Welcome to our Partner Overview Page

If you have an email list of 2,000 or more and an open rate of 20% plus, then we should meet and explore a JV. Our partners are specialists in sales, marketing and business growth and target small business owners. (Sorry, but our list does not respond well to specialists in finances, leadership or personal development, mindset, physical products or SaaS.)

For new partners our standard playbook is for us to promote your offer (free book, challenge, guide, webinar or soft/low cost offer) with a single email and for you to reciprocate with one email to promote a free download of one of my best-selling books.

This is the most efficient way of figuring out if our lists will respond well to each other’s brand/offers.

Then we’ll have the numbers and we’ll figure out if it would be worthwhile doing something more in-depth.

If that sounds like a plan, please click the nice shiny yellow banner and book a time for us to have a chat.