
Steve Bennet
Bennet and Associates