How to Launch and Grow Ideas – In Just 7 Minutes with Gabriel Aviles

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  • Know the questions you need to ask to fully understand your vision, and idea to help form or fine-tune your product or service
  • Get the alignment and clarity that your business needs based on your business goals and plans
  • Learn how to understand the marketing strategy that your business needs


Gabriel Aviles is a Business Strategist and Coach. He thrives on helping entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives launch and grows ideas. He provides consulting services to executives and CEOs in the Digital, Media, Content and Start-up worlds, as well as coaching services to first-time and early-stage entrepreneurs.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Gabriel shares how he helps business owners move from the idea phase to the launch phase and beyond.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:54 – Gabriel Aviles’s background as a business strategist and coach
  • 01:57 – His ideal clients: 9 to 5 employee that has an idea, has something they want to launch into the world but don’t really know how to do it
  • 02:35 – The brand and launch idea validation, crystallization problems he helps solve
  • 04:10 –The symptoms his clients experience when trying to achieve the idealization problem
  • 06:57 – Gabriel’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Don’t get overwhelmed by all the voices all the blogs all the courses everything else. Try to narrow the focus and try one thing at a time that you feel will work based on your overall strategy.
  • 07:51 – Gabriel’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Go to and set up a no-cost consultation
  • 08:16 – Gabriel Valuable Free Tip: You have more to offer than you think. So don’t minimize what you have. Don’t minimize what you have to offer.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
Don't minimize what you have to offer. Maybe it needs to be tweaked maybe it needs some shifting, maybe there's a lot of things that could be done to it but don't minimize it.-@gaaviles Click To Tweet

I look at your business try to understand who you are, what you're trying to do, what your goals are, and then let's implement whatever strategies and tactics work not let's just try everything.-@gaaviles Click To Tweet
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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. Very well welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible My name is Tom Poland. I am beaming out to you on the sand here next to the waves, the Little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia joined today by Gabriel Aviles.

Tom Poland: That’s right. Who is hanging out in? Drumroll.

Gabriel Aviles: Nashville Tennessee.

Tom Poland: Nashville Tennessee the home of is that the home like of country music or it is it is the home of country music and a bunch of other kinds of music and stuff.

Gabriel Aviles: But yeah that’s where that’s where it was birth.

Tom Poland: That was where it birth. And just up the road, we got Memphis with Graceland

Gabriel Aviles: Graceland Sun Studios which had a big place.

Tom Poland:That’s on the bucket list.

Tom Poland:So Gabriel, for those of you who don’t know him, he’s a business strategist and coach. He’s very good at marketing ideas coming up with the ideas. He helps entrepreneurs, business owners, creative people, executives launch and grows ideas. Launch and grow ideas. Nice. He provides consulting services to executives, the CEOs and the digital media content and startup worlds as well as coaching services the first time and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Tom Poland: Pretty darn important Gabriel because if you don’t have the idea right and you go launch it all goes a bit flat, right?

Tom Poland: Well, that’s true on that happening so let’s see how we’re gonna avoid that. Our title is how to launch and grow ideas in just seven minutes. As usual. our time is going to start now. I am holding your feet to the fire for the next seven minutes. Give us the real oil question number one is who is your ideal client?

Gabriel Aviles: Well I’ve worked a lot of people but My favorite kind of client is I guess a 9 to 5r somebody who is doing a day job but has an idea, has something they want to launch into the world that’s important.

Gabriel Aviles: But they don’t they don’t they need they don’t really know how to do it. Maybe they don’t have any business experience. Maybe they don’t have any confidence in their idea. They don’t know if it’s valid if there’s something there or they’re overwhelmed with so much information out there it’s kind of paralysis analysis. There are so many gurus and methods and ways and they don’t even know where to start. So so basically they’re looking for a clarity, direction, motivation, and accountability to kind of push them forward.

Tom Poland: Do you also work with established businesses whose sales got a little flat?

Gabriel Aviles: I do. Yeah, I play doctor in those cases where somebody and honestly some of those actually come by accident where they asked me to help them with marketing but I say, wait a minute let’s have some other issues before we start the marketing process.

Tom Poland: Like?

Gabriel Aviles: Like you’re not converting your leads like you have 100 people big time but zero conversion. So why is that? Why spend marketing dollars when we haven’t figured out that product?

Tom Poland:It’s kind of like a person standing there bleeding from there from the artery on their wrist and going, “Okay that’s a problem. Oh, I know. I’ll put I’ll put some blood drip in the other wrist. Absolutely. Just to stop bleeding. Okay so that you’re our new client.

Tom Poland: So more specifically Question 2, 5 and half minutes left. What is the problem you solve for them?

