How to Get Featured in the Media over Two Thousand Times – In Just 7 Minutes with Josh Elledge

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  • Learn how to own and grow your authority as an influencer with more social proof, powerful associations, and success indicators
  • Discover how to attract and expand your audience by getting the media and influencers to promote you
  • Know how to use your influence for higher sales, conversions, and partnership opportunities



Josh Elledge is a U.S. Navy veteran and launched to help turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities increasing their authority, influence, and revenue.

In this episode, Josh shares how influencer marketing can help you get more authority and visibility, resulting in greater influence and revenue for your brand.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:20 – Josh’s ideal client: For someone who wants to get in the media obviously it needs to be someone that wants to have an impact in the world. Also, I should say that we tend to work with people that have established profit centers
  • 02:030 – Problem he helps solve: Getting the PR and the influence, the eyeballs, but you’re making sure that this actually turns into business at the same time.
  • 04:09 – Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Josh: High cost per lead
  • 05:30 – Common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem: Just selling, selling, selling, selling, selling.
  • 06:47 – Josh’s Valuable Free Action(VFA): Go through all of your social media accounts and I want you to get new headshots. I want you to make your branding consistent across all of your social media channels.

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“Go through all of your social media accounts and I want you to get new headshots. I want you to make your branding consistent across all of your social media channels..” -@joshelledge Click To Tweet

Info about our correspondent host:Travis has a background in sales, marketing, and strategy, and left the corporate world several years ago to start his own agency. As a copywriter by trade, his biggest skill is putting the right words, in front of the right people, at the right time. Travis has developed go-to-market strategies for grassroots apps to Fortune 500 and helped optimize up to $50k per day in Facebook Ad spend for one of the biggest startups in Asia.

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Travis Bennett: [00:00:09] Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Travis Bennett and I’m coming to you live at Yangon, Myanmar right in the middle of the rainy season. So, I’m joined today, we’re welcoming back Josh Elledge, great to have you again on the show.

Josh Elledge:[00:00:23] Thank you so much, Travis.

Travis Bennett: [00:00:25] Cool. And where are you hanging out today?

Josh Elledge: [00:00:27] I’m in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Travis Bennett: [00:00:30] Perfect. So…

Josh Elledge: [00:00:31] It’s already it’s, it’s not even lunchtime. It’s late morning. It’s already peaking 90 degrees, so.

Travis Bennett: [00:00:38] That does not sound great. Air conditioning goes all the way.

Josh Elledge: [00:00:43] Yep that’s it.

Travis Bennett: [00:00:44] That’s it.

Josh Elledge: [00:00:44] We live on.

Travis Bennett: [00:00:45] Perfect. So, for those of you who don’t know Josh, he’s a U.S. Navy vet and he launched a platform called that helps entrepreneurs into media celebrities increasing their authority, influence, and revenues. So, Josh, it’s great to welcome you back again on the show. And today we’re going to cover how he’s actually got himself in the media over two thousand times. And we’re going to explain everything in just seven minutes. So, it’s going to be fun. Josh, I’m going to start the timer and question number one. So, who is your ideal client?

Josh Elledge: [00:01:20] You know for someone who wants to get in the media obviously it needs to be someone that wants to have an impact in the world. Also, I should say that we tend to only like what, we want to work with people that have a, they have a prop, established profit centers. In other words, it’s great to go out and get your name in lights but want to make sure that you make money with that. Most PR firms are really disconnected. They’re like, “Oh, well we can get you visibility”. And then you ask them, “Well, how do I make money with that”. And then they like, “Uh, uh”, they have no clue. So, you do the media but the media has to drive sales. You’ve got to get people into the top of the funnel move people down the funnel. And that’s why it’s really critical that you’re not just doing media for visibility but you’re also doing it for the authority and the authority is what’s going to really move people down your funnel. It’s like you know it’s like spraying WD40 in your funnel. You know people slide down a lot faster when people respect you.

Travis Bennett: [00:02:16] Perfect. Perfect, I guess time kind of attempts into the second question is the problem that you solve is that you’re getting the PR and the influence that, the eyeballs and all that content but you’re making sure that this actually turns into business at the same time.

