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If you have an email list of 2,000 or more and an open rate of 20% plus, then we should meet and explore a JV. Our partners are specialists in sales, marketing and business growth and target coaches, consultants & trainers. (Our list does not respond to specialists in finances, personal development, physical products or SaaS)

Our typical playbook involves us promoting your free lead magnet, and you promoting one of our monthly webinars which we run on the first Wednesday of every month. We will then hold a debrief meeting and if both parties are happy then we refer each other to proven JV partners from our respective networks. We then “rinse and repeat” a year later. (We typically stick to a straight swap but we also have an affiliate platform if required.)

Here's a top level overview of how you'll benefit if we decide to partner with each other


We have an organically grown (no paid traffic) email list of over 27,000 subscribers and yes, we double opt-in new subscribers and “scrub” the list every 90 days. If we partner together then we’ll promote your free, high-quality lead magnet to that list.


We have a professional Business Manager backed by our Operations Manager and Marketing Officer. They work as a team to ensure that we promote your offer on time, as promised, every time. We do everything in our power to eliminate the sort of frustrations and disappointments you may have experienced with unreliable partners.


Depending on what you are bringing to the partnership, we can accommodate a swap strategy or an affiliate strategy. But please note that either way, we seek reciprocity of promotions.


We’ve developed a suite of offerings that you can choose from for promotion to your email list. We can offer a free copy of one of our best selling books, a five hour lead generation challenge, our record breaking L.I.V.E. webinar and many more. Our breadth of offerings means that you can choose the free offer that is going to most delight your subscribers.


We are one of the very few partners who formalize the post-campaign review process by meeting with you to ensure that you are delighted with our performance. And if for any reason you’re not more than happy with our performance and the results, we’ll do whatever it takes to send you away wanting to work with us again.


As a part of our review meeting, we’ll be able to arrange introductions to other partners that can generate the same sort of results that you achieved. And we’ll ask you to reciprocate with those introductions. And as many quality partners that you can introduce us to, we’ll at least match that in return.


Our mission is to maximize your ability to monetize our list. That’s because we want to work make it easy, simple and profitable to work with us so that you’ll keep coming back for more, year after year, for many years to come.

So that’s the big picture, now please read on for the details.

What we look for in an ideal partner

The closer you are to matching us point by point for the above, the closer the fit we have! Most of all, we want partners who provide free quality content, who do what they freakin well say they will do 😊, and who are responsive and don’t ghost us just cos they are busy 😊. We love life and we want to spend it working with people who are fun and easy to work with and who give great value at every step along their marketing path.

Tom Poland

Multiple best-selling author with clients in 27 cities around the world. Started and sold multiple businesses, led teams of over 100 people and generated revenue in excess of $20 million. Spoken on global speaking platforms alongside the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Ivan Misner and many others. Voluntarily married😊 and lives next to the waves on the white sand of little Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia.

Ideal Client Profile

What we offer partners

Notable features of our client offer

  1. We offer different levels of programs please see www.iWantSolo.com for details
  2. We offer a full-access 7-day risk free ‘test drive’ meaning clients risk nothing while checking us out
  3. Each client may also attend weekly Implementation Support Sessions
  4. Each client is assigned a one-on-one ‘instructor’ who they can direct message via an exclusive on-line portal
  5. New clients are given Tom Poland’s mobile phone number to demonstrate that he is accessible if needed
  6. We invested $100,000+ with instructional designers making sure our program is simple and easy to follow
  7. Our proprietary algorithm predicts the likely success of almost any prospective JV partner
  8. We offer clients access to a ‘ready and waiting’ network of proven JV partners
  9. We have no lock-in contracts, clients can upgrade or downgrade or cancel their membership at any time

Links to offers that our partners can promote

We’ve created a lot of free content options so we can match your subscribers needs with an offer

Webinar Offer
Registration page sample: www.LeadGenDemo.live
Webinar replay: www.LeadGenReplay.com (your eyes only please)
Ten minute version of our webinar: www.LeadsIntenMinutes.com

Book Offer
Landing page: www.GetTomsFreeBook.com

Five Day Challenge
Landing page: www.FiveHourChallenge.com

Social media link

Main web pages

Website: www.Leadsology.Guru
Sales page: www.iWantSolo.com (webinar attendees are directed here)
Consult booking page: www.BookAChatWithTom.com (for those who want to talk before buying)
Podcast booking page for guests: www.TomInterviewsYou.com
Podcast booking page for hosts: www.InterviewTomPoland.com


Tom Poland: tom@leadsology.guru
Mike Levin (Business Manager): mike@leadsology.guru

Partner Testimonials

My network thank me twice for promoting Tom

I've worked with 50+ JV partners over the years and my #1 relationship is Tom Poland. Why? Unlike some partners, when Tom promotes you, he goes all in. And even better, whenever I promote Tom, I consistently get thank-you's from my audience for introducing him. Then I get a second bunch of thank you messages and emails when people BUY from Tom because his paid programs are world class. If you're looking up the definition of "JV partner" in the dictionary, Tom's picture is on that page!
David Newman
Tom Poland’s extraordinary network is a gold mine

I love working with Tom and his team. They are reliable and always do what they say they will do. They also make it really easy for us to promote their offers (which, BTW, always provide great value). His team is responsive when we have a question or need something additional. And they are completely transparent and always pay on time. And the best part is Tom’s extraordinary network of proven reliable JV partners is a gold mine and he introduces you them once you’ve proven yourself.
Wendy Weiss
Every event Tom promotes gets hundreds of registrants

We've partnered with Tom and his team for over three years now and he’s such a great partner we keep going back for more. Every event of ours promoted by Tom gets hundreds of registrations. And in terms of us promoting Tom, we get nothing but positive feedback from our communities on the quality of his content. And many of them have sent us notes to share how much value they have received when they sign up for his programs.
Adam Houlahan
Highly profitable

Tom has the highest level of integrity and I know my subscribers and clients will be taken care of.

JVing with him is not only highly profitable but super easy because his system is rock-solid.

If Tom invites you to collaborate, don't hesitate. Just do it.
Dave Dee
Valuable content that my audience loved

Tom delivered valuable content that my audience loved. He was reliable, communicated frequently, and paid on time. He was a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him to others.
Terry Dean
Terry Dean
Great value for my audience

I always support Tom’s offers. He does all the things a great JV partner does - provides great value for my audience, makes solid offers and pays on time, every time. He’s a go-to for me.
Laura Posey
An absolute Professional

Tom is an absolute professional at every level of partnering with him. And he’s also just a lot of fun to be around!
Simon Bowen
My audience loves Tom

Tom is a pleasure to work with. He puts a lot of effort into making it easy to support him and my audience loves him, so it's a win-win.
Anke Hermann
A spirit of generosity

Tom Poland has a spirit of generosity and he follows through. In other words, he's always looking to give first and he gets things done. Plus, collaborating with Tom has always led to some good new business.

You really couldn't want more in a JV partner, could you?
Dov Gordon
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