How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table with your Funnels – in Just 7 Minutes with Keith Perhac

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  • Know what segmentation is all about and help it helps to improve the conversion rates of your funnel
  • Learn different CRM strategies that determine your client’s worth in X dollars without leaving your money on the table
  • Know why it is important to understand what people in your funnel is going through and the importance of understanding what motivates them to buy



Keith Perhac is a digital marketer that helps authors, product creators and self-funded business fix their sales funnels. He is the developer of SegMetrics, a tool connected to the clients CRM – giving 100% accuracy in your revenue and lead reporting.

In this episode, Keith shares how he helps people improve the conversion rate of their funnels by understanding and nurturing their leads. He explains the importance of understanding what the leads are experiencing as they go through the marketing funnel and how valuable it is to experience the funnel firsthand to know if it works.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:55 – Interesting facts about Keith as a Digital Marketer and his tool SegMetrics
  • 02:02 – His ideal client: anyone selling digital products online, agencies or consultants who are helping info product digital marketers improve their marketing funnels.
  • 02:31 – The biggest problem of his client experience when fixing the holes of their marketing funnel.
  • 04:10 – Discovering that most people are not aware that there is an existing problem even if they earn money, not knowing that there is money in the table.
  • 05:52 – The common marketing mistakes his clients do before consulting Keith.
  • 07:07 – Keith’s Valuable Free Action: Go to the whiteboard, draw out your funnel. Don’t do it on the computer, draw it out.
  • 07:52 – Keith’s Valuable Free Resource: SegMetrics Free Trial: visit the website
  • 08:28 – Keith’s Valuable Marketing Tip: You must understand that people are going through your list and you need to understand what motivates them to buy.

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“Most people don't know that they have a problem. They thought their business is doing fine. They're like Oh I'm making money. They don't know that there's money on the table.” -@harisenbon79 Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to another edition of marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland joined today by Keith Perhac. Keith, good day and where are you hanging out.

Keith Perhac: I’m here in cloudy sunny Portland Oregon.

Tom Poland: Portland Oregon just like beautiful part of the world up there in Portland. It’s gorgeous and you had some snow recently. Is that right?

Keith Perhac: If you can call it that yeah. We had about I think a half an inch the entire city shut down there were winter advisory warnings the mayor was like don’t go out.

Keith Perhac: Often they don’t go Oh it’s here. Yeah.

Tom Poland: Not exactly Chicago but no one. It’s a bit like going it rains here everyone dries really slowly.

Keith Perhac: We got the rain down pat. It’s the sun that when it’s sunny people drive like maniacs because they’re looking at the beautiful skyline.

Tom Poland: Interesting. On to things marketing. For those of you that know Keith he’s a digital marketer now his specialty is that he’s focused on helping people improve conversion rates of their funnels by understanding what the heck is going on and more specific understanding and nurturing the leads. So all that money that we’re probably all leaving on the table right now. That’s going to be the subject to this interview how to take it off the table. Keith built an amazing little. Call it a platform, website or tool guide. Yeah, it’s called the SegMetrics. So the cunningness this of SegMetrics will the several key features to one of the cunningness is that. It can look inside various platforms and draw what might be disparate data together into one cohesive and understandable report which shows you exactly where you are leaving money on the table. So that brings us to the title of the interview. We go to the subject is how to stop leaving money on the table with your funnels and we undo that in just seven minutes case Keith our seven minutes starts now. Question number one is Who is your ideal client.

Keith Perhac: So I work mainly with the info product marketers although anyone who’s selling digital products online and is funneling people into that marketing funnel is a great person for me to work with per SegMetrics. We built a tool for those people, so for agencies or consultants who are helping info product digital marketers improve their marketing funnels.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Question number two six and a half minutes left. How would you define the problem that you solve for those folks?

Keith Perhac: So the biggest problem is that most people do not understand what the experience of a customer going through their marketing funnels. As they see people coming through Facebook. People come in through social. People come in through something they opt-in for something. They go to a webinar. They don’t go to a webinar. They talk to ask for a reply. They download a PDF, but How much are each of those touch points worth. Is it more important for someone to attend the webinar or to attend the replay? Is it more important for them to respond to an e-mail? And then once you find out what are the most valuable things that someone on your list can do. How do you get more people to do it? It’s all about segmentation and understanding what your leads are experiencing as they go through your marketing funnel.

Tom Poland: So a colleague of mine talks about “spray-and-pray”. David Newman Do It Marketing spray and pray. So that’s kind of an otherwise I guess the problem you solve is you put spray and pray.
Keith Perhac: Exactly. And you can still spray and pray. I mean you spray and pray and then you figure out, OK. These people came in from here and this is what they’re able to do now right. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of people. OK. Yahoo. Tons of people from a Yahoo News article came in. Are they worth anything? Who knows. Right. And now you have the tools you have the ability to be able to say these people are worth X dollars and to the penny.

