How to Grow Your Business by Being a Guest on Podcast in 7 Minutes with Andrew Allemann

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  • Learn how a podcast guesting can help you expand your reach and network
  • Learn how to create a Podcast One Sheet
  • Learn how having a ‘list of questions’ can help you pitch your expertise better and screen your podcast guests


Andrew Allemann is the creator of Podcast Guests, which connects podcasters with experts, authors and other podcasters.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Andrew and Tom deep dive into how podcasters can connect, invite and screen relevant experts and other podcasters to be guests on their show in order to grow their network.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:53 – Andrew Allemann as the creator of Podcast Guests: Connecting Podcasters with Great Guests
  • 01:25 – who is his ideal client
  • 02:59 – symptoms his clients experience when they forget to stand by their authority
  • 05:06 – common mistakes people make when trying to connect with potential guest
  • 05:31 – importance of having a ‘one-sheet’ as a podcaster
  • 06:53 – Andrew’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Create a one-sheet and come up with that list of questions that will really help you figure out which podcast makes the most sense for you.
  • 07:30 – Andrew’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): list of 4000+ podcasts looking for podcast guest
  • 08:00 – Andrew’s Valuable Free Tip (VFT): Do not get too hung up on which podcast you are going on.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
Being a guest on a podcast is a great way to grow your business but getting podcaster to invite you on their show can be a lot of work. Click To Tweet
I bring the podcasters into the room so you do not have to go through of all that mess trying to figure out who they are, and contact them. Click To Tweet
People do not understand the podcast that they are going to be on and what their qualifications are. Click To Tweet
Treat every podcast as an opportunity. Click To Tweet

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One thought on “How to Grow Your Business by Being a Guest on Podcast in 7 Minutes with Andrew Allemann

  1. Great episode! I’ve been subscribed to Podcast Guests’ newsletter for a while and I was able to be a guest on several podcasts in the past year or so thanks to that. Thank you Andrew for this amazing opportunity you provide, and thank you Tom for the interview!