How to Lower your Website Bounce Rate- in 7 Minutes with Rebecca Caroe

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  • Learn how you can improve your website’s bounce rate
  • Know how you can push your website visitors towards what you want them to do
  • Learn ways to lower bounce rate and boost your conversion


Rebecca Caroe is a B2B marketer, new business development specialist, CEO and founder of Creative Agency Secrets. In her 25+ year career, she helped CEOs and business owners learn ways to win new clients with persistence, diligence and flashes of inspiration.

In this episode, Rebecca and Tom went into the extraordinaire pragmatic, doable and achievable way of attracting inbound leads. She also shares strategy and tactics on how to lower your website bounce rate in 7 minutes.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:30 – Rebecca Caroe’s entrepreneurial and business journey as a B2B marketer
  • 01:26 – Rebecca describes her ideal B2B clients
  • 01:50 – problems that Rebecca solve for clients who seek more sales and want to create upsells to their existing clients
  • 02:22 – symptoms clients experience with their website bounce rate
  • 03:18 – how website owners benefit from lower bounce rate
  • 04:20 – common mistakes when trying to reduce their website bounce rate
  • 05:11 – Rebecca’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Go to your analytics program, go and find the list of top 20 entrance page and exit pages and look for correlations.
  • 07:32 – Rebecca’s free Valuable Action Resource (VAR):
  • 07:40 – Rebecca’s most Valuable Free Tip (VFT): On every single page, know the next thing you want someone to do.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
“Bouncing means if you only visit one page, you are deemed to bounce off the site.” - @rebeccacaroe Click To Tweet
“When people visit your website, you want people to look around and ultimately to get in touch.” - @rebeccacaroe Click To Tweet

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