How to Achieve with Unapologetically Human Email in just 7 Minutes with Nate Wright

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  • Learn how you can inject humanity into your business emails
  • Know how to do your email marketing right
  • Learn what an out loud test is all about and how it can help you in writing better copy for your business


Nate Wright is an Unapologetically Human Email Marketing Expert. He founded Small Biz Triage in 2009, and since then has grown this unapologetically human business into a top 5 email marketing agency across all categories. His training and work have been featured by Pitch Anything, The Arts Alliance, and MailChimp.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Nate shares how to inject humanity into email marketing campaigns.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:03 – Nate Wright as an email marketing expert
  • 01:46 – describes his ideal clients
  • 02:04 – email marketing problems that Nate solve for his clients
  • 02:36 – symptoms his clients experience with their email marketing campaigns
  • 03:22 – common mistakes people do when doing email marketing
  • 04:36 – Nate’s Valuable Free Action (VFA)
  • 06:28 – Nate’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Learn to write better. Visit
  • 07:43 – Nate’s Valuable Free Resource (VFT): Do an out loud test.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

“Automation is not bad. Automating as a marketing fix is bad. ”-@SmallBizTriage Click To Tweet
“Large list create new problems. ” -@SmallBizTriage Click To Tweet

“Using the personalization tag of a company name is really, really powerful. Using it in the subject line or in a sentence is really helpful. You got to make sure it is a human-friendly company name.” -@SmallBizTriage Click To Tweet