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  • Find out the game-changing opportunities every leader needs to know about and be equipped to take advantage of quickly.
  • Learn breakthrough leadership methodology that is helping even the most confused entrepreneurs, and executives discover their true life purpose and reason for being
  • Discover why borrowing identity of the person you admire is a big ‘no’ in becoming a thought leader



Glen Campbell is an authority in developing transcendent leaders through his unique and proven para-disciplinary Brandheart Method and developed unrivaled methodologies that best help leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their best self-identity, their organizational brand identity, and market connection plans. Glen has worked one-on-one with over 250 CEO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes to discover authentic clarity, focus, and direction in their own life, their life’s purpose, and the results have been nothing short of transformational in business, and life.

In this episode, Glen talks about the secrets of becoming a remarkable leader. He also shares how he helps business leaders get clarity, focus, and certainty about their best self.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:55 – Glen Campbell’s background as an authority in developing transcendent leaders, influencer of influencers
  • 01:55 – Glen defines his ideal client: business leaders, entrepreneurs from small to medium enterprise
  • 02:33 – Leadership problem he solves for his clients to help them rise above the chaos, certainty, and insecurity of dynamic change
  • 04:00 – Why management by fear is not a successful strategy in business
  • 05:13 – Why defaulting into the ‘command and control’ is the most destructive leadership style one leader can implement
  • 04:37 – Why vulnerability as a leader is important and why fear based approach is causing massive destruction and devastation with people and inside their company culture
  • 05:22 -Dangers of borrowing and copying identities from people you admire such as successful people in business, celebrities, or people like that and thinking of emulating them will bring success
  • 05:22 – Beliefs as a driver of behavior
  • 06:20 – Glenn’s Valuable Free Action: Spend time reflecting on your behavior, undergo the process of self-discovery
  • 07:20 – Glenn’s Valuable Free Resource:Free Masterclass with Glen Campbell, Discover the “Elite Success Factor” in Leadership

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“Self-awareness and self-control have both been proven in the latest leadership research to be absolutely crucial to being a great leader . ” -Glen Campbell Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. Very well welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible. My name is Tom Poland beaming out to you as ever on from the sand next to the waves a Little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia. Joined today by Glen Campbell. Glen, welcome sir. Where you are hanging out?

Glen Campbell Well I’m in my home office down here in Kurraba Point in Sydney- a beautiful part of the world Tom. Not quite as beautiful as your part of the world which I’ve been to and I loved as well.

Tom Poland: Still got some water you’re looking out over there which is lovely.

Glen Campbell I’ve been looking at the harbor.I can see across the harbor from my office here I can see the CBD of Sydney.I can see the Harbour Bridge.

Tom Poland: You just swim to work in the morning. I don’t need to do that because you’ve got the home office like me. Very wise man.

For those of you who don’t know Glen. He had 27 years as a director and chief executive some of the world’s biggest and brightest brand strategy companies like Clemenger, BBDO, Saatchi Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Love Communications and Ideas Works. Companies with tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. And he was in charge of that lot. So pretty impressive bio.

Eleven years ago he created “Brand Heart” and developed unrivaled methods for the development of the leaders best self-identity and the organizational brand identity.

So the last 11 years I should say Glenn’s work with over 350 business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world and developing personal organizational brands that have resulted in nothing less than the gold standard of transformation.

So Glenn, thanks for rocking up. Appreciate your being on our little wireless show. Their title today is “How to be our remarkable leader” and we do that in less than seven minutes. Glenn, our time starts now.

Question number one is Who’s your ideal client?

Glen Campbell Well my ideal client Tom is really business leaders and entrepreneurs and I prefer to work with guys, and women in small to the medium enterprise because I reckon these guys are more agile, fleet of foot, leaning forward, willing to learn, to adopt, and progressed. I love that.

And because I’m really about influencing the influencers, you know, I figure once a leader understands the secret to be remarkable in business and life, that they’ll want to share that with everybody and so they should.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Question number two. Six and a half minutes left. What’s the problem you solve?

Glen Campbell Well, it’s really about best-helping leaders to rise above the chaos, certainty, and insecurity of dynamic change which we’re all now facing. And you know, I reckon Tom that never before in known history, have we experienced such dynamic and unpredictable changes we’re facing now.

