😧 Oh Dear! SORRY but you missed the cut off for the free book 😧

But hey, at the OPN Boot Camp, I’ll unpack the book for you live and show you how to generate BULK leads once a month via Other Peoples Networks.

The Boot Camp consists of three 60-minute webinars that run over three days.  It’s FREE and it’s LIVE and I’ll not only take you through each of the 9 steps that generate BULK leads once a month, I’ll also answer your questions.

(Limited to 1,000 seats worldwide)

(Limited to 1,000 seats worldwide)

Here's what others have said about my O.P.N. marketing method...

"Thanks to Tom Poland's OPN method I'm now generating five times the number of new clients than previously and in less time than I ever thought possible."

Christina Force
Business Coach
"I've made my money back more than 100 times with OPN. Tom Poland's methods really work because he's already done the testing and refining."
Shane Spiers
UK business Coaching Leader of the Year 2021 & 2022
"Marketing always felt manipulative, but Tom Poland's OPN method has integrity, and it works! I sold $15,000 the first I used Tom's marketing model."

Bri Seeley
Business Coach
"I just used Tom Poland's OPN method for the first time and immediately generated 19 new clients at $8,000 each. Tom has set me up with a system of leads for life."

Rebecca Davidson
Personal Coach
"Thanks to Tom Poland's OPN method I now have a full pipeline of new client inquiries from C-Suite Execs of some of the world's biggest corporations such as Coca Cola, Mars and Unilever."
Derek Roberts
Management Consultant
"Tom Poland is the real deal. OPN is a system that delivers new clients each and every month. It has been so successful I've had to appoint new coaches to handle the demand."
Paul Wright
Health Business Mentor
"Since working with Tom Poland and implementing OPN, I'm generating four times what I've been earning previously."

Debora Hood
Business Trainer
"I ran my first marketing campaign using Tom Poland's OPN method and it generated five new clients and $25,000. In 15 years of marketing nothing has come close to this."
Juan Arreola
Business Coach

(Limited to 1,000 seats worldwide)

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