Tom Poland: Okay. So that’s the problem you solve is you stop people leaving money on the table with that stuff. So question number three just under five minutes left what would you say is happening in the business of the life of your ideal client before they get to you. So what are the symptoms in other words of them actually needing your service having this problem of needing your service?

Keith Perhac: Most people the crazy thing is most people don’t know that they have a problem. They know business has been going fine. They’re like Oh I’m making money. They don’t know that there’s money on the table. You and I talked I think last time about the number one thing that happens when I start with a new client is I’ll do a deep dive into their funnel I’ll see where people are coming in and I’ll tell people hey, did you know that people who opt-in for this never go into your main funnel. Did you know that you have a bug here in your code or in your funnel that is stopping anyone from seeing your sales funnel and up into that point you’re like oh my sales are just bad or I just am not hitting the right marketing? But the truth is they don’t even know that they have a problem because they’re not measuring it.

Tom Poland: It sounds like they haven’t looked behind the curtain so to speak.

Keith Perhac: It’s difficult. It’s so hard to get that information and knowledge, all you know is that people aren’t making it to the end. You don’t know where they’re stopping unless you’re measuring right.

Tom Poland: Yeah.

Keith Perhac: Maybe it’s a webinar that’s broken for half the people you don’t know that but you’re just seeing everyone who goes through this webinar falls out. So being able to understand that people aren’t seeing the webinar is a is a huge boon.

Tom Poland: And I think for anyone who hasn’t done online marketing and doesn’t have a CRM and links and e-mails and all sorts of things it probably looks from the outside like it’s a pretty simple thing. But once you get involved that is actually a heck of a lot of complexity to it. Question number four we’ve got this person who may not know they’ve got a problem but has a sense that. Something’s not quite right. Well, they haven’t maximized the opportunity may be wondering if there’s some leak somewhere. If there’s more upside so they try stuff. Three minutes left. Question number four is what are some of the things that they commonly try that actually don’t work, common mistakes.

Keith Perhac: Well the one is the spray and pray right. They just try more places to get people to come in and that just adds the complexity. The other thing they do is they start tagging and they start putting segmentation in place without first asking the question what the question that they want to be answered. Right. So they just say OK everyone who comes in whatever they opted in for I’m giving them a tag I’m giving them tags that came from Facebook they came from an app social etc. That is everything gets tagged and in the end, you have eight hundred tags. But you haven’t answered any questions because you didn’t start with a question of what is the most valuable part of this stuff. Right.

Keith Perhac: And picking one to two things and focusing on it. You spray all your tags out and you spray and pray that way too.

Keith Perhac: You’re never going to find anything. That’s why they call them KPI’s key performance indicators it’s not all indicators are the three to five and you look for that.

Tom Poland: Otherwise you end up with 80 KPI and you’ve no idea why what they do why you tag why you segmented why you’re reporting these particular KPI’s. Thank you. One minute forty-five seconds left.

Tom Poland: Question number five what’s one valuable free action that a listener could take that’ll take them one step closer to not leaving so much money on the table.

Keith Perhac: Go to the whiteboard, draw out your funnel. Don’t do it on the computer, draw it out. Boxes, this once they get this e-mail they go to this page they get this email to go to this page they go to this e-mail they do this action they go to this email draw it all out and then opt in yourself and follow yourself through the whole flow and make sure it all works.

Keith Perhac: That is the number one thing that I see people fail with is that their funnel just doesn’t work because they’ve never gone through it.

Tom Poland: And folks even if your funnel is as simple as getting someone to register for within a do it yourself, eat do it yourself or I’ll eat your own dog food for goodness sakes and make sure it’s tasty nutritious. All right. One minute left two questions left. Question number six is can you give us one valuable free resource that we can direct people to. That’s going to help them a bit more.
Keith Perhac: Yes I’m going to give you a link to and that is my free tagging guide.

Keith Perhac: So I go over the number one things you need to look at in your campaigns that you want to put a tag and how to measure and how to just understand how people go through your funnels with tags and that works for all CRM’s.

Tom Poland: All right. So SegMetrics dot IO forward slash loves plural for certain Leadsology for those of your listeners the podcasts for those listeners the video underneath. Twenty seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you that didn’t. And the answer, please.

Keith Perhac: That’s that’s a tough one. I think you answered all of them. The main thing is. You know I say that marketing is applied psychology. You have to understand that people are going through your list and you need to understand what motivates them to buy.

Tom Poland: Perfect. Keith thanks so much.

Keith Perhac: Thank you much.

Tom Poland: Thanks for checking out our marketing the invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please, head over iTunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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