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  • Find out how to maximize the value of your lead through relational marketing
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Steve Martile is a marketing consultant, coach, and self-help teacher who lives in Sudbury, Canada.

In this episode, Steve shares how he helps coaches, consultants and speakers triple their net profits and double their time off by retaining higher paying clients without being manipulative, and without working so hard.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:29 – Steve’s ideal client: professional training, management,or consulting agency owner, self-employed, or with 1-10 employees
  • 02:03 – Problem he helps solve: being in front of qualified sales conversations so that they’ve got appointments booked in their calendar through relational marketing that sells itself
  • 03:07 – Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Steve: servicing at lower fees, experiencing low conversion-closing ratio, offering low-value on client work
  • 04:34 – Common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem: they think that they’ve got lead generation problem when in fact they’re talking to the wrong audience, and they’re unclear on their perfect buyer or perfect avatar
  • 05:039 – Steve’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): clarify your perfect buyer, write an offer for that buyer send them to a call-to-action, and finally send an offer.
  • 07:28 – Steve’s Valuable Free Resource(VFR):
  • 08:01 – Q: Where do you find your perfect buyer? A: I always suggest doesn’t matter if it was B2B or B2C, start on LinkedIn

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“Once you start to charge more you're going to be billing up more time for more time with your clients.” -@steve_martile Click To Tweet
“When you get really clear on who your perfect buyer is and what happens is you get more of the right people on a conversation.” -@steve_martile Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. Very well welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible my name is Tom Poland beaming out to as always from Little Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia joined today by Steve Martile.

Tom Poland: Steve, a very warm welcome sir. Where are you hanging out?

Steve Martile: I’m in Sudbury,Ontario. Bought a four-hour bus ride, north of Toronto. So way the heck out here. We’ve got about 100 lakes in the surrounding area a small town about a hundred thousand people.

Tom Poland: So you like a hunter, and a bushwalker, and a bear wrestler?

Steve Martile: None of those but I do play hockey in the winter and I love swimming and tennis and all the old stuff fabulous.

Tom Poland: So we sell our fabulous outdoor areas. Well, we better get on with the interview. For those of you don’t know Steve. He helps coaches, consultants, speakers triple the net profits and double that time off. Wow.

Tom Poland: By retaining higher paying clients without being manipulative and without having to work so hard. In fact I saw Steve posts some comments and feedback to some other online marketers in the forum we’re in. And I was so impressed with his astuteness that I asked him to come on the show. So that’s how we got connected.

Tom Poland: So let’s rock and roll the subject, a specific subject matter today is ‘How to get clients with Video’ and Steve’s going to show us how to do that in just seven minutes. Steve our time starts now. Questionable 1, who is your ideal client?

Steve Martile: OK. So the title is an owner or founder, they are a coach or consultant, self-employed or 1-10 employees.

Steve Martile: I don’t work with anyone more than 10 employees generally speaking because I can’t get the decision maker. There are too many chefs in the kitchen. It’s just a pain in the ass. I don’t know a lot of swears, but I just did and they are in a professional training and coaching industry or in management consulting.

Tom Poland: Perfect. Thank you very much. Question 2, and we’ve got six minutes 20 seconds left. What’s the problem you solve for them?

Steve Martile: OK. I put them in qualified sales conversations so that they’ve got appointments booked in their calendar by delivering relational marketing that sells itself. And the second thing I do which is a subcategory which I don’t market or talk about a lot is I help them increase their client value–meaning the billed hours, the time that they spend with the client instead of it being $100, $200, $300 bucks an hour. It’s a $700-$1000 an hour.

Tom Poland: So there’s a lot in there to unpack. So, folks, I recommend you replay that answer. Just to unpack it because you’ve got a conversational strategy which qualifies and motivates prospects into having a conversation about becoming a client. And you’re also strategically looking at how to extract more value from each client or more revenue from each client by adding more value. Which is pretty darn cool. It’s not your first rodeo I suspect.

Tom Poland: So a question 3 and we’ve got five or half minutes left. What are some of the typical symptoms of your ideal clients before they get to see you? The symptoms of the problem that you’ve just talked about.

Steve Martile: OK so one is the lower fees and what I mean by that is that typically the reason people charged less for coaching will work with coaching, for example, is because they’re selling coaching.

Steve Martile: So a client who charges about $9000 for a year to work with a loan officer to help them get in close more loans. But what we do is they take that number and we can increase his rate to like five or 10 times per hour just by selling ‘how to sell more loans’ as opposed to selling coaching. So low fees are one.

