How to Enjoy Sales Confidence – In Just 7 Minutes with Matthew Kimberley

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  • Learn to sell without selling out
  • Discover how to grow your pipeline of clients as a service provider or agency owner
  • Know how to enjoy selling your services without putting your prospects to the pedestal


Matthew Kimberley is the founder of the School for Selling and creator of the Professional Persuasion Protocol. He helps small businesses sell more and sell with sophistication. He also spends a lot of time providing strategic counsel to business owners around the what, when and how of running their companies.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Mathew shares how to enjoy selling your services without putting your prospects to the pedestal.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:46 – All about Matthew Kimberley
  • 01:29 – Matthew describes his ideal clients who self-employed individuals and agency owners who sell their art or their ideas
  • 02:05 – business plateau problems he helps solve for his clients
  • 03:44 – symptoms that his clients experience when trying to solve their business problems
  • 05:32 – common mistakes his clients do when trying to fix their business
  • 06:58 – Matthew’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Spend one hour a day, transfixed to the pipeline tool in your CRM. Work the pipeline.
  • 07:10 – Matthew’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR):5 Things You Need To Do Every Morning To Make More Sales In 60 Days
  • 07:30 – What’s the question Tom should have asked you but didn’t?

Tweetable Takeaway from this Episode:
“My ideal client is a client who values contribution of a cash but still likes to use money as an important metric.” - @mjkimberley Click To Tweet
“Do not put your prospects to the pedestal. You’ve got to do it your way. Prospects are looking to be lead. Your Clients are looking for leadership.” - @mjkimberley Click To Tweet
“You can change the rules. You do not have to play somebody else’ game.” - @mjkimberley Click To Tweet

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