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  • Achieve a business with life
  • Clarity to help you create massive freedom in your life and business
  • Explode your business growth while gaining a lifestyle of freedom


Gregory Gray is a leadership and business consultant. He is the owner and founder of Gray Solutions, LLC and Business Owner Freedom. His business is built around one common principle to help business owners find their purpose and joy in life and your business. They offer executive coaching, designed to effect positive transformation so you can realize your desired vision and lifestyle.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Gregory shares how you as the business owner achieve clarity to get your business unstuck and grow it, at the same time achieve a lifestyle of freedom.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:45 – Gregory’s professional background as a leadership and business consultant
  • 02:36 – The type of ideal client he serves: a business owner that has been in business probably three years or more and they are absolutely swimming in chaos and overwhelmed.
  • 03:09 – The freedom and the money problems he helps to solve for his clients.
  • 03:53 – The symptoms his clients experience when trying to build a ‘business with a life’ but struggle because they don’t know what to do next.
  • 05:50 – Myriad of the mistakes his clients make: they go out and put a bunch of marketing out, hire a marketing firm, and they really don’t know what they’re marketing, how they’ll market, spend a bunch of money on marketing that does nothing for them or they go hire a few people thinking these people are going to turn their company around.
  • 6:41 – Gregory’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Free Powerful Vision Action Plan: 7 Step Process for a Business and Life Vision
  • 07:39- What are blind spots? The blind spots are what are really preventing the progress and the growth of the business.

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“Take the stop, start, and continue process.” - @Gregory_Gray Click To Tweet

“Get a coach, get some colleagues, get into a mastermind, find yourself some people will tell you exactly what you need to do to become a better leader a better owner of the business.” - @Gregory_Gray Click To Tweet
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Tom Poland:Hello everyone. Very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible. My name is Tom Poland beaming out to you from on the sand next to the waves a Little Castaways Beach here in Queensland, Australia joined today by Gregory Grey.

Tom Poland:Gregory, a very warm welcome and where are you hanging out?

Gregory Gray: Just south of Nashville a little town called Cully Oak, Tennessee on my farm.

Tom Poland:Cully Oak, Tennessee. Wow.

Gregory Gray: Absolutely.

Tom Poland:Where all 450 come with a free gun rack.

Gregory Gray: Exactly.

Tom Poland:Right.

Tom Poland:So for those of you who don’t know Gregory he’s really an interesting guy because he’s not like a whole lot of other people who just say,” Hey we’ll show you how to get more sales.” or ” how to get more money, money, money. ”

Tom Poland:He’s got this wonderful. I would call it a dual vision which is to focus on the stuff that you actually need but it can also give you in turn what you want. That’s my take on it.

Tom Poland:Anyway, Gregory. But we’ll see how the interview unfolds into the day. This is your business not mine so I probably shouldn’t second guess it but there you go. But just to give you folks a bit of background there.

Tom Poland:Gregory’s advisory firm is built around one common principle even though he adequately serves more than adequate serves more than one market. But the common principle is this. It’s to help you find your purpose and joy in your life and your business.

Tom Poland:So whether that means you’re wanting more freedom of time, you want to enjoy more prosperity, purpose or fulfillment, then his team is there to help you. So they offer executive coaching both to the corporate market but also to the SME market and it’s really designed with this actual transformation of mind. So it’s not just sort of feel good.

Tom Poland:He’s a great guru he’ll teach you things. For Gregory and his team to feel fulfilled. The way I read it Gregory is that there’s got to … the magic’s got to happen, the transformation it’s got to happen, it’s to be a point of difference where people can look back and go wow this is different.

Gregory Gray: Absolutely.

Tom Poland: I know this is different I feel it’s different I can see its different people around me are probably telling me it’s different. And so the transformation is taking place.

Tom Poland:And that spins your wizard. Let’s find out. So the title is “How to get unstuck and grow your business.” And we continue to do that just seven minutes.

Tom Poland:Gregory I’m about to hold your feet to the fire for the next seven minutes your time starts now let’s go.

Tom Poland:The question number one who’s your ideal client?

Gregory Gray: Ideal client is a business owner that has been in business probably three years or more and they are absolutely swimming in chaos and overwhelm. And don’t know what to do about it.

Tom Poland:That’s Like 90 percent of them, right?

Gregory Gray: That’s a lot of. Very much so. Typically they start out have a life of freedom and they go out and leave a job doing 40, 50 hours a week and they end up doing 70,80 hours a week and they don’t understand why.

Tom Poland:So it’s almost like they wanted the best of both worlds. They wanted the freedom and the money but they ended up with the worst of both worlds because they’re struggling.

