How to Create a Right Mindset for a Successful Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Kevin Dunlap

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  • Uncover your true passion in life and build a business around it
  • Learn a system that may help you get what you want
  • Get tips and advice on how you can break the roadblocks that keep you from achieving your business goals


Kevin Dunlap is known as the Entrepreneur Strategist. He comes from a very diverse background podcaster, author, professional speaker, teacher, life coach, and mentor. He helps people find their passion and guide them to create their business around that. He is an expert in combining three areas: passion, profit, and purpose.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Kevin shares how to one can uncover their true passion, build a business around it, and create a system that may help you get what you want.

Check out these episode highlights: