How to Create and Monetize Your Knowledge Through Online Courses – In Just 7 Minutes with Brady Patterson

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  • The fastest and most effective way on the planet to create and sell your online course
  • How to make sure your course will sell well before even recording the first piece of content
  • How to get some of the most influential people in the world promote your course



​Brady Patterson is the COO of Success Road Academy, one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. On top of running day to day operations, he speaks on the topics of “Course Creation” and “Webinar Funnels”, while working to find and create multi-win joint venture partnerships to help other business owners grow their companies, and professionals position themselves as the go-to experts in their fields. Brady is the Organizer of Entrepreneurs International Network, one of the world’s fastest-growing business with more than 29 chapters in six countries and more than 75,000 members. He supports Iman Aghay in teaching “Ultimate Course Formula” which helps experts create & sell online courses with a simple step-by-step process in 60 days or less.

In this episode, Brady shares how he helps coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers all over the world build profitable online courses from scratch.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:14 – Brady’s ideal client: Essentially,someone who has an information-based business -a coach, consultant, speaker, author
  • 01:31 – Problem he helps solve: Making courses effectively.
  • 02:23 – Typical symptoms people experience with that problem? They’re spending all their time chasing clients.
  • 03:20 – Common mistakes they’re going to make? The biggest mistake people make is that they start from too far down the plan.
  • 05:46 – Brady’s Valuable Free Action(VFA): The most important thing they could do is figure out what is that reason that you want to build courses.How do you actually want to use it in your business.
  • 06:39 – Brady’s Valuable Free Resource(VFR):Every Tool You Need to Create and Sell Online Courses:

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“The most important thing they could do is figure out what is that reason that you want to build courses. How do you actually want to use it in your business.” -@bradypatterson Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland 0:09
Hello everyone, a very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland, but far more importantly, I have Brady Patterson with me. Brady good day, very warm welcome sir. Where are you hanging out?

Brady Patterson 0:20
Hanging out in Vancouver, Canada,

Tom Poland 0:22
A beautiful part of the world, you’ve got dolphins in the morning in the harbor, and you got skiing in the afternoon in the hills. Yeah, not a bad part of the world at all. So, for those of you don’t know, Brady, he’s a whirlwind, he’s COO of Success Road Academy, which is actually now, one of the world’s, if not one of them, well, certainly one of the world’s largest information marketing training centers. And our topic today is, an interesting one, is “How to Monetize Your Knowledge Through Online Courses. So, a lot of coaches, a lot of consultants, a lot of people with some form of IP, deliver value, are still stuck on that one treadmill, a bit of a treadmill. So, Brad is going to share with us, in just seven minutes, how to get off that treadmill, how to scale, value delivery, therefore scale, the number of people you help and the revenue you generate through online courses. Brady, thanks for rocking up, our seven minutes starts now. Question number one is, who’s your ideal client?

Brady Patterson 1:14
Essentially, this is someone who has an information-based business. So, a coach, consultant, speaker, author, right? Someone who actually is trying to make money using their knowledge, their wisdom, their skill sets.

Tom Poland 1:26
Perfect. Question number two, six minutes 45 left. What’s the problem you solve for them?

Brady Patterson 1:31
A lot of people in the service industry end up doing these like endless discovery sessions, just one after another, consultations, things like that. And when you know how to use courses effectively, when you use them, as seem like the foundation of the marketing of the business, what happens is you kind of get to get rid of those endless talks. And what happens is, you start building a consistent quality flow of leads because you’re not spending all of your time having these ones on one times taking up your time. You’re actually having that happen and makes sales by the way, while it’s going on so that we can just kind of filter people out and only work with people that are qualified.

Tom Poland2:06
Perfect. Thank you. So, question number three, six minutes left. So, if someone’s got this IP, and they don’t have an online course, what are some of the symptoms they might be experiencing? Or how would a listener know that they should really sort of prick up their ears and take notice of what you’re talking about? What’s going on in their business or their life?

Brady Patterson 2:23
Well, I mean, the first one is, I think, similar to what I was just saying, which is like, they’re spending all their time chasing clients, right? They’re having this rollercoaster of like they have to do marketing, marketing, marketing, and they get a few clients, and then they run out of them. And then they end up having to do a whole bunch of marketing. So, they have a whole bunch of money sometimes and no clients, or have much time and no money, right? So, it’s like all these things, this roller coaster up and down. And I think that, yeah, that ends up being a huge problem for a service-based entrepreneur.

Tom Poland 2:50
Yeah, so pretty stressful, a lot, lots of money, at the top of the roller coaster, but screaming as they go downhill and the clients and money’s running out. Plenty of time at the bottom and then they go to crank it all the way back up to the top again. Roller coaster is a great metaphor for that. So, question number four, five minutes left. Someone’s going to be experiencing these symptoms, this little roller coaster revenue, and either not enough time or not enough money and they’re going to try stuff before they discover you. So, what are some of the mistakes that people make prior to discovering Success Road Academy?