Steve Martile: Number two is lower conversion closing ratio. A lot of built people that run agencies and lead-gen and what they’ll tell you is that ‘you’re gonna get like 20-30 calls a month then you close like three people.’ That’s not the way we work. Typically if you get on seven conversations you’re going to close five.

Steve Martile: The reason? We spend a lot of time up front making sure you get the right person on the phone with the right motivation that has money.

Steve Martile: And then the third thing is low-value on client work which is kind of related to the lower fees. Once you start to charge more you’re going to be billing up more time for more time with your clients. And so it’s a bit of a mind shift and it’s a self-worth thing when you start to appreciate more who you are and nurture yourself. What will happen if you’re going to want to charge more for those hours?

Tom Poland: Nice and again very strategic. Thank you for that. We’ve got just under four minutes left, Question 4, what are some of the common mistakes that people make when trying to solve that problem before they get to you?

Steve Martile: OK. So what most people do is they think that I’m going to lead gen problem even though there might be talking to 5-6 people a month when they’re getting the wrong leads.

Steve Martile: So what we do is that so that’s one. And the reason people do that is that they’re unclear on their perfect buyer or perfect avatar, righ? When you get really clear on who your perfect buyer is and what happens is you get more of the right people on a conversation.

I’ll give you one example of that. So I have a video that I did was called the 10 things I admire about my clients what I do is I tell my clients to write down the 10 things you might buy your clients. Why. Because now you’re going to create videos based on the things you admire about your clients so that you get people that are like you on the phone on zoom on Skype because that way you’re going to be a better fit.
And they’ll be even more likely that you’ll work together and that’s why. Another reason why the close ratio is high.

Tom Poland: Fabulous idea. Thank you. So. Question number five. Just under three minutes lift. What’s one valuable free action we could offer audience members. That’s not going to solve the whole problem but it might take them a step in the right direction.

Steve Martile: OK. So three things Tom. So number 1 clarify your perfect buyer, what you admire about your clients that list The 10. That’s one thing. But there are other things. Are they an owner? What industry are they in? How many employees do they have? Those sorts of things.

Steve Martile: So clarify your perfect buyer. Number 2, write an offer for that buyer. It’s very simple. It’s. Here’s what I’ve got. So if someone goes to a web page that can watch the video for you-you send them to an offer. At the end of the video make a call-to-action say if you like this you might like this too, go to this link. Then you send it to this link. It’s basically a sales letter but the sales letter has a structure and the structure is this.

Steve Martile: Here’s what I’ve got. Here’s who this is for. Here’s what I want you to do next. And make a book a call with you. The ‘here’s who this is for’ is so important to getting the right people on a Skype, zoom, or phone conversation and you want to be very specific about who you will work with.

Steve Martile: So for example what my ‘here’s who this is for’ is you’ve got a high ticket service to sell that’s a minimum $5000 or more, or you want to sell something that’s a minimum five thousand dollars or more. Number 2 you’ve got client testimonies, case studies, this isn’t your first business. You’ve gotten clients results before even if it was in a low ticket space. Number 3, you’re confident you can continue to do that. If that’s you, I’d love to speak with you. And then when people read the letter or when they go to ‘have a chat with me’ what I found is that 9 out of 10 times the person that I’m talking with after reading that letter is way more likely to work with me. And the last thing is. Send them the offer.

Tom Poland: So that’s what’s brilliant. Thank you very much. We’ve got just over one minute left. Two questions one valuable free resource we could direct people to which I believe might be was that correct?

Steve Martile: Yes. So that’s one place people can go. But also the free mini-training Tom that would probably be just as valuable. OK. So if you go to that’s sort of like our Content Hub our blog.

Steve Martile: You wait 15 seconds you go to, Canadian, right? You go to that Website what will happen to wait 15 seconds, you’re going to see a pop up for the course, it’s nine steps free course on how to generate a top of the line client leads.

Steve Martile: Register for the course and then we’ll take you through its nine videos like a minute to 20 seconds each and I’ll just take you through it in 15 minutes I have gone through the whole course.

Tom Poland: All right. And we’ve got a whole whopping twenty-four seconds left. The one question I should have asked you but I didn’t. And the answer. In 20 seconds.

Steve Martile: Where do you find your perfect buyer and I always suggest doesn’t matter was business to business, business to consumer, start on LinkedIn

Tom Poland: Perfect. Steve Martile, thank you so much for your time. Absolutely chock full of value.

Steve Martile: Awesome and pleasure to be here.

Tom Poland: Thanks for checking out our Marketing Invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please get to my tunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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