Gabriel Aviles: Well, I think the problem that I solve for them it varies. I mean it could be idea validation, idea crystallization, where they have they have some rough ideas but then I really know they haven’t crystallized it yet. And then just the basic steps of knowing what to do next. A general direction of how to go about taking the idea of getting it. Getting it ready for launching and into the marketplace.

Tom Poland:Question 3, someone needs your services. One of the typical symptoms they’re gonna be experiencing before they find you.

Gabriel Aviles: Well they’ve been sitting on an idea for months possibly even years and nothing they’ve done zero or they’ve done something and they’ve spent a lot of money unnecessarily doing this at the other paying this guru, that Guru taking this course, filing filing for patent or all kinds of things that probably weren’t even necessary because they don’t even have let’s say a proof of concept yet.

Gabriel Aviles: So those are those are a lot of the symptoms they. Or like in the example I mentioned earlier with businesses that are more mature they’re doing things but they’re getting zero actual customers.

Tom Poland: So either way it’s going to be pretty frustrating for them. So question number 4 and four minutes left before people find you,, they’re going to try stuff, and some of this stuff isn’t going to work. One of those things is let’s let’s find another guru. Let’s chase another shiny thing. But are there other common mistakes that people will tend to make prior to arriving at YOU as the solution.

Gabriel Aviles: Well I think I think what I bring to the table is I’m a strategist. So I’m not a specialist in lead generation, not a specialist in content marketing, I’m not a specialist in email. You know I surround myself with specialists. I’m not a specialist an SEO.

Gabriel Aviles: And so what I bring what I do is I help them to understand first of all that. Everybody who is a specialist will tell them that what they have to offer is the way to go. Oh, it’s all about e-mail marketing. You’ve got to go through e-mail. Oh man, it’s got to be all about content dude. Podcasting works. So these my clients will feel like they have to try these things because everybody said swears by their method. It’s all about SEO. Oh it’s PPC fate you know whatever it is. And so I commend and go Wait a minute. Let’s let’s not. I’m agnostic as it relates to what we do. I look at your business try to understand who you are what you’re trying to do what your goals are and then let’s implement whatever strategies and tactics work not let’s just try everything. And so unfortunately by the time I get to them sometimes they spend money trying a bunch of different things.

Tom Poland: Normally we’ll have Yeah.

Gabriel Aviles: Yeah. So, that’s what I that that’s what I bring to the table hopefully. It the BIG Strategy.

Tom Poland: Could we sum it up by saying one of the common mistakes as they try and do a bunch of things like tactical things.

Gabriel Aviles: Yeah.

Tom Poland:Before they sort this strategy out.

Gabriel Aviles: Without understanding that there’s a strategy how it fits in their overall plan.

Tom Poland: OK.

Tom Poland: So we’ve got someone who wants to launch or else so they’ve launched but the sales are flatlining and they’re feeling frustrated and disappointed, they chase shiny things and gurus halfway around the world and they’re focused on taxes you know strategies.

Tom Poland: Question 5, Just over 2 minutes left, what’s one valuable free action that an audience member, who is in that situation could, one step forward they could take not to solve the whole problem but it can take them a step forward to solving the problem?

Gabriel Aviles: I think that one big piece of advice is don’t get overwhelmed by all the voices all the blogs all the courses everything else.

Gabriel Aviles: Try to narrow the focus and try one thing at a time that you feel will work based on your overall strategy. So you don’t have to do it all. You can’t do it all but do one thing that fits your overall strategy. Do it as well as you can measure it and see if it works and then do it again. Or if it doesn’t work try again, and or try something else but don’t feel like you have to do everything at once.

Tom Poland: Thank you. And question number 6, one minute twenty left. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that’s going to help them a bit more?

Gabriel Aviles: Well, I guess I could be a little self-serving here but they can certainly come to my website and set up a no-cost consultation with me you know I’ll kind of assess the problem and figure out where it where I might be able to help them or not.

Tom Poland: We’ve got a whole 52 seconds left, so question 7 is what is the one question I should have asked you but didn’t and the answer, please.

Gabriel Aviles: Yeah, well I think one thing I want to say and these are specifically for the people that have an idea out there that they don’t know what to do with their idea. They’re kind of stuck. I would say is that you have more to offer than you think.

Gabriel Aviles: So don’t minimize what you have. Don’t minimize what you have to offer. Maybe it needs to be tweaked maybe it needs some shifting, maybe there’s a lot of things that could be done to it but don’t minimize it.

Gabriel Aviles: Yeah I know that you’ve got what you have is likely very valuable either in its current form or maybe in a morphed version. But don’t dismiss it. You have more to offer than you think.

Tom Poland: Gabriel, thank you so much.

Gabriel Aviles: Thank you.

Tom Poland:Thanks for checking out our marketing the invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to my tunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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