How to Craft a Million Dollar Joint Venture – In Just 7 Minutes with Johann Nogueira

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  • Discover why you should participate in a joint venture
  • Find out how to grow out and scale your business through a joint venture
  • Learn more about the secrets on how your business can create a big impact on the world



Have you always wanted to join a joint venture but not sure how?

Do you want to know how you can earn millions from it?

Are you ready to know more about the secret ways of joint ventures?

Johann Nogueira has built, grown, and sold businesses over the last two decades and the secret to their rapid growth has been joint ventures.

In this episode, Johann shares why you should start joining a joint venture and how you can earn millions of dollars from it.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:09 – Johann‘s ideal client: “People who’ve got a great database who would like to sell more products to their clients and make a really nice clip on it.”
  • 04:19 – Johann’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Check out Johann’s Four-part video training series:
  • 05:00 – Q: What do I love to do? A: I love to show people how to build, grow and scale their company so that they can create more impact in the world. I believe, in my core, that business owners change the world, not governments.

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Tom Poland 00:10
Greetings everyone and a very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland beaming out to you from Little Castaways Beach from Queensland, Australia, joined today by Johann Nogueira. Johann, good day! Where are you hanging out, sir?

Johann Nogueira 00:23
Hey, how’s it going? I’m over in sunny Melbourne today!

Tom Poland 00:26
Sunny Melbourne! I’ve got you on the right day then, but it’s always sunny down there. So do for names of Australia. For those of you who don’t know Johann, he’s built, grown, and sold businesses over the last two decades. My goodness, to see that look young- what did you start when your four or something? You’re looking young, that’s what I’m saying, so-

Johann Nogueira 00:44
Thank you, sir.

Tom Poland 00:44
Building, growing, and, very importantly, sold businesses over the last two decades. And the secret to the rapid growth has been joint ventures. If you’re ready to learn his methods, you’re in the right place, because the title of our little interview today is, “How to Craft a Million Dollar Joint Venture”. And Johann is going to show us how to do that in seven minutes or less. Johann, our seven minutes starts now. Question number one, sir, who is your ideal client?

Johann Nogueira 01:09
Great question. I’m going to tell you a story to answer that question. I want you to picture a person who has just lost everything. No list, no product. How do they make money? So, this person goes and sees that they- there’s a local gym. This gym is spending money on advertising. You can have a look on Google and see all the ads. They go to the gym and go, “Hey, I think your advertising a little- is a little bit ineffective. How about if I do some advertising for you? This is how I’m going to do it.” They go to the local print office. Print out some- get a quote on some brochures. They take that to the gym and say, “Hey, this is what I’m going to print. I need $10,000 for this marketing. I know that you’re spending 50,000. Give me 10,000, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to do all the legwork. I’m going to run around all over the place for you. And I’m going to get you clients coming through the door all day, every day for the next six months.” The gym goes, “Well, That’s already in our budget. Let’s do it. Here’s 10 grand.” They paid the invoice to the printer. The printer has over 20,000 of these little leaflets, 50 cents apiece. So, this deal maker goes to all the sporting clothing shops. So, who goes to the gym? People who are buying clothes at the sports clubs, shops. And says, “Hey, how much does your client spend when they come in?” Average is $150? Well, how about you give them this voucher for $99 for six months, free gym at this gym, if they spend over $200, increasing the client transaction value, right? So, these clothing stores start buying these vouchers from them. In two weeks, they sold out all 20,000 of these vouchers. So, he’s already made a $30,000 profit, 50 cents selling it for $2. So, the clothing store is happy. It’s increased its transaction value. The gym’s happy. It’s got people walking through the door. By the way, I forgot to mention, at the start, when this guy made this deal with the gym, he said, “For every new client that comes through the door, I want you to give me 10% Commission on the sale for the next five years.” They go, “Yeah, easy. No big deal.” So, six months go by, 4000 new clients have come through the doors of the gym and signed up. So, there’s 20,000 for shows out there, 4000 take up a membership for $200. This generates close to $800,000 for the gym $796,000 in total, of which 10% goes to the steelmaker for the next five years. That is the art of the million-dollar joint venture. So, in answer to your question, who is my ideal client? People who have an amazing product that they’d like to get more exposure to because we will go out and find, you know, the right people who’ve got amazing databases who can partner with you. Or people who’ve got a great database who would like to sell more products to their clients and make a really nice clip on it.

Tom Poland 03:52
Perfect. So can you give us- we’ve got four minutes left. Thank you for that, Johann. Can you give us more resources? I’m sure that the idea of joint ventures and marketing through other people’s distribution networks got to be appealing to everyone. It should be, certainly. Can you give us a…? Question number six, I’m going to skip to that because you’ve covered a lot of the other answers in that story. Thank you! Question number six is let’s give people somewhere they can go to get more resources on this. You’ve got a landing page or something?

Johann Nogueira 04:19
Yeah, for sure. So, they can get a And there are about four hours of training there on how my brain works and they can get access to all of it! And go and do as many deals as they like.

Tom Poland 04:33
Perfect. So, we’ve got businessauthorities, plural, .com/new-training. Four-part video training series, how to achieve a complete business transformation to set your business up for exponential growth. Go get it! We’ve got three minutes left, but we don’t need to use it all. I think you’ve delivered some inspirational ideas already. What’s the one question I should have asked you but didn’t? That’s question seven.

Johann Nogueira 05:00
What’s one question? Well, what do I love to do?

Tom Poland 05:05
So, what do you love to do?

Johann Nogueira 05:07
I love to show people how to build, grow and scale their company so that they can create more impact in the world. I believe, in my core, that business owners change the world, not governments. Because the more business owners can come together and actually grow and scale their companies, the more people they can employ. The more people they can employ, the more households are happier. You know, the more people you can pay above the award rate, the stress levels go away. The kids grow up in an amazing household. And those kids turn into innovators, who then turn into leaders, who then turn into more business owners. So that’s my philosophy.

Tom Poland 05:43
Perfect! Johann, thanks so much for your time.

Johann Nogueira 05:45
My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Tom Poland 05:47

Tom Poland 05:48
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