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  • Know how to offer an e-learning course that brings transformational change to other people while making a profit out of it
  • Know what type of content people selling online
  • Learn how to maximize your online monetization opportunity through e-learning platforms like Kajabi


Jonathan Cronstedt is the President of Kajabi, a leading publishing platform where people can create and monetize websites. Kajabi users have sold over $300M of digital products via their platform. Prior to Kajabi, Jonathan was the General Manager of Digital Learning at Success Magazine and he was the CEO of Digital Marketer.

While living in a tech-obsessed world, with Uber at the tips of his fingers, Jonathan also relies on low-tech tools like his Moleskine notebook, pen and a cup of Starbucks.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Jonathan shares how one passion and knowledge can bring transformational change to someone’s life and also give you the monetization opportunity through e-learning.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:50 – Jonathan Cronstedt as a Knowledge Commerce Enthusiast
  • 02:28 – JCron describes his ideal clients, someone who does not know how to monetize their knowledge online?
  • 02:59 – Check out the opportunity and benefit of monetizing your knowledge online?
  • 03:23 – How individuals who have never been connected to broadband internet before are able to consume transformational knowledge as discussed in Peter Diamandis’ The Rising Billions
  • 04:12 – JCron describes how he helps his clients get the technology out of the way so that they can focus on their transformational knowledge and monetize it.
  • 04:51 – symptoms his market experience when they are stuck offering their transformational knowledge and they’re not yet maximizing the online opportunity with platforms like Kajabi.
  • 05:33 – common mistakes his clients do when they try to get their knowledge out online
  • 06:39 – JCron’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Simplify and solve for your customer. Everybody out there regardless of whether it’s a passion or profit-oriented they want to know the easiest way to get from their current state to their desired state.
  • 07:14 – JCron’s Paul’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Kajabi: All the Tools You Need To Build a Successful Online Business
  • 08:15 – What type of knowledge are people selling online? It’s everything.The reality of it is whatever is important to you is important to enough people that you can reach online and sell to.

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What type of knowledge are people selling online? It's everything. The reality of it is whatever is important to you is important to enough people that you can reach online and sell to.-@thejcron Click To Tweet

You can actually filter people before you start a conversation and have a meaningful conversation with each person that comes in and interacts with your quiz or the content you create.-@thejcron Click To Tweet
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Tom Poland: A very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible my name is Tom Poland beaming out to from Little Castaways beach in a place most people don’t even know of Australia called the Castaways Beach on the sand here. Joined today by Jonathan Cronstedt otherwise known as JCron so I can get my tongue around his surname.

Tom Poland: JCron, how are you doing man? Where are you hanging out?

Jonathan Cronstedt: Doing spectacular coming to you from Irvine,California. Nice overcast in a 70-degree day.

Tom Poland: Not too many fires where you are, I hope.

Jonathan Cronstedt: No, thankfully we’re a few hours South but boy those have been just ravaging in Northern California.

Tom Poland: Awful. We’ve been seeing on the news every night even here in Australia.

Tom Poland: Folks, on to things marketing for those of you don’t know Jonathan you must’ve been living in a cave. Because he’s previously served as some of the largest and most successful marketing organizations in the US. For example CEO of Digital Marketer, which is an extraordinarily dynamic organization, CEO of Direct Sales Dynamo Empower Power Network. He’s spent time driving results for Chet Holmes and the Tony Robbins group. He’s also the chairman of Prodigy Consulting Group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and business administration from Concordia University in Irvine where he’s hanging out right now. Is that right? The same place.

Jonathan Cronstedt: You got it.

Tom Poland: And so what I find interesting and even though that JCron is in the middle of this technology whirlwind, he still likes hanging out at Starbucks with a pen and a cup of coffee and a notebook, his Moleskine Notebook. Dropping at there form Moleskine.

Tom Poland: So that’s kind of interesting Jonathan that you’ve got this combination in your in your personality of both the ability to deal with the tech but also stay low tech it’s not just tech for tech sake.

