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  • Learn how creating an authentic voice help you generate loyalty and rise above the general noise
  • Discover how to grow your brand without the B.S
  • Know how to win value and not price



Daymond John of Shark Tank says, “David Brier is brilliant with branding.” Grant Cardone calls him “a branding genius.” Clients call him “the 007 of Branding.”

In this episode, David shares how he helps big brands defy gravity, create an authentic voice that generates loyalty and rise above the general noise.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:16 – David’s ideal client: My ideal client is basically any size clients at any industry. A company that is growth-oriented, meaning that they’re ready for, they’ve either reached a place of a plateau.
  • 03:01 – Problem he helps solve: Branding and marketing crap of companies.
  • 04:02 – Typical symptoms people experience when trying to solve that problem: They are spending a lot more time on the sales, ramping up on sales.
  • 04:49 – Common mistakes that people make when trying to solve that problem: They think that everything that they know is actually important.
  • 06:15 – David’s Valuable Free Action(VFA): Basically list out, look at your competition, write down all the promises that they’re making and you will find they all overlap.You don’t want to echo that same stuff.
  • 06:47 – David’s Valuable Free Resource(VFR):Get your Free Ebook from David Brier: https://www.risingabovethenoise.com/download/the-lucky-brand-ebook-from-david-brier/

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“Look at your competition, write down all the promises that they're making and you will find they all overlap.You don't want to echo that same stuff.” -@davidbrier Click To Tweet

Info about our correspondent host:Travis has a background in sales, marketing, and strategy, and left the corporate world several years ago to start his own agency. As a copywriter by trade, his biggest skill is putting the right words, in front of the right people, at the right time. Travis has developed go-to-market strategies for grassroots apps to Fortune 500 and helped optimize up to $50k per day in Facebook Ad spend for one of the biggest startups in Asia.

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Travis Bennett: 0:09
Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Travis Bennett and I’m rocking into out of Yang on in Myanmar, proving you can be anywhere in the world and build a successful business. I’m joined today by David Brier. David, it’s a very, very warm welcome and it’s great to have you on the show.

David Brier: 0:26
Absolutely man, thank you so much for having me. Appreciate it.

Travis Bennett: 0:29
It’s our pleasure. And where are you coming to us from today?

David Brier: 0:32
I’m coming to you from the Midwest. We’re about an hour east of Minneapolis, for those that know their geography in the US, I mean, if your listeners are international versus US-based, but that’s where I’m speaking to you from. I’m in my office right now, that’s what you see behind me.

Travis Bennett: 0:46
Perfect. Perfect. Cool. It’s great to have you on the show. For those of you who don’t know David, he is a branded genius. Daymond John from Shark Tank says, he’s brilliant with branding. Grant Cardone calls him a branding genius as well. And he’s been dubbed “the 007 of Branding”. So, it’s great to have you on the show today. We’re going to be talking about “How to Rise Above the Noise”. And David’s going to explain everything in just seven minutes. So, I’m going to start this timer, and we’re going to get straight into it. So, David, question number one, who is your ideal client?

David Brier: 1:16

My ideal client is basically any size clients and any, almost any industry, but pretty much a company that is growth-oriented, meaning that they’re ready for, they’ve either reached a place of a plateau, right?

So, like, maybe they’ve been in business for a while and they kind of lost their groove. Cultural changes may have shifted, technological changes may have shifted the things, but they may have kind of reached a plateau and either that or they’ve been pigeonholed, like people, let’s say for companies that have been in business for a while. Sometimes, and I found this to be pretty common, a company is known for what they did 10, 15, or 20 years ago.

And that now may only represent 20% of what they actually do and 80% of what they really are about is unrecognized. And so, their story needs to be retweet. I mean that’s one scenario. Another ideal client is really where, it’s like startups where, it’s pretty much white canvas and they haven’t mucked up their story too much, right?

And that’s really great because everything can be explored at that point. Do they need a name tweak? Do they need the actual, is their visual vocabulary? How they look and speak and talk and walk, does that make sense? And in their brand story, because brand stories can get very tired, very scripted, almost to the point where it’s lost its life and its juice. And people respond to authentic juice. And so, my ideal client is a company that is really seeking that kind of jolt to take it to the next level or to unstick them from a place where they’re plateauing.

Travis Bennett: 2:49
Okay, gotcha. And that kind of leads into the next question is, is the problem that you’re solving for them? Is nailing the branding, their story, and putting that authentic front on what they’re doing, what they’re all about, yeah?

