How to Increase Trust and Customer Flow – in 7 Minutes Paul Avins

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  • Know why it is important to create a culture that attracts and retains and develops top talent that will help you render a great service to your customers
  • Learn why trust is a very important formula in creating a team and makes your business grow
  • Find out how Paul’s team can help you scale your business and identify where you need to put your attention, energy, and resources to get maximum returns./li>



Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after business growth coaches, mastermind mentors and trusted sales experts in the UK business community. He is the COO of Team Dynamics helping leaders and entrepreneurs to build high-performing cultures and teams.

Over his 15 year career, he has become famous for creating innovative strategic growth plans and business growth programs that accelerate his client’s sales, profits, and success without high-pressure sales techniques or short term tricks and gimmicks.

In this episode, Paul talks about how to increase trust and new customer flow, why it is important to create a culture that attracts, retains and develops top talent that will help you render a great service to your customers, and why trust is a very important formula in creating a team and makes your business grow.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:36 – All about Paul Avins and the Team Dynamics
  • 01:22 – Paul’s ideal client: a growing business entrepreneur who employs more than 15 people
  • 02:53 – Scaling and team development Paul solve for his clients
  • 03:40 – Typical symptoms entrepreneurs experience when they hit their revenue ceiling because they do not develop a team
  • 04:22 – Common mistakes entrepreneurs make that made them decide to get Team Dynamics
  • 06:00 – Paul’s Valuable Free Resource – download the scorecard to evaluate your team at you can get also the Ebook “The Leaders Guide to Team Dynamics” with 3 bonus training videos you can get it here:
  • 06:42 – Paul’s Valuable Free Action – Write down on your diary the things that you effortlessly do, write also the task that you have a hard time and outsource or delegate those tasks
  • 07:30 – Personality traits of entrepreneurs: how profiling can help entrepreneurs get things done and develop team that they can trust

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“if you want to grpw get everyone into flow.” -@turbobizcoach Click To Tweet “My job is to find the right talent put it to work doing what it's brilliant and actually get it to contribute value.” -@turbobizcoach Click To Tweet “Your job as a leader is to help other people tap into their talents and find that flow. And by doing that they just don't want to leave the organization they contribute massive value.” -@turbobizcoach Click To Tweet

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing the Invisible my name was Tom Poland beaming out to you from on the sand next to a Little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia joined today by Paul Avins Paul, a very warm welcome. Where are you hanging out?

Paul Avins: Yeah, I’m hanging out here in beautiful Oxfordshire in the middle of the UK in the United Kingdom. So yeah, fantastic to have had this opportunity. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Tom Poland: Rolling green hills lots of grass?

Paul Avins: Yeah it is at this time of year. Yes absolutely yes.

Tom Poland: Beautiful. All right. So for those of you who don’t know Paul, he’s CEO of Team Dynamics and having followed Paul for a few years now he has one of the Team Dynamics is very aptly named organization because by golly as you grow and prosper. He’s also authored five books, he’s trained to 3500 clients globally. He is literally in-demand speaker not just written on his bio. He is in demand. He has offices both in the United Kingdom as well as Australia and he is a specialist on high performing teams and sales. All of that before morning to you on Monday.

Paul Avins: Well, luckily I get up early in the morning so we are Okay.

Tom Poland: I’m sure you’ve cloned yourself. Because I’m sure yes I saw you in in England and Australia simultaneously once via telecast or something. A very important subject, how to increase trust in the new customer flow and we’re going to tell you how to do that in just seven minutes. So, Paul, our timer starts now.

Paul Avins: OK.

Tom Poland: Question Number one, Seven minutes left. Who is your ideal client?

Paul Avins: So our ideal client is typically a growing business entrepreneur and usually employing more than 15 people. Typically they’re either high six figures on their to seven figures. And they’re really looking to scale up what they do, make a bigger impact on the world. I’m really kind of do that through high transformation and products that kind of deliver transformative results for their clients. So yeah we really like to work with the entrepreneur and the owner and the businesses that got momentum and that already growing, know what they’re doing, know are they going, really do want to take it to a whole new level.

Tom Poland: Question Number 1a, which is not on our running sheet but do you know something. Because more and more people have digital businesses now they don’t have all of their team in one building or two or three buildings, they are literally scattered around the world. Do you also work with those entrepreneurs?

Paul Avins: Yeah, I am one of those entrepreneurs. So we have people who work for us all around the world. I think is a really great point you make there which is the definition of the structure of a team is massively changed in the last five years. So I mean, I’ve got eight people on my team. They’re two in Australia, Lithuania, we’ve got Canada, we’ve got four in the U.K, So you know teams now are much more diverse and more dynamic so therefore actually yeah, doesn’t matter whether they’re full time or part-time. But we find organizations scaling have typically we’ve seen 10 to 15 people plus in the organizations we work with. Someime talking up to 250 people at the high-end.

