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  • Uncover the formula to live a life of massive fulfillment, dramatically cut stress, banish anxiety while getting even more done in less time
  • Discover how to live a more fulfilling life and reclaim your life back from the incessant workload that never seems to stop
  • Learn the big difference between a life chasing success and life chasing fulfillment



Peter Sage a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most effective coaches in the world. He can assess people their current state of unfulfillment and transform their lives into a life worth living. He is an international and serial entrepreneur that is expert in deep levels of human behavior, emotional patterns, self-sabotage, and understanding. Peter is the author of the book ‘5 Keys To Master Your Life’ that became an Amazon No.1 best seller in Japan. The book teaches how to master your life by giving you the four keys of excellence; unstoppable mindset, financial freedom, ultimate leadership, and how to live by your values.

In today’s episode, Peter tackles why is it important to find fulfillment in your inner world first in order to live the life that you wanted in your outer world. And discover why even the most successful senior executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners still feel empty even if they have achieved a lot.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:56 – Peter Sage’s background as as a serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher and coach.
  • 01:46 – His ideal client: Senior Executive, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners – high level, Senior VP.
  • 02:09 – The problems that his client’s experience and how he helped them.
  • 02:56 – ‘running in the hamster wheel of unfulfillment’: the symptom his clients commonly experience
  • 04:45 – The biggest mistakes that his client’s do before consulting Peter.
  • 06:09 – Peter’s Valuable Free Action: Feel great now, not feel great when I basically have something in the outer world that sets up my permission to feel great now.
  • 07:09 – Peter’s Valuable Free Resource:

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“(on finding fulfillment) It's like a never-ending rat race or they're on a hamster wheel of unfulfillment. They thought that once they got to a certain place, they'd be okay, but they're not?” -@PeterSage007 Click To Tweet

“Feel great now, not feel great 'when I basically have something in the outer world that sets up my permission to feel great now', which is essentially what they're doing. ” -@PeterSage007 Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello, everyone! A very warm welcome to another edition of marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland, joined today by Peter Sage. Peter, very warm welcome sir.

Peter Sage: Hey Tom, great to be here. Thank you for having me.

Tom Poland: Thanks for accepting the invitation. Peter, where are you? Where you’re hanging out? Just to get people a point of geographical reference.

Peter Sage: Right now, I’m actually just off the West Coast of Africa in the Canary Islands on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Tom Poland: Then why wouldn’t you be?

Peter Sage: Absolutely. It’s a little warmer than England.

Tom Poland: Let’s escaping the end of it. Sounds like a longest British winter.

Peter Sage: Yes.

Tom Poland: And folks Peter’s got the most extraordinary bio. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur with over 20 startups to his credit. You’re like 28 years old. How did you do that?

Peter Sage: I wish. Yeah, no, I’m 46 right now.

Tom Poland: Okay. As we speak. So, 20 startups, to your credit as 46 years old, including the very well known energy fitness brand. You grew that to a global success amongst others. Named one of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs of 2015 by inspiring leadership. Now, alongside get this or Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Poland. I just made the last one up. Okay. And as a number one international bestselling author. I can’t wait, Peter. The title, our title is how to uncover the secrets of human behavior using the inside track. And we got to do that in just seven minutes. As per usual, our time starts now. Peter, who’s your ideal client? Question number one.

Peter Sage: Somebody who’s a senior executive entrepreneur, high level of the sort of senior VP, who is really burnt out, stressed out, borderline depressed, staring at the ceiling, three o’clock in the morning, conscious their mind off on vacation, emotionally unavailable for that potlucks that’s so exhausted and another thing we all know a few of those.

Tom Poland: Yeah, it was like a million of them. What’s the problem you solve? Question number two.

Peter Sage: I basically show people or taking through a transformation. Which leads them to the discovery of the difference between a life chasing success and the life chasing fulfillment, which are two very different things. Most people get to the top of success mountain and they want to jump off because what they thought would be there waiting for them in terms of happiness, etc. isn’t, because they’re too busy being stressed out, trying to get somewhere that if they stopped him, smell the roses, they’d realize they’re probably already at.

Tom Poland: Wow. Sounds like a significant paradigm shift. There’s probably a lot more to it than that. We’ve got just under six minutes left. Question number three, can you describe the sort of typical symptoms? You’ve mentioned a few already, but there may be more than your ideal client would be experiencing prior to working with you.

Peter Sage: Yes. It’s almost like a never-ending rat race or they’re on a hamster wheel of unfulfillment because they thought that once they got to a certain place, they’d be okay, but they’re not. They get there and then it’s like, oh, hang on, I just, I just need to get to the next place. You know, my next million, my next Ferrari, my next quarterly report, my next promotion, whatever it may be in there constantly chasing. The more that it’s never ending. They don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel. That’s really typical sort of symptom where they’re never really feeling as if they’ve arrived.