Tom Poland: For our topic today, we’re going to deal with is how to monetize your knowledge. There’s a bunch of listeners out there that know some pretty cool stuff and when they start working with clients, they get some great transformations. But they really feel like they’ve got so much more potential revenue-wise. And they’ve got so much more potential to help so many more people than just simply working one to one. So that’s kind of going to be the subject today. We can do that in just seven minutes how to monetize your knowledge.

Tom Poland: JCron, our time starts now. Questionable 1, about seven questions, who is your ideal client?

Jonathan Cronstedt: My ideal client is anybody who is asking themselves how do I monetize my knowledge online?

Jonathan Cronstedt: Whether you’re looking at the early stages of your career not wanting to go through the college route and end up in a job you hate but rather studying your passions and teaching others how they can enjoy their passions as well.

Jonathan Cronstedt: Or you’re looking to rewire rather than retire. Take that body of knowledge you have to monetize it online as a second career. Where the platform for that audience.

Tom Poland: This is a bit of left field, but the one question that comes to mind immediately is what’s the benefit of monetizing knowledge online? Now you and I live and breathe this every day. But for someone who’s this is a relatively new thought. Can you give us just a few benefits of monetizing knowledge online?

Jonathan Cronstedt: Absolutely.So The e-learning world is growing leaps and bounds it’s over 200 billion dollars depending on who you’re listening to and that does not include the fact that we are going to see over the next five years what Peter Diamandis calls ‘The Rising Billions’ which is all of the individuals who have never been connected to broadband internet before able to consume transformational knowledge and they have all the same desires that we do. They want to learn how to cook vegan. They want to learn how to exercise. They want to learn how to market and sell and grow their business. They want to learn how to parent better. All of the things that we have they’ve never had access to. So it would be safe to assume that if you’re online and you’re teaching the things that interest you those are going to interest people all over the world. And now you have the ability to reach those people that you’ve never had before.

Tom Poland: The scalable revenue, scalable fulfillment, scalable service to so much so many more people. It’s pretty frickin phenomenal. And what I didn’t mention JCron is that you are currently the what you role at Kajabi is to grow and develop Kajabi, which is one of the premier online learning portals. What’s the problem you solve? Question 2.

Jonathan Cronstedt: So bottom line, we get the technology out of the way so that you can focus on your transformational knowledge and monetizing it. For too long, this industry has been wired in complexity feeling like you need 37 platforms and a bachelors in programming to make it work. So we really have been able to take individuals that have never had a history of success online or tech technology background get them into their sweet spot of sharing their wisdom and knowledge online charging for it and offering a transformational experience while adding a part-time or full-time income to the world.

Tom Poland: So that’s a fantastic articulation of the opportunity. Question 3 and we’ve got four and a half minutes left plus a minute more if we need it for my diversion.

Tom Poland: So if someone’s sitting there and they’ve got this transformational knowledge and they’re not yet maximizing the online opportunity with platforms like Kajabi. What are some of the typical symptoms that are going to be experiencing?

Jonathan Cronstedt: They’re definitely going to be experiencing frustration, feeling like they have the knowledge or they have a business that they could be actualizing and profiting from. And they don’t know how. They’re normally stuck trying to connect the email auto-responded to the shopping cart or how to connect and split test to page 37 different ways when they’ve never sold anything online. They’re buying into the needless complexity that is stopping them from doing the one thing that moves the ball forward which is sharing and selling the knowledge.

Tom Poland: Amen to that brother. You know your market well. So we’ve got this person that’s now excited about the profitability, to scale their intellectual property, to transform a whole lot more people to generate a whole lot more revenue, and they’re going to try stuff. So question number 4, is what are some of the common mistakes people make when trying to get their knowledge out online.

Jonathan Cronstedt: Without question, number one is overcomplicated it. They’re going to believe that because they’ve seen all of these platforms, all of these pieces of technology that they need all of them to be successful. I love the Bruce Lee quote that says, “I don’t fear a man who knows 10000 kicks. I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.”.