Tom Poland: Thank you. So a question number 2, 5 minutes 20 seconds left. What’s the problem you solve for those entrepreneurs?

Paul Avins: The challenges is that for most us entrepreneurs they’ve never been taught how to build proper sales teams and proper leadership teams. So they find themselves stuck where they get with the strategies that worked when they could drive it themselves, I would typically I’d say you can get to easily 750,000 to kind of a $1 million dollars by just hustle, hard work in your own effort but that strategy doesn’t work if you want to scale up beyond a million. So if you want to go to 5 million, 10 million if you want to scale that way then you don’t need to learn how to build a team, a leadership team, sales organization of some description and that skill set is one that isn’t commonly taught. And most entrepreneurs don’t have it.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Question number three four, and four minutes 40 seconds left. What are some of the symptoms that people, entrepreneurs are going to experience when they’re hitting that revenue ceiling because they haven’t developed a team?

Paul Avins: Yes, I mean one of miss hitting the revenue ceiling obviously, the other is usually working longer, and longer, and burning out. I went through that suffer that personally. You’ll also find that that passion is not there, the passion started to doubt because I don’t know what to do and they’re frustrated. So large amounts of frustration, typically they don’t get the high customer churn, in terms of the teams so their churn the team quite regularly. Now they can’t hang on to great people and they just don’t have a culture where people they’re attracting top talent. They haven’t yet created this culture that attracts, and retains, and develops top talent which is one of the things we teach them how to do. And that’s why there’s a formula doing it.

Tom Poland: Thank you. So three minutes forty seconds left. Question number four, what are some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they’re trying to get through that revenue ceiling before they meet you and work with you and understand they’ve got to get team dynamics in place? What are some of the things they try that that they fail with?

Paul Avins: so many. I mean just to give you a few typical ones. Hiring people who are like themselves because they really like them and get on with them. That’s a classic mistake. Not understanding the problems that people actually are there to solve when they hire them. Not understanding what are the blocks to fly inside the organization, and then hiring the right talent to remove those blocks. I would say if you want to grow to get everyone into a flow. And actually not understanding your job as a leader which is really to help other people tap into their talents and find that flow, and by doing that they just don’t want to leave the organization that contributes massive value. Most people don’t really understand that that’s their role. All of the kind of things that are proven now not to work in terms of human psychology motivation rather than understanding. Actually, my job is to find the right talent put it to work doing what he’s brilliant at and actually get it to contribute value. And the other one is creating a culture of trust. And a lack of trust dysfunction. We live in an economy that doesn’t have trust generally now. Customers won’t spend money with you if they don’t trust you. Teams by what fear if they won’t trust you and they won’t follow you if you don’t. If you don’t trust them and they don’t trust each other.

Paul Avins: So the biggest single mistake is to have a team where which doesn’t start with trust which is why in our five-part formula T stands for trust in teams. You don’t have trust you don’t have anything else.

Tom Poland: It’s perfect. Thank you.

Paul Avins: And trust after all has the word us in it. So it is about us.

Tom Poland: Right. Very clever. Yes. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Two minutes live two questions live. So perfect timing. Note Three questions live. Question five. What’s one value free resource that you could direct people to that’s going to help them a little more with this issue?

Paul Avins: I’ll give you two free resources actually. Very quickly you can download a scorecard to evaluate your current team against the five criteria that we save for our high performing team or if you got you can get 46-page e guides and three video training lessons from me on how to build a high performing team.

Tom Poland: Absolutely brilliant. Eighty seconds left. Question number six. I know we’ve done that. We’re doing this reverse order. Question number five one free valuable action that someone can take today or tomorrow that is going to move things forward a little bit. Once they’ve downloaded the free goodies.

Paul Avins: Yeah I guess so. He’s a really quick simple thing you can do is, look at your week follow your diary, go to your diary and rate yourself during the week about how in flow you are. Flow being how effortless, easy, natural it was to do the tasks and what were the tasks that you found really hard, really procrastinating on, that you really struggled with, put all of those tasks into a job description and then outsource, automate, or delegate those tasks to other people and you’ll get your life back and be far more creative and have far more time to add value and innovate products for customers. So just do that one thing in a diary and that’ll save you up for success.

Tom Poland: There is gold in there. Thirty seconds left at which time we will go. Question seven what’s the one question I should have asked you that I did it?

Paul Avins: What’s one question you should have asked me? What is my profile? You could have asked me that question. That would be a good question you asked me. Because we use a profiling tool called Talent Dynamics. I am a typical entrepreneurs I’m a creator. So I’m a mechanic. So I have a certain skill set. I can create things but I just can’t finish them. So if I didn’t have a great team around me to hand things off to, nothing would ever get published, no customers would ever get served, and no interviews like this would ever take place.

Tom Poland: Brilliant.Paul Avins. Thank you so much.

Tom Poland: Thanks for checking out our Marketing the Invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to Itunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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