Tom Poland:Are they typically high achievers who are working hard working long and just need to get a bit out of control. Will, that describes or is there more to it than that?

Gregory Gray: Well they’re typically very smart. I guess you’d say hard-working individuals is the best way to say it with a great vision and great ideal. They’re usually a technician they know they know something about the business that they’re starting whether they’re in the HPV vaccine industry or their manufacturing or whatever it might be that they have some core technical understanding. Right. And that’s where they get trapped because they get past the technical and then they go. What I do next. And that’s where we help.

Tom Poland:OK. So I’ve probably inadvertently preempted question two. What’s the problem you solve?

Gregory Gray: There’s a couple of problems. One is when they get to a certain level they don’t know what to do next. So they got to go from a technician to a business owner. And so we help them get their mind around how to be a business owner. So that’s wrapped up in the financial the systems, the processes, and the people and they have to understand how to be a solid owner. Then there’s the next level. And this is where the majority get stopped.

Tom Poland:If they get to the owner phase. Now they have to go from owner to CEO. So to go from that say a million to million and a half dollars per year revenue. Five or ten million business it’s a whole different ballgame.

Gregory Gray: What you did to get there does not get you to the next level. So the problem we solve for them is how to become a leader and how to think strategically.

Tom Poland:Question 3 just under five minutes left, so if you were talking with someone and they were your ideal client pre-engagement stage, what are some of the typical symptoms that you’d be hearing them talk about that would demonstrate that they need something like what you’ve got.

Gregory Gray: Well, it’s easy they get one or two problems maybe they got people problems, or process problems, or they could have both. And usually along with those becomes a financial problem. So you look at the balance sheet and the income statement OK there’s some opportunity here you’re not taking advantage of it. So they need to go digging into the people, the process its very rapidly.

Tom Poland:So what are they going to be feeling?

Gregory Gray: They’re going to be feeling like I had a business call me today. Exactly comedy goes. Last Friday I thought I was just going to quit and start a job. And so they feel like they need to go back to what sort of their comfort zone is sometimes. And this gentleman has a fantastic business. And I told him no we’re going to get you there. He just nails engaging with me so I haven’t had much time with him. And showed him the vision of where he can go. And so they have to see that vision that’s a very first step as they have to have a clear vision.

Tom Poland:Right. You’re going to have people that you work like with like the guy spoke with this morning and they’re probably going to have tried a few things before they get two so three and a half minutes. What are some of the common mistakes that people make in trying to solve this problem before they find you?

Gregory Gray: There’s a myriad of one of the common ones I see is they go out and put a bunch of marketing out and they hire a marketing firm and they really don’t know what they’re marketing how they’re market and they spend a bunch of money on marketing that does nothing for them.

Gregory Gray: Or they go hire a few people thinking these people are going to turn our company around. I mean employ people not consultants and these people were just there looking for a leader so they end up coming in and kind of work walking around the same circle the owners walking in and then they find out OK these people aren’t working out.

Tom Poland:All right so clearly the voice of experience is here.

Tom Poland:So question number five in two minutes 40 left. And what’s one valuable free action that an audience member who’s identifying with these symptoms is clearly got this problem will they work with you or not.

Tom Poland:It’s not going to solve the whole problem but it’s just one step they can take that wouldn’t take them closer towards a solution. What’s that one valuable free action?

Gregory Gray: Well, we have something on our Website a where they can go to that page and they can download the PDF for how to create their own vision story and a visual story is a must. The most important thing to start your path to clarity and that’s where you’re going so they can go download that and work through it and the trip I would be glad to help them. But it’s very clear what you have to do there.

Tom Poland:I have to put my hand up. So that’s one thing I’m going to do because I also got a very successful business I’m pleased to say I’m not clear about the future.

Tom Poland:And so I think it’s probably incumbent on all of us to keep looking at where we want to go.

Tom Poland:So that’s almost a question number six as well possibly one valuable free resource but that’s fine. We know two birds with one stone. So question number seven and we’ve got 90 seconds left. What’s the one question that I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Tom Poland:Every business owner should ask themselves is.

Gregory Gray: What are my blind spots and the blind spots are what are really preventing the progress and the growth of the business. So there’s a couple in and I’ll kind of go back to another free action here.

Gregory Gray: Take the stop, start, and continue process. Go to your team and say what should I start doing? What Should I stop doing? What should I continue doing? Work everything you can about yourself as a leader. Get a coach, get some colleagues, get into a mastermind, find yourself some people will tell you exactly what you need to do to become a better leader a better owner of the business.

Tom Poland:Gregory Gray. Thank you so much. It’s my pleasure.

Tom Poland:Thanks for checking out our marketing the invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to my tunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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