Josh Elledge: [00:02:30] The reality is if your clients or customers or viewer, people that stumble on your blog or see you on social media. If you don’t get their respect they’re just not going to go very far in your funnel because they think that you’re going to be you know your amateur hour. You’re just not ready for them. And so, you will never attract a client that exceeds your level of branding and authority because they’re just not willing to take a risk with you. They wanted to work with the best. They want to work with people that they feel have the momentum behind them. And so, it’s very important that we convey that and we convey that by showing them that social proof, authority through associations. We do that by showing the media logos and here I am again. Here I am on stage. You know here I am being quoted for this. That stuff really moves the needle in getting people to say, “Wow, okay I guess I should listen to you”. And then the third thing would just be you know you do need to indicate that you have success. I think that the consumers no longer buy that story that you could just be an expert in being an expert. Like listen if you’re a Facebook ads expert, you better be prepared to demonstrate your own personal success and the success that you have with clients. So, it’s not enough to read a book and all of a sudden become an overnight expert in my opinion.

Travis Bennett: [00:03:56] And then, I guess we’ve got four minutes 10 seconds on the clock. What are the typical symptoms that people experience when they’re, when they’re struggling with this? When they’re not getting the right exposure, they’re not putting themselves out there the right way.

Josh Elledge: [00:04:09] Yeah and that would be their high cost per lead. Their conversion rates just aren’t where they should be. And it’s a simple problem to fix. You know again we have to do a lot of experimenting and I can tell you that one thing that can probably improve just any lead capture page, any sales funnel is your indicators of authority. So, if you’ve got media logos, that can help. If you’ve got direct quotes that you can show. If you could show your social proof like you know. So, if you go to my website, we’ve got social media logos down at the bottom. I don’t want people clicking on them but I do want them to know that I’ve got over one hundred and twenty thousand followers. And so, above my social media logos, I actually say you know join our community over one hundred and twenty thousand followers. And it’s an indicator of social proof. And so yeah, we want people making a lot more money. So, if you’re, if you think you should be doing more sales and for some reason, you’re not keeping up with your competitors. Take a look at where your authority is and where their authority is. And that’s probably a good indication.

Travis Bennett: [00:05:19] Okay. Okay. And I guess that leads us into question number four is like the mistakes that people make when they’re trying to do this themselves. What’s the, what’s the big pain points that people hit on?

Josh Elledge: [00:05:30] Right. And so, we’re just selling, selling, selling, selling, selling. We’re doing more and more advertising. And just you know you’re looking at your ROI and it’s just not that great. Honestly, I made over six million dollars in revenue and I spent less than five hundred dollars in advertising and that’s pretty…

Travis Bennett: [00:05:47] That’s incredible, yeah.

Josh Elledge: [00:05:48] They’re unique but in the way, we did it is that we just, I just served audiences on stages. And those stages could be radio stations, TV stations, newspaper and I did all of that stuff. I worked with bloggers. I worked with other influencers. And my job was not to sell SavingsAngel. My job was to serve that audience so well that that smart audience, now audiences are really smart. Like they’ll find you if they like what you had to share. And so, as marketers, we need to exhibit a little bit more trust like it’s cool to have a call to action. But until then you know people aren’t even going to think about taking your call to action until you’ve really built up enough trust with them.

Travis Bennett: [00:06:33] Okay. That’s very true. So, we’ve got a minute 30 left, three more questions. So, we’re doing really really well. What is one valuable free piece of advice you could give to people who are struggling with this problem and want to get out there and start getting some press for themselves and for their business?

Josh Elledge: [00:06:47] Yeah, absolutely. So, the first thing I think and this is what I tell people that are just getting started and this is, I want you to go through all of your social media accounts and I want you to get new headshots. I want you to make your branding consistent across all of your social media channels. Because people are checking that out, your customers are checking that out. And if it looks like you take your brand serious then they will take your brand serious. If you’re still linking to like Google+ on your website and if there’s like nothing, nothing’s been updated there for like four years, why are you doing that. It’s just an embarrassment. It looks like you’re asleep at the wheel. So, go ahead and remove your link from Google+, I give you permission to do that. And at the same time, I want you to spend a lot of time on your LinkedIn profile especially if you sell B2B. And then I also want you to work on a press kit for your website so that it shows that you are used to working with the media and you are used to working with influencers. And you can, by the way, you can go to and just copy mine. You don’t even have to pay me; you don’t have to tell me you were there. Just copy what I do because it’s all been tested and it’s all that we teach.

Travis Bennett: [00:07:55] Perfect. And we’ve got two seconds left so I’m going to wrap it up. Josh, it’s a pleasure. Thank you for coming on the show again and have a great day.

Josh Elledge: [00:08:02] Travis, you’re amazing. Thank you.

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