How to Create a Simple Powerful One Page Business Plan – in Just 7 Minutes with Laura Posey

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  • Make any business decision without guilt
  • How to eliminate “fuzzy” goals from your business planning
  • Why you need to read you business outloud in the first 3 minutes of your day


Laura Posey is the Chief Instigator and founder of Simple Success Plan. She is an internationally-recognized expert in planning your entire business on one sheet of paper.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Laura also shares the shortcut to help you make any business decision.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:57 – all about Laura Posey
  • 01:25 – Laura Posey describes her ideal client who is coach or consultant who is looking to add 100K of profit to the bottom line in a year and to so that in a one-page business plan
  • 01:42 – Laura defines the problem she help solve for her clients on the ways they want to grow their business
  • 02:05 – symptoms people experience when they stuck on having their growth plan sorted
  • 02:57 – common mistakes her clients do before they consult Laura
  • 03:54 – Laura’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Create that vision for your business.
  • 04:51 – Laura’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): :Download – FREE Sample Daily Success Checklist
  • 06:13 – Work with Laura: send your email
  • 06:52 – Laura’s Valuable Free Tip (VFT): Spend your first 3 minutes of your day planning the 3 most important things to get done that day.
  • 07:27 – What’s the question I didn’t ask you that I should have? Q: Do you eat your own dog food. Do you actually do what you say? A: Yes, I do actually eat my own dog food.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
“Too many ideas, not enough plans.” - @lauraposey Click To Tweet
“They are completely overwhelmed by all of the opportunities. And all the things that they could do and they are not sure of what they should do. They do not have a clear path to that profit.” - @lauraposey Click To Tweet
“They get hyper-focused on that day without knowing what it is that they are ultimately trying to build, what is the ultimate vision they have.” - @lauraposey Click To Tweet
“Create that vision for your business. To get super crystal clear on what it is that you want to build.” - @lauraposey Click To Tweet
“Read that vision that you’ve created out loud. It will program your subconscious to really understand what it is that you want to build.” - @lauraposey Click To Tweet

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