How to Scale a 7-Figure Business in 7 Minutes – Jonathan Goldhill

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  • Scaling your business through strategic planning and execution
  • Learn the impact of having the right mindset in scaling your business
  • Why lack of people’s alignment to the plan and vision affects company’s growth



Jonathan Goldhill is a business strategist, sales and marketing expert, Gazelles-certified business and executive coach for entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses. His expertise is to take entrepreneurial leaders from 7 figures, adding another 7 figures to them. He has guided over 1000 business owners in 100 different industries over his 30-year career. Jonathan also helped build the largest business and economic development firm in California which is one of the most prosperous and successful business regions in the whole world.

In this episode, Jonathan shares how to scale a 7 figure business in 7 minutes and how he helps businesses to attain their profitable growth by efficient execution of strategic plans.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:51 – all about Jonathan/li>
  • 02:02 – Jonathan’s ideal client
  • 05:13 – problems that Jonathan solve for his 7 figures premium clients?/li>
  • 02:35 – Jonathan’s definition of a scalable business
  • 03:09 – symptoms of Jonathan’s clients’ problems
  • 04:25 – common mistakes that Jonathan’s clients make
  • 05:14 – how he helped his client in the Aerospace parts manufacturing industry to scale up from being a nuts and bolts supplier to a high precision, fast delivery parts provider.
  • 06:16 – Jonathan’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Strategic Planning Sheet
  • 07:57 – Jonathan’s free Valuable Action Resource(VAR): visit
  • 08:34 – Jonathan’s Valuable Free Tip (VFT) on the impact of having the right mindset

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“The first common mistake is not building a team of people around you who can get things done.” - @GrowthCoachLA Click To Tweet
“Have a strategic mindset. That is what people need to work on.” - @GrowthCoachLA Click To Tweet

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