And you know I just look around at the rapid advancements in things like artificial intelligence, or software development, autonomous vehicle, 3D printing, and look at the fact that the old systems are breaking down as well. The economy’s breaking down. Politics religion they’re breaking down. And of course this is causing even more personal and business fatigue, and failure than ever before. I mean I think the number used to be that 50 percent of all businesses are failing in the first couple of years. And I reckon that number has gone through the roof. And if you look at workplace stress, and anxiety, even depression they’ve never been worse in you know in the commercial world.

And in fact, I’ve checked out the numbers on this, Tom. That the estimated cost to the Australian economy of these kinds of disease states and that’s what they are is a billion dollars per annum, in a trillion dollars per annum in the US.

And so I look at these things and I think the big problems need big solutions. And for me it’s really all about starting with the leader first. Starting there.

Tom Poland: Yep thank you. Question number three then. I’m just under five minutes left.You’ve got this leader and I’ve got that problem. What are some of the symptoms that are going to be experiencing that in their daily life that helps them realize yep they’ve got a problem?

Glen Campbell Yeah, yeah, well I what I see is this. I see that they’re defaulting, right? And the symptoms of you know this confusion and this chaos and this lack of understanding about how to actually address these challenges is they default to the command and control leadership style.

And you know, this leadership style, Tom, you know this is one of the most destructive styles unless of course, a company is going through a period of crisis or rapid change.

Tom Poland: True.

Glen Campbell I see that this particular style is driven by fear, and ego, and fear is the big symptom that I see. And most leader wasn’t vulnerable enough to telling you that. But it actually is really quite bad. And this fear based approach, I believe is causing massive destruction, this devastation with their people and inside their cultures. But again you know I believe this can change fast. And that’s what I’m here to help to.

Tom Poland: Just over three and a half minutes left. Question number four, people are going to become aware of the problem they’re going to be aware that their suffering from this symptom, they’re going to try stuff in their organizations as a leader themselves that aren’t going to work. So what are some of the common mistakes that people might make before they find out about you?

Glen Campbell Well you know one of the big ones that I see is that people are borrowing identities from people I admire successful people in business celebrities or people like that and they kind of figure if they copy them or if they emulate them then they’ll be their success as well.

And of course that this just doesn’t happen. And there’s another common mistake I see happening quite a lot and that is that you know leaders are using lots of online assessments. You know we’re defaulting to data things like personal branding. You heard that title or personality archetyping, or strength finders, and these simply categorized leaders into someone else’s predetermined view of who they should be. I believe these things are mostly misleading, overly simplistic, and can be incredibly harmful laying people off into directions that could make things even worse.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Interesting very insightful two minutes 20 seconds left. Question number five. What’s one valuable free action that a leader could take that’s going to take them a step in the right direction maybe not to solve the hope of one thing they could do that’s going to help a bit with this?

Glen Campbell Well, I would love to see leaders spending more time reflecting on their behavior. You know, what their reactions are so they can better understand the inherent beliefs that are actually driving that behavior.

Beliefs drive behavior, Tom. And unless beliefs change then behavior won’t change. And so this is a process that I think is particularly healthy. It’s a process of self-discovery. And that will lead to an elevated state of self-awareness and better self-control. And that means responding rather than reacting. And so the other thing is the point where I’d like to make is that self-awareness and self-control have both been proven in the latest leadership research to be absolutely crucial to being a great leader.

Thank you, sir. well said one minute 15 seconds left. Question number six. One valuable free resource that we can direct people to that’s going to help them deal with this problem.

Glen Campbell Tom, I’m doing a free live masterclass that I’ve titled,” The Elite Success Factor in Leadership.” And this is really about revealing what people really need to do so that they can be and do ‘the remarkable’ in business and life.

Tom Poland: Sounds good. How do they register? How do people register?

Glen Campbell Well I’ve given you the URL but. It’s.

Tom Poland: We’ll put the link under the video for those of you on the podcast. You might want to go to But that’s the link.

Glen Campbell They can register there.

Tom Poland: They can register there. And one last question, 20 seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Glen Campbell I think what happens when leaders discover their true and authentic best self-identity? And my answer to that would be simply this.

Imagine waking up every single day with unwavering internal certainty about who you are, and why you’re here, and your higher level of reason for being. Life becomes incredibly better, easier, and way more successful.

Tom Poland: Glen Campbell. Thank you so much.

Glen Campbell It’s a pleasure, Tom.

Tom Poland: Glen Campbell. Thank you so much Thanks for checking out our marketing the invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to my tunes to subscribe to write to us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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