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  • Gain more clients and make a global impact through public speaking
  • Learn how you can quickly get leads and credibility as an entrepreneur
  • How you can make a massive impact and perceived as leaders in your target market by implementing the six key areas of speaking method



Elliot Kay is an author, speaker, mentor, and business strategist. He is one of the top UK speakers and business strategists in the industry. After building his own successful coaching practice, he now shows others how to plan and scale their businesses for success. Elliot has directly assisted hundreds of coaches, speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs around the world and continues to speak at many events, conferences, and seminars.

In today’s episode, Elliot shares his expertise in integrating public speaking, weave valuable business lessons and insights into stories to keep the audiences engaged for the speakers to get on more stages, get paid higher fees and tap the public speaking opportunities to grow businesses.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:01 – Elliot’s professional background as an author, speaker, mentor, and business strategist
  • 01:29 – His ideal client: Entrepreneur, Coaches, Speakers, and Consultants
  • 01:53 – The problems that his client’s experience and how The Speakers Method helped them
  • 02:44 – Difficulty in getting leads as a symptom of the business problem tat he help solve for his clients
  • 04:05 – The common public speaking mistakes people do before consulting to Elliot
  • 05:47 – Elliot’s Valuable Free Action: Spend 30 minutes a day researching people who are putting on the events and build a relationship and ask them how you can add value to their events.
  • 07:00 – Elliot’s Valuable Free Resource: visit the websites and
  • 07:14 – Elliot’s Valuable Free Tip: Sign-up at and join the six weeks course, a weekly email covering all parts of the method.

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“One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is they don't take the speaking opportunities which will give them massive visibility, because they're not ready and don't have the sense to talk.” -@ElliotKayPTS Click To Tweet
“The biggest mistake people make when speaking in public...not adding value to the audience.” -@ElliotKayPTS Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone a very warm welcome to another edition of marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland and little castaways beach Queensland Australia joined today by Elliot Kay. Elliot. Good day and welcome and where you’re hanging out.

Elliot Kay: I’m hanging out just outside London a place called Surrey and it’s a good night here versus good day.

Tom Poland: So it’s always. If you’re outside the pub at 2 a.m. in the morning its still good day.

Elliot Kay: Okay fair enough when it’s a good day but good night here.

Tom Poland: So we’re going to subtitles. The title is how to use public speaking to grow your business in just seven minutes. The subtitle is a late night with Elliot Kaye. It’s got a very precise focus and that enables him to offer very specific advice to much greater effect as opposed to many many people out in the markets like saying well I’ll help you grow your business or something like that. Elliot works with entrepreneurs and business owners in integrating public speaking. To gain more clients and make a bigger global impact. There’s no question that public speaking is one of the very best ways to generate a scalable volume of leads of high quality very quickly. So I’m interested to hear all about this. As I said the title is How do you public speaking to grow your business we can do that in just seven minutes Your time starts now.

Tom Poland: Question number one is Who is your ideal client?

Elliot Kay: Business owners and already turning over six figures but they’re not getting the visibility they want and getting the leads they want and the sales they want and they’re certainly not being perceived as leaders or experts in the industry.

Tom Poland: I’d like a great marquee. You have a very clear articulation of your target market.

Tom Poland: So number two yes. Number two what’s the problem you solve for them.

Elliot Kay: So the problem we solve for them through the Speakers Method is we help them actually understand that just through these slight tweaks it doesn’t
need to be a big jump that they can actually make massive impact in the industry perceived as leaders and actually deal with the lack of visibility just through implementing the six key areas of the speaker method which brand message signature to get book Passion sales to build profile and confidence.

Tom Poland: Now exactly that. And folks we’re gonna give you more information how you can access that methodology completely free a little bit on about five questions time. So. What is the question number three we’ve got just under six minutes left so we’re doing well. So the problem you solve is really one of lead gen and you’ve picked one of the most effective ways to solve that problem which is public speaking question number three. What are the typical symptoms? One of your clients would have experienced before they found you.

