How to Optimize Your Workplace – In Just 7 Minutes with Nick Sonnenberg

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  • Stay focused on your unique abilities and outsource the rest
  • Accomplice more through delegation
  • Focus on your unique ability and have an outsourcing agency handle the rest of your task


Nick Sonnenberg is a speaker, author, Inc. magazine contributor and a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating companies that disrupt the way people work. Prior to his work in the technology space, Nick spent more than eight years on Wall Street as a high-frequency algorithmic trader and was the youngest person to graduate from Berkeley with a masters degree in financial engineering. Nick is the co-founder and CEO of Leverage, founder and CEO of Efficient Frontier Solutions, and the former CEO of CalvinApp.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Nick shares his passion for disrupting the way that people work and optimize their workplace.

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