Jonathan Cronstedt: This is very much a market that if you choose any medium or any way of getting your message out there and selling it and practice it diligently you will be successful. The people that fail are the people that complexity by the industry, feel like they need to go to the latest tip trick hack, every time the latest social media platform does you and never actually get into progress because they’re too busy switching lanes.

Tom Poland: Yep yep yep.

Tom Poland: Question 5, two minutes 40 left. One Valuable Free Action that audience member can implement that’s going to help them move towards the scalability of online.

Jonathan Cronstedt: Simplify and solve for your customer. Everybody out there regardless of whether it’s a passion or profit-oriented they want to know the easiest way to get from their current state to their desired state. The person that can do that with the least amount of brain damage in the process is going to be eminently successful regardless of what technology transitions into in the future because you’re providing transformation and that never goes out of style.

Tom Poland: Yes, indeed and so true. So because number 6, full two minutes left to do incredibly well, One Valuable Free Resources can direct people to that’s going to give them a head start, get started on the road.

Jonathan Cronstedt: I’d strongly consider heading over to and taking advantage of our free trial. This is something that gives you a fully functional- nonhandicapped version of the platform that you could literally upload your course, do a Facebook Live, telling people about it and be in profit before your subscription ever rebuilds it’s truly an opportunity to kick the tires play with everything and even launch your business. No expense to you.

Tom Poland: How long was the trial?

Jonathan Cronstedt: We actually have two. We have our 1- day trial which is our standard. Or if you Google Kajabi 28 Day Challenge, we have a way to double your trial to a full 28 days with a coach that goes alongside you via email, taking you through steps daily to get your course launched and selling in less than 28 days.

Tom Poland: So the URL again please for the 28-day trial.

Jonathan Cronstedt: The 28-day challenge we don’t actually have a URL. It’s out there on ads but if you Google Kajabi 28 Day Challenge you’re going to find it.

Tom Poland: Perfect Thank you.

Tom Poland: So the Question 7, a full minute left plus another bonus when we need it. What’s the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t.

Jonathan Cronstedt: I would say, for me the question that I would have asked is what type of knowledge are people selling online?

Tom Poland: Oh, great question.

Jonathan Cronstedt: And the answer is actually pretty entertaining. It’s everything.

Jonathan Cronstedt: When I see people say. I don’t have anything to offer. I just have to laugh because I know individuals that are making five, six, seven, figures annually teaching things as interesting as marketing for musicians and how to sell their music through Facebook ads or horse ballet which is actually called dressage which is a thing. Horses need ab exercises to be able to trot specifically that’s being taught on a platform. Sugaring which apparently is an alternative to waxing which is a completely different thing. Vegan cooking, pilates, the fitness of all kinds. Every type of business growth marketing strategy, martial arts, parenting personal development.

Jonathan Cronstedt: I don’t think there’s any hobby your passion that you have that someone isn’t teaching something relevant to it on the platform. So for me, that’s one of my favorite questions that I don’t get asked. It’s easy to answer because the reality of it is whatever is important to you is important to enough people that you can reach online and sell to.

Tom Poland: And I underscore that by saying that the one program that I got a good authority is sold many many millions of dollars and generated many millions in revenue was how fish think. And if you can market that one the world’s kind of be your oyster.

Jonathan Cronstedt: And on the whole fish thing. Note if we’ve got a little bit of bonus time. Microsoft actually completed a study that the average attention span of a fish is eight seconds. Which is now actually longer than the average attention span of a human being. So based on all the technology and marketing messages we are receiving fish now actually have the ability to think deeper and for longer periods of time than we did.

Jonathan Cronstedt: So if you’re not working that mental muscle on teaching others how to do the same. Probably a solid course out there.

Tom Poland: I got to go and study my goldfish right now.Thank JCron. Cheers.

Jonathan Cronstedt: Absolute pleasure.

Tom Poland: Thanks for checking out our Marketing the Invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to Itunes, to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check

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