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    Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

    If you are here then you are probably checking out my 2024 launch.

    I’ve made sure that all the details are ready for your review below, but before you dive deeper, here’s some highlights:


    If you have questions please email Mike Levin, our Business Manager here: or click here to book a time to talk about your participation: with me directly.

    More details of the offers, who I am, and other fascinating stuff 🙂 follows these four reasons why supporting my launch is probably a great idea for you.

    Click here to see interview with Tom on the new book.

    5 Reasons Why Supporting My Launch Is A Great Idea

    Reason #1: Your subscribers will thank you.

    I know how valuable a subscriber list is, and I know that you will want to be confident that your subscribers will be grateful to you for letting them know about our launch. All of our content, from the free book to every download giveaway and all the webinars, contain fresh and interesting and valuable information. I practice Karma Marketing, meaning that my intention is to add value to everyone, whether they buy or not. Just ask, and I’m happy to give you access to everything too, so you can check out the quality and confirm that what I am giving away is a fit for your subscribers.

    Reason #2: Our Client Support Team and structure is second to none

    Our program is all about implementation. We go all-out to support our clients in over 150 cities in 20 countries on 6 continents around the world with qualified, full training Instructors in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. We run up to seven small group, Zoom support calls every week and offer clients one on one 24/7 message support using Slack as well as the option of one-on-one weekly Zoom calls with a qualified support Instructor.

    Reason #3: Our Partner Support Team is world class meaning things will run smoothly for you

    We are going to have someone on our Partner Support Team available for you to communicate with 24/7 from February 20 to March 25. That means, whatever the issue, whatever the hour, someone will be responding within 4 hours to help you out.

    Reason #4: Every new client gets my mobile phone number

    Regardless of price point, every new client gets my mobile phone number as a sign that I care about them personally. I let them know that our world class support team and structure will be looking after them but that if ever they feel the need, they should reach out to me personally. Hopefully that shows you that I care about your referrals.

    Reason #5: 30-Day Test Drive

    After enrollment, the new client will not pay anything for the first 30 days. This allows them to confirm that we are the real deal. Most ask the buyer to trust them, we tell them to try it out and we will trust the client to pay if they are happy.

    Background to our Other Peoples Network Launch

    Since 2008 I’ve developed and continually refined my method for filling events using cross marketing with partners. I partially introduced this method in my first best seller “Leadsology®, The Science of being in Demand” and drilled down even deeper in “Marketing with Webinars” (another best seller). In October of this year I’ll be releasing “Other Peoples Networks” which unpacks the step-by-step process of building email lists and generating clients via my dramatically modified version of joint ventures. All of the methods featured in my books have been professionally curated into online courses that I have invested well over six figures in developing.

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