Elliot Kay: The problem they’re experiencing with the symptoms is. Leads are very hard. You spend a lot of time in one to one consulting less is one too many. And of course it’s it’s that feeling that notion that your business is not getting the credibility of the traction that it deserves not from an entitlement mindset but just from entitlement and just from the approach that. Why are we not being seen why are we not being invited why are we not getting the leads while our competitors appear to do that? And that’s really the symptoms and of course as the symptoms of overlooking speaking gigs because of nerves not taking those opportunities because you don’t feel ready. Those are other more possible symptoms which will apply to confidence. All you stick to very small networking of Twelve to 20 people but you never jump to the big stages again because of confidence lack of profile or you don’t have a signature talk. So those are the symptoms.

Tom Poland: Well articulated again before someone arrives at your door a fist bump before someone arrives at your door they’re going to be aware of these symptoms that they don’t have enough leads coming in and they don’t have the confidence perhaps to do that but get this big speaking gigs or they don’t have the methodology to get them you know they’re going to try some things so question number four before is one of the common things that they try. The common mistakes they make prior to getting finding you.

Elliot Kay: Well one of the biggest mistakes they make is they don’t take the speaking opportunities which will give them massive visibility big mistake because of nerves because they’re not ready because they don’t have the sense to talk. The other mistake they make is going to the other extreme and doing a really bad presentation doing a really bad attempt at public speaking and of course, the feedback is really negative or they don’t get the sales and then they dishearten. So those two key mistakes that people make. And the other one of course that people do is they’re far too. What’s what they’re far too airy Fluffy. It doesn’t have precision. It doesn’t add value. I mean how many times have you seen people who attempt to speak and then speak about themselves the whole time and they had no value.
Elliot Kay: So those to me are the biggest mistakes people make skipping of the opportunities it’s going extreme and doing a poor presentation or making it far too focused on themselves. And not adding value to the audience. That’s what I would say.

Tom Poland: Yes. If I hear one more speaker say I’m passionate about filling the gap.

Elliot Kay: Yeah. OK. Just feel that impact you and show you what you’re passionate about.

Tom Poland: Yes. Yes I will reveal my full glory over the next hour. Yes, sir. Question number five. So being so facetious just under three minutes left number five is what’s one quite valuable free action that an audience member could take that’s going to help t,hem just go a step closer to solving this problem and realizing opportunity may not get them the whole way they might need you for that but just one thing that can do to step forward.

Elliot Kay: The one thing they can do is spend 30 minutes a day researching the people who are putting on the events of the conferences they’re putting on and start to build a relationship. Then spend 30 minutes a day researching them reach out to them. Ask them how can I add value. What do you expect of your speakers? What would be the best way for me to come and support your event? Stop building a relationship with those people because they’ll say if you have a relationship it’s not as daunting you might as well as they will give you the information that will allow you then to go out there and really cross your talk work on your confidence get out there in the best way in the best light possible. That’s the one thing I would suggest people do and I’ve said it’s all members. I said that’s how will work with spend 30 minutes a day researching building relationships. You may ask the old school send them some brownies or send them some wine getting their good books because one when the opportunity comes up you’re more likely to be in the front of their mind.

Tom Poland: That’s mainly to put them on the radar scopes a question number six one and 20 seconds left two more questions. One valuable free resource we’ve touched on this before that you can direct people to that’s going to help them quite a lot. And I. Think I know what it is.

Elliot Kay: I think he did say it’s a six week how to get paid how to get visibility how to get on stage and you just need to go to Speakerexpress.Co.UK I think you’re going to put that link. So I won’t repeat it but yes it’s a six-week course a weekly email covering all parts of the method and just sign up and join in and we’ll start to help you get the bigger gigs just for you by the way. And people are going to find the whole six-part model where they’re going to get lots of valuable information once a week action item survey prior to 6 weeks can make quite a significant move forward in this story in this area. Question number seven thirty seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you but didn’t.

Elliot Kay: England going to bring the Rugby World Cup this year.

Tom Poland: No the All Blacks are going to do the three feat.

Elliot Kay: I just wanted to give you a completely cognitive mind just so.

Tom Poland: So what is the answer to that question from the Oracle the dawn of rugby.

Elliot Kay: I had to be honest if England play the way they’re playing now.plays

Tom Poland: They might just play the way they played last time they’ll probably win it but we’ll we’ll see if they can sustain it. Elliot Kay thanks so much for your time.

Elliot Kay: My pleasure. Thank you. Cheers.

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