Revealing the Wealth Formula of Titans – In Just 7 Minutes with M.C. Laubscher

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  • Learn the infrastructure, systems & processes that elite producers utilize to increase their production and income, protect and multiply their wealth.
  • Learn how to multiply your wealth by collapsing time in your wealth plan
  • Learn the common mistakes business owners do when building their wealth


M.C.Laubscher is a creator and host of Cashflow Ninja Podcast and the Chief Wealth Strategies of producer’s wealth. As a lifelong learner and passionate about self-development, financial education, entrepreneurship, podcast host M.C. Laubscher will be your guide interviewing successful and inspiring guests that share their knowledge, experience, and journey to help guide you to achieve your goals and help you thrive and prosper in the new economy.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, M.C. shares how he helps businesses owners empower and inspire people to discover how to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in the new economy.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:18– All about M.C. Laubscher
  • 01:52 – M.C. describes the wealth management problem he help solve for his client
  • 02:30 – Wealth building problems his clients’ experience
  • 03:52– Common mistakes his clients do
  • 05:42 – M.C.’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Taking the step to start learning and educating yourself.
  • 05:55 – M.C.’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR):

Tweetable Takeaway from this Episode:
“They always chase higher returns instead of protecting what they have.” - @mclaubscher Click To Tweet
“Your mental capital times your relationship capital equals your financial capital. And then you convert that into cashflow.” - @mclaubscher Click To Tweet
“Three things you have to do on your journey. First, become a critical thinker become a problem solver and become as resourceful as possible.” - @mclaubscher Click To Tweet

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