How to Remove the Fear from Strategy Calls in Just 7 Minutes with Nina Cooke

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  • Get an inspiration on how you can grow your business when you feel stuck, seeing your business looks successful from the outside, but you’ve hit a stone wall and you’re not seeing the growth or progress you know you are capable of
  • Learn how you can remove your fear when doing sales strategy call
  • Learn how you can achieve income freedom for that life freedom that you deserve


Nina Cooke is a Business Confidence Coach helping successful but stuck business owners breakthrough the inner blocks holding them back from achieving more money & time freedom. She works with successful but stuck, business owners and experts who are frustrated because their business isn’t growing, and they’re work-life balance sucks.

Her superpower is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why they’re struggling. And then showing them how they can clear out their fears to grow their confidence and courage. So they can charge their value, serve a wider and deeper audience, and have easier smoother relationships.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Nina will share how giving value can grow your confidence and remove your fears from doing strategy calls.

Check out these episode highlights:

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