Tom Poland: Do they? Do they find it hard to relax on holiday?

Peter Sage: Absolutely.

Tom Poland: If they have holidays?

Peter Sage: If they have holidays, yeah, that’s a, and it’s, it’s always a working holiday. They constantly reminded of, their forever under pressure. There’s always something to do and they don’t realize that you know, when they die their inbox will not be empty.

Tom Poland: And do they, do they say things like, “Well, it’s just the way I am that I just have to do this. I’m a driven sort of person. Look at the others, they’re not as successful. ”

Peter Sage: Sometimes they, the initial justification can be down to, “This is just what’s required. It’s the price of success.” There is a certain amount of time. I mean most people that are on this path, you know, they never start out saying, well listen, I’m going to spend the next 10 15 years ruining my relationship and ruining my health, separating me from my kids so that one day I can arrive at where I don’t have enough money. Hopefully, to be able to pay for my divorce, higher personal, getting my health back and buy my kids’ loads of stuff. So they love me again. Yeah. Nobody says that. That’s the life that most people that are living unfortunately in that level.

Tom Poland: Yeah, well said. Well said. Question number four and we’ve got four minutes left. Coincidentally, they don’t get to try. A lot of your clients by the time they work with you. Again to come to a realization that you know, it’s kind of, it’s not working well and the seeking and another way they’re going to try some stuff before they get to you probably. What are some of those things they try that turned out to be mistaken?

Peter Sage: Well it’s not so much mistake. The that the fact that they’re treating the symptoms, not the cause, you know and they try meditation, they try stress relief with breathing techniques and going to yoga and all of that stuff. While they can always help, it’s only like a pain killer that’s numbing the pain. It’s not treating the symptom. Now your classic sort of big Pharma Model. One has to come to the awareness and it’s a process of understanding that if you’re going to a greyhound race that runs on the track, it can never catch the rabbit and by design because the game is set up so that it can’t catch the rabbit. No matter how fast the greyhound runs, no matter what personal trainer it has, what diet it has, what kennel it sleeps in, it’ll never catch the rabbit.

Peter Sage: But with most entrepreneurs and business owners or senior execs, they are trying to catch the rabbit off the fulfillment by running on the track of achievements and the two are rigged so that you can never catch the rabbit of fulfillment on the track of an achievement. It just doesn’t work. It’s not because you’re not good enough. It’s not because you’re not talented enough. The game is rigged so you can’t do it. Trying to do that by, you know, Oh, when I get more money, when I just need to get another business, I just need to, get to the next level. It’s never going to happen. That’s the biggest mistake in it.

Tom Poland: Great analogy. Thank you. Question number five, two and a half minutes left. What is one valuable free action that an audience member could take that’s gonna take them a step in the right direction? Perhaps not solve the problem, but it’s going to move them along a little bit.

Peter Sage: Well, the first thing is to understand that the methodology that most people use, which is chasing them all on getting to the next level. Only if I get this amount and then I’ll be happy. All of that is, is never going to work. And they’re playing a game of feeling great when; when I made the million, when I, you know, getting a woman of my dreams, when I get all my staff to agree with me or whatever it might be. And the first thing one has to realize is that the only way you’ll ever win that game is by playing. Feel great now, not feel great when I basically have something in the outer world that sets up my permission to feel great now, which is essentially what they’re doing.

Tom Poland: Much more of a focus on the journey that sounds like then the destination.

Peter Sage: It’s the inner world, the outer world follows inner world, not the other way around. If you’re stressing the outer world, check your thinking.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Question six and we’ve got 90 seconds left. Just the one valuable free resource that we could direct people to that’s going to help them even more.

Peter Sage: Well, I devoted my life to this now and for the next part of my life to be able to help people because they’re my tribe. You know, I worked 130 hours a week and you fell asleep driving home from the opposite two in the morning and all of that kind of stuff. And so yeah, now I’m trying to help these people, im designing things to help these people. If they go to this and the website is then they can get onto the list and I’ll be sending all sorts of stuff that can help.

Tom Poland: Fantastic. So If you are viewing the video, it’ll be underneath, if you’re on the MP3 podcast such as iTunes, etc. Go sign up completely free. Get started. Question number seven, 35 seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Peter Sage: Great question. I would probably say, what’s the last phrase that you would want to come out of your mouth if you’d have lived the life you want to live and the answer to that would be, “Wow! Now that was a life worth living.”

Tom Poland: Thanks so much, Peter. You’re very welcome.

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