David Brier: 3:02
Yeah, basically. And even, to add to that is just the fact that so many companies will say, oh, we’re really different. We’re really offering something unique. And it could be a service, it could be a product that could be B2B, it could be B2C does not really matter. But they’re saying we’re different. This is why you should do business with us, then what follows that is the same pitch as their competition.

So, they say we’re different but we’re going to talk exactly the same. And we’re going to look pretty much the same. We’re really going to make ourselves as vanilla. So, we blend in with all the competition. But ignore that, because we’re really different. There you go. So that’s basically what I help them solve is like, look, that’s crap.

You know, marketing and branding is not telepathy. People don’t psychically go, ooh, they’re good people. Ooh, they’ve invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Ooh, we really get that on the psychic wavelength. You know, it doesn’t happen.

Travis Bennett: 3:54
No, for sure. So, I guess then, we’ve got four minutes left on the clock. We’re doing alright for time. What are the typical symptoms that people experience, your client’s experience, when they don’t get this right?

David Brier: 4:04
They are spending a lot more time on the sales, ramping up on sales, because they have to explain, no, no, no, here’s how we’re different, here’s how we’re different, here’s how we’re different.

They like to keep on backpedaling, backpedaling, to even get to ground zero. They’re losing market share, it’s eroding away.

They are, basically, people are looking, doing price comparisons. If you’re doing price comparisons, your brand differentiation of value is very unclear, because take Apple it’s a perfect example. It’s like, boom, their value proposition is so crystal clear. And people don’t go, you know, those who don’t want to buy it, don’t want to buy it, but they have no shortage of consumers who are loyal to them.

Travis Bennett: 4:39
Definitely, definitely. So then, when people try to do this themselves, right? The clients, obviously, they want to build their own story. What are the mistakes that they make when they are trying to do this on their own?

David Brier: 4:49
They think that everything that they know is actually important. Their proximity, you know, it’s like, they’ll look at their thing, they’ll say, oh, well, you know, we know this and we know that, like they’re so into it. They’re like in the matrix of knowing too much about their stuff. They’ve lost touch with the perspective of the problems, the challenges. I like to say that the path to your customer’s doorway starts at their front door, not at yours.

Travis Bennett:5:14
We are leading them to come to you, right?

David Brier: 5:17
Well, yeah, I mean, the thing is it’s going to be most real to them is what’s right there outside of their front door.

What are the challenges? What are the goals? What are their aspirations? What are the objectives? What are the things that they give a damn about? What are the values that they care about?

The biggest brands in the world are those that are value-based, built on values by people who actually were consumers who needed the thing that they created? They didn’t do it, like, oh, we’re going to create invent something is to make money? No, it’s like, they’re frustrated with a problem. So they were that customer. At a certain point, they lost touch with that, they need to be back in touch with that.

Travis Bennett:5:49
Gotcha. That’s a very powerful takeaway from this call, that you need to be in, focused in on that problem, that value that’s there. And not so much, everything else that you think is important.

David Brier: 6:00

Travis Bennett: 6:00
So then, what’s one piece of advice, in addition to that I guess, that people listening in that they can implement to start maybe solving this for themselves? We’ve got a minute, 20 left. So, we might need to be a little bit quicker with these next couple of questions. But what could someone do today?

David Brier: 6:15
What someone could do today is they can basically list out, look at your competition, write down all the promises that they’re making and you will find they all overlap. I mean, there’s going to be a whole bunch of common ones, and then find out how you can actually at least start to communicate differently than that. You don’t want to echo that same stuff.

Travis Bennett: 6:31
Gotcha. And, okay, so 53 seconds, one valuable free resource that we can send some of our listeners to today, that can help them learn more about this problem, get some advice and maybe better connect with you to fix this in their business.

David Brier: 6:47
Well, I would definitely invite them to visit risingabovethenoise.com, R-I-S-I-N-G, risingabovethenoise.com, you’ll have the link. And so, there’s a link, there’s a free eBook called the Lucky Brand, thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world have already downloaded it. Probably an excess of 10,000 around the world, and that is a free resource. It’s very powerful, very to the point, 10 particular applicable tools that they can put it to use right now.

Travis Bennett: 7:11
Perfect. And I’ll put the link into the chat, it’s risingabovethenoise.com and then the Lucky Brand eBook in there. David, it’s a pleasure, we’ve got five seconds left. Thank you so much for coming on the show today.

David Brier: 7:21
My pleasure.

Tom Poland: 7:23
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