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  • Start positive conversation with your clients by using quizzes


Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a self-funded software company used by 50,000 businesses around the world to create interactive content. It is also a place for creating fun quizzes that also generate leads. Josh regularly writes about lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

In today’s episode, Josh reveals the biggest advantage of utilizing quizzes, the most interesting uses of these quizzes, and why making quizzes is a much better tool than generating surveys.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:21 – Josh Haynam as the Interact Quiz Maker
  • 01:48 – His ideal clients: a forward-thinking marketer that is out there exploring new things and wants to try what’s next in the marketing world.
  • 02:50 – Josh defines how he helps his clients overcome the most difficult part of marketing—start a conversation
  • 03:42 – Symptoms people experience when they try to roll out their marketing message through tactics, doing a lot of work for no results, the frustrating, disappointing, expensive time-consuming marketing
  • 05:18 – Josh’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Just pick up the phone, or jump on zoom, or on a Skype call. Talk with a few of your clients. Let them explain their frustrations why are they using a product.
  • 06:01 – Josh’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR):
  • 07:20 – Q: What’s the one thing that I can leave you with? A: Pick up the phone and talk to one person. And I guarantee you if you don’t walk away with something that is extremely valuable from that conversation, I would be shocked.

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A quiz is a very personal experience. You want it to go to an individual who can use that personal experience to then parlay their buying experience.-@MarcGuberti Click To Tweet

You can actually filter people before you start a conversation and have a meaningful conversation with each person that comes in and interacts with your quiz or the content you create.-@JHaynam Click To Tweet
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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to yet another edition of the most remarkable Marketing Invisible Podcast. My name is Tom Poland sitting on the sand here a Little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia being joined today by Josh Haynam.

Tom Poland: Josh, a very warm welcome.

Josh Haynam: Yeah. Thanks for having me.

Tom Poland: Where are you hanging out?

Josh Haynam: In Oakland, California.

Tom Poland: Oakland California.

Tom Poland: I just told Josh the story of about 50 years ago a guy got on a plane and I know where he’s heading out from somewhere like San Francisco or L.A. or wherever. And he got on the plane he sat down and he was flying to Oakland, California and the plane took off and drinks were served and the captain came on and said you know,” Welcome to flight blah blah blah. We’ll be arriving in Auckland in 12 hours and 30 minutes.” He said 12 hours 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes a plane flight. And of course, the plane was heading to Auckland New Zealand, not Oakland California.

Tom Poland: Anyway with that little humorous anecdote aside, for those of you don’t know Josh. He’s he’s got some IP (intellectual property) which I personally find incredibly exciting.

Tom Poland: Having been a marketer for 39 years. I have not cracked this particular nut that Josh has cracked. and It’s an exciting nut to crack. So just to sort of take some of the mystery away from that, he’s the co-founder of Interact. It’s a self-funded software company used by 50 thousand businesses around the world to create interactive content. And to thereby the context of what I’m interested in is generating new clients. So the title Josh is, “How to use quizzes for marketing and generate new clients in just seven minutes.”.

Tom Poland: So let’s kick off our time starts now.

Tom Poland: Question Number 1 Josh, who is your ideal client?

Josh Haynam: Our ideal client is a forward thinking marketer i.e. somebody that is out there exploring new things like you mentioned this is something a lot of people have not cracked to date. So we are looking for the people that are trying to explore what’s next in the marketing world.

Tom Poland: And typically what sort of industries are they in? Or is it just incredibly diverse.

Josh Haynam: It’s typically B2C. So a lot of retail, a lot of coaching courses that kind of stuff online content doesn’t really well, nonprofits. So anybody that’s out there selling to the individual rather than into an organization or business does really well with these quizzes.

Tom Poland: I could imagine it would also do very well for people like me who are marketing to small business owners or independent professionals.

Josh Haynam: Right. So that kind of falls into that same category where it’s one person making a decision because a quiz is a very personal experience. You wanted to go to an individual who can use that personal experience to then parlayed their buying experience.

Tom Poland: As opposed to marketing to say corporate.

Josh Haynam: Right.

Tom Poland: Thank you.

Tom Poland: Question number 2 just under six minutes left. So what’s the problem you solve for them?

Josh Haynam: So the problem we solve for them is starting the conversation. It’s really hard to start a positive conversation and it’s hard to understand who people are especially at scale.

Josh Haynam: We’ve done a lot of stuff online that’s very much us blasting out a message to an audience and we don’t know if it’s going to stick. That is the message. This way you can actually filter people before you start a conversation and have a meaningful conversation with each person that comes in and interacts with your quiz or the content you create to our platform.

Tom Poland: Very clever starting the conversation that is the hardest part of marketing. So question number 3, just over five minutes left. So if someone has not discovered your services what are some of the symptoms they’re going to be experiencing with their marketing.

