How to Get Free Radio Publicity Interviews – In Just 7 Minutes with Scott Fox

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  • Know how to find podcasts and radio shows that want to interview guests like you
  • Learn how to pitch to podcast and radio shows for free air-time about yor niche and products
  • Learn how to get free radio publicity through podcast interviews


Scott Fox is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Founder of, the #1 podcast and radio show interview booking service. As a Free Publicity Radio and Podcast Expert, he helped 10,000+ authors, celebrities, experts, and marketers of all kinds get booked for free “Guest Expert” appearances on podcasts and radio shows worldwide.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Scott talks about how radio and podcast interviews help you gain free publicity if you are an expert, author, celebrity, or marketer and you want to expand your reach and grow your network.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:34 – all about Scott Fox and RadioGuestList
  • 01:25 – Scott describes the perfect client for RadioGuestList
  • 01:49 – signal to noise problems that Scott solve for his clients
  • 02:29 – symptoms his clients experience with their publicity tactics dilemma
  • 03:59 – common mistakes his clients make when trying to fix their problems
  • 05:37 – Scott’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR):
  • 05:42 – Scott’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Rethink your pitch.
  • 07:17 – Scott’s Valuable Free TIP (VFT): Do not overlook podcasting and radio.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
“Most people are lost in the signal to noise ratio so bad in the internet now.” - @radioguestlist Click To Tweet
“ Rethink your pitch. Do not keep sending the same thing month after month and wonder why nobody is answering. Think about what is in the news and then tie your topic into the news.” - @radioguestlist Click To Tweet
“Do not overlook podcasting and radio. These folks, these hosts have pre-built targeted audiences they’ve spent months off and years, pulling together the niche that you want. So if you are nice to them, they will put you on there. And they want… Click To Tweet

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One thought on “How to Get Free Radio Publicity Interviews – In Just 7 Minutes with Scott Fox

  1. Hello Mr. Fox,

    We would like to interview with you on #Win4News

    Feel free to add me on facebook.
    Human Being Safety.

    We talk about the 3 checks and balances in government; Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    I see the 4th and 5th “checks and balances” as Journalism – talk shows -podcasts & Human Being Safety.

    Ideally a 100% free press that openly & with transparency criticizes and performs real quality tests on religion, culture, society, corporations, businesses, governments and charities from a Six Sigma and ethics view.

    Good Journalism = Human Being Safety + Quality

    My background is 20+ years of quality assurance in Fortune 500 companies, small companies and the federal government.

    I see that real quality with ethics doesnt exist as well as it could within these organizations because they are on the corporatized “model” the allmighty growth of dollars on balance sheets rather than the growth of Gross National Happiness ….

    By the way our corporate way of running these organizations came as an exact blueprint template copy from U.S. military operations. Have you ever thought of the implications of using Military as our basis for creating such Empire companies like Starbucks, Pepsi and Walmart?

    No wonder we read countless stories were human being safety was sacrificed in the name of dollars on wall street meaning while mainstreet cries because of the military takeover of the Corporations in the U.S. and overseas.

    Many of these corporate jobs dont pay livable wages and our military doesn’t pay livable wages either.

    We have so many stories of companies like Walmart squeezing out dollar profit from companies that try to work with them and bankrupting them instead of practicing fair collaborative relationships with them.

    Is this harsh conflict nature of how Walmart treats suppliers any different than a U.S. military war operation?

    Did you know the Corporatocracy of the U.S. is fairly recent problem?

    When Bobbie Kennedy ran for President fifty years ago in 1968 we did not have nearly the Corporatocracy and predatory capitalism.that we have in 2018 (“Rash of bankruptcies from student debt /medical debt etc…”).

    Journalism / talk shows & other organizations lacksl quality such as Six Sigma, Project Management Professional, ISO9000 or other “human being safety” practices that COULD ensure good quality.

    I am proposing with #Win4News that journalists / talk show hosts and the organizations that they deal with would get a new “Human Being Safety” license just like Educators, Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals require a license.


    I read an article on fake news and media due to lazy reporting and I agree 100%. Fake news is a multifaceted issue and I also add to that most fake news is opinion and versions of truths to sell products / services and less interested in what really happened?!?!?

    The vast majority of truths in media have been by white wealthy majority views of how the news is and it is based on the audience and the dollars that the vast majority of the audience would spend on products / services.

    In other words news & talk shows have catered to the rich wealthy audiences and not for the people who cannot afford those products.

    Another example is the 1970s hit movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. All the main actors were white and it was that only a white audience could afford to buy tickets for that movie.

    Movies are made for white wealthy audiences and minorities and other actors were not hired and not considered to be able to buy movie tickets.

    That’s why in this “Fake News Documentary” video I include the scene of willy Wonka movie followed by famous freedom marches across 1960s USA.

    Years of very important societal interviews are in this link from years of my backpacking “Backpack Journalist” since April 1, 2011 and the full length versions of these interviews are here:

    Most of our news is fake because white wealthy racism is the undercurrent of much of the media, news and entertainment we have been forced to view their “truths” not the truths of the billions of others who are not white wealthy leaders or white wealthy owners who by the way both own and control the means of production.

    What is the difference between rich & wealthy?

    Your rich if your an NFL pro football player.

    Your WEALTHY if you both own and control the means of production for the NFL team.

    On the subject of FAKE NEWS please see the attached picture below oof our real story of fake news and how our first nation in the American continent have been treated!

    White men did not settle in the U.S. they invaded, raped, killed and brought deadly diseases and to top that all off they own / control the means of production based on Corporations (“that are based on the military”).

    Nobody on mainstream media reports this news so it seems like everything past present and future of news & media is fake news.

    Is somehow behind the smokescreen of buying and selling the U.S. Military is behind the scenes of all this?

    Never be afraid to ask the hard questions.

    We can look at any of these issues of the truth being defined through the simple example of a dispute of two people.

    There is what 1 person thinks or needs & what the 2nd person thinks or needs then there is the truth of what REALLY happened.

    We can also add to what “REALLY” happened the words justice, fairness, equality, ethics and human being safety – quality assurance.

    What are the just, fair ethical and QA thing to do to answer to the greater truth of what happened with these two people based on ethics?

    When we dig deep into truths that match up with justice and “fairness” what’s the most fair solution we begin to see a resolution based on truth, justice and ethics.

    The just thing is to open all the treaties with our First Nation and aboriginals to look at how we could help provide some kind of reparations for what the conquering settlers did.

    We can only go forward basing a better society based on past failures.

    Reparations can be something people sign off on however there could be new ways to help bring democracy and freedom into societies not based on fantasy but reality.

    My biggest stance running for President in 2020 is based on bringing Six Sigma, Project Management Professional, ISO9000 and other “human being safety” practices into business, government, religion, charities and other businesses.

    There are no other leaders who talk about this and the quality we have even in Japan falls short why is that?

    People in Japan commit suicide in the name of quality that is why a better word then my 20+ years in quality assurance is:

    My main life work and frustration is that businesses, government, charities, religions and other businesses claim to do quality or have quality departments or beautiful glossy powerpoint reports on quality but in reality they are not real quality.

    Human Being Safety I’m working on boiling down all of my presidential platform into one major page with the details found on our website:

    Thank you,

    Best regards, Backpack “Journalist” Baron

    @DanielRoyBaron on most social media.

    Phone: 619-430-7236

    “The truth shall set us free”