Brady Patterson 3:20
The first one, the biggest mistake people make, in my opinion anyway, is that they start from too far down the plan. So rather than start from like, how is this going to help my business? What’s the reason that I’m going to use courses? A lot of people start, which course I’m going to incorporate? Who am I going to create it for? And that’s too far down the pipeline, like, where you need to actually start is, why am I using courses in my business? What reason do I want to use courses in my business? And if you know the reason, then everything else just flows so much simpler. So that’s the most common mistake, and for me, the most important one that most people make. And the other piece of that is they try to do everything on their own without having any guidance, any mentorship, any feedback. Or they tried to get feedback from people that have never done it. So, they start to build a course in the wrong direction. And then they go and ask their friends or family who have never done it before, who’ve never built a course. They try to get feedback from them. And then the feedback is essential, like, it’s kind of useless.

Tom Poland 4:19
Yeah, probably worse than useless, actually, because it has some work charging off the wrong direction because they haven’t spoken to their ideal clients. They’ve spoken to friends and family. So, what is the, you talk about a reason for starting a course, what’s the reason for Success Road Academy, just to give us some sort of flesh on the bones, an example?

Brady Patterson 4:33
Absolutely, there are actually three primary reasons and that we only talked about. One is interested clients. So, an email lists, the people that will make up the bulk of your clients, of your contacts, right? That’s reason number one. Reason number two is people that are qualified. So, they go beyond the email list. And now they’re, they’re people that are actually willing to put their hands in their pockets and pay you for something, right? So, they want results, they want some sort of guarantee from you, or some sort of outcome, and they’re actually willing to pay for it. And the last is the committed clients, the ones that are willing to heavily invest.

Tom Poland 5:03
These sound more like, this sounds more like a marketing funnel than reasons. Did I miss something there?

Brady Patterson 5:09
No, those are the reasons that I would build courses. As far as like, I get that it would be a marketing funnel because it essentially kind of looks like that.

Tom Poland 5:16

Brady Patterson 5:17
But each group of people will pull a different, or each course will attract a different group of people. So, when you’re building an online course, it should have a clear reason on how that course is going to make you money in your business. Whether it’s from referrals, whether it’s from direct sales, just whatever reasons. Those are the three reasons that we have separate course.

Tom Poland 5:34
Got you. Perfect, thank you. So, question number five, just over two minutes left. What’s one valuable free action that an audience member could take that’s not going to solve the whole problem but it’s going to start them heading off in the right direction?

Brady Patterson 5:46
Yeah, the first piece will be deciding, I think, the most important thing they could do is figure out which, like, what is that reason that you want to build courses? How do you actually want to use it in your business? You’re trying to get more referrals or you’re trying to get people to give you extra money, like, what reason do you actually need to have course in your business? And do they make sense for you. Because if you have a business where courses don’t actually make sense, then you should not be spending your time building an online course. But if you have one that does, whether you’re trying to, if you’re trying to sell widgets, you can have a course in certain cases for that, where you’re trying to sell your information those are all great places to use online courses. But if you’re trying to sell a plumbing service, maybe that’s not the best place for an online course. I think if you are, you can get a plumber, right?

Tom Poland 6:28
I haven’t seen too many of those. All right, thank you. So, question number six, 75 seconds left. What’s one valuable free resource that we could direct people to that’s going to help them take this even further?

Brady Patterson 6:39
Sure, absolutely. So probably the best place is the ultimate toolbox. So, this is in the process of learning how to make courses, we spent like more than $50,000 buying all the wrong things, right? The wrong cameras, software’s lighting projectors, like everything. And in that process, we learned kind of what did work. And it’s actually much less expensive than you would think. And if you’re going to make an online course, you don’t want to spend all your time trying to figure all those things out. You just want what works and what simple and what gets you going.

Tom Poland 7:05
40 seconds left.

Brady Patterson 7:07
Yes. So, we put that in the ultimate toolbox. And yeah, you can find that link.

Tom Poland 7:11
Links below the video. If you’re listening to it on a podcast, numeral one., go get it. 20 seconds left. What’s the one question Brady, I should have asked you but I didn’t.

Brady Patterson 7:29
Probably, what’s the most powerful way to use an online course?

Tom Poland 7:35
And in three seconds, what is that?

Brady Patterson 7:40
Well, the most powerful way to use an online course is actually the…

Tom Poland 7:44
Thanks for checking out our Marketing The Invisible podcast. If you like what we’re doing here please head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate us, and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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