Josh Haynam: Biggest one is just not knowing who you’re selling to or how to sell to them effectively. You’re gonna hear a lot of complaints about I don’t know who my customers are or what they want. That’s because you haven’t learned about them. You haven’t talked to them. You haven’t had those conversations and a root problem is that you’re just not having meaningful discussions with the people who are buying your products and services. So the symptoms are really going to look like I don’t know who I’m selling to. And I have no idea why they’re not buying what I am selling.

Tom Poland: And are they possibly going to be doing you know significant volumes of marketing but can’t figure out why they’re not getting the right ones.

Josh Haynam: Now and that’s going to be landing you’re just gonna be doing a lot of work for no results.

Tom Poland: Right. Frustrating, disappointing, expensive, time consuming,. Ouch! So someone wakes up one day and they go I’ve got to fix this. This is a problem we’re doing all this marketing not getting a response. Not sure who my ideal client really is how to engage with them.

Tom Poland: Question 4, just over four minutes left. What are some of the common mistakes that people like that would make when trying to solve this problem?

Josh Haynam: Yeah. One of the most common mistakes is just trying different things. You’ll go you’ll read a blog post to try to think it won’t work. You try another thing it won’t work. They never really dive into who it is that you’re trying to sell to. What do they want? What are they interested in rather. You’re just going from tactics tactic hoping that one of them sticks and actually works. We see this all the time.

Josh Haynam: People come to us like oh this is the latest flavor of the day I’m going to try this maybe it will work. Still, have no idea who their customer actually is though that’s really the number one thing.

Tom Poland: So it’s the summed it up by saying that putting tactics before the strategy figured out. Exactly. Cup for the horse. Thank you.

Tom Poland: Question number 5, just three minutes 20 second what is one valuable free action that an audience member could take that will take them. And also the whole problem that might take them one step closer to figuring this thing out.

Josh Haynam: Right. So the most valuable thing you can do is just pick up the phone or jump on zoom or jump on a Skype call and talk with a few of your clients.

Josh Haynam: Let them explain their frustrations why are they using a product? Why the interest in your product? What are their struggles? And listen to him talk about their day today.

Josh Haynam: If you understand a lot better who they are your messaging is going to be so much more on point because you’re gonna be talking to those people.

Josh Haynam: And even if you go way too far and you end up writing your entire website for those three people that you talk to, that’s so much better than if you write your Web site for who the heck knows. Just random people that you think are going to use your product. actually, Take that time to listen to it spend hours if need be talking to each person.

Tom Poland: Perfect. Thank you. So a question 6, two and a half minutes left. What’s one valuable free resource you can direct people to. That’s going to help them a bit more.

Josh Haynam: Go to our website which is And then clicks on the blog link because I talk about a lot of this stuff. About how to start these conversations how to ask good questions, how to understand who your audience is how to profile them. How to segment them not in a facetious or like you know undermining way, but just in a truly human understanding way.

Josh Haynam: I guess the biggest thing that you can do is know who is using your product or who wants to use your product, who’s interested in it, and what are their struggles.

Josh Haynam: Not necessarily just about what you’re doing but in general what are their worries what are their fears, what are they concerned about, why are they doing the job they’re doing in the first place. So I kind of write about just different tips and tricks and easy things you can do to get started with that because it’s a huge thing to uncover and so you can go to the blog there and check that stuff out.

Tom Poland: So its Look for the blog.

Tom Poland: Question 7, seventy-five seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you but didn’t.

Josh Haynam: Yeah. So I think it should have been like what’s the most valuable kind of thing that I can leave because this is seven minutes but not a lot of time.

Josh Haynam: What’s the one thing that can leave you with?

Josh Haynam: And the one thing that I can leave you with is actually a reiteration of what I already said which is pick up the phone and talk to one person.

Josh Haynam: Don’t worry about three. Don’t worry about five to one person. And I guarantee you if you don’t walk away with something that is extremely valuable from that conversation I would be shocked every single time I talk to a client and I go into the conversation just with a listening ear. I come away learning so much more and some of our biggest innovations come from that.

Josh Haynam: So talk to one client or potential client and let them explain everything that they want to and just listen.

Tom Poland: So we got a whopping twenty-five seconds left. How would you start the conversation with that person?

Josh Haynam: So I would just say, Hey I always start super honest like hey we’re looking to redesign some of our product right now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If you want we can screen share and you can kind of run through each piece of it. How do you use it? What do you use it for, what do you like, what do you not like. Just. Let me have it. There’s no filter here. That’s the way I do.

Tom Poland: Josh thanks so much for your time. Thank you.

Tom Poland: Thanks for checking out our Marketing the Invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to iTunes to subscribe rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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