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  • Learn how to expose yourself to positive media and how it helps you to stay motivated despite the negativity and struggles around us today
  • Discover the importance of bringing people, capital and ideas together in one platform to motivate and aspire people to greater success
  • Recognize the importance of mentorship and how mentors help ignite that spark of greatness in oneself



World’s Greatest Motivators brings a message of inspiration and the “can-do” spirit.

Anytime that the world goes through a major, major calamity, tragedy, there’s always somebody that rises to the occasion and uses oratory to spark people to their greatness.

Lynn Kitchen is a financial consultant, producer, and strategic advisor. Lynn is a pioneer in the investment world, breaking ground as one of the first women owners of a successful investment broker-dealer firm in Los Angeles, California. After 35-years, Lynn continues to be a director/owner of a private money management firm in Pasadena, California.

In this episode, Lynn shares her passion for spotlighting America’s greatest motivators whose teachings and wisdom inspire and empower all to live a greater, expanded life. Recognizing that most humans love to be motivated and aspire to greater success she created the series World’s Greatest Motivators.

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Tom Poland: 0:09
Hello everyone, and a very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. Actually, a very special edition today, we’re not limiting the session to seven questions in seven minutes and hopefully we’ll have an enjoyable wander over one of the world’s most important subjects. My guest today is Lynn Kitchen. Lynn, good day, a very warm welcome. Where are you hanging out?

Lynn Kitchen 0:30
Thank you so much. Good day to you. But I am on the other side of the world in Florida, Western Florida, on a small island off the coast of Sarasota. It’s called Longboat Key.

Tom Poland: 0:41
Oh, that sounds beautiful. I’ll be there for a coffee as soon as we’re out of the lockdown.

Tom Poland: 0:50
Folks, if you don’t know Lynn, she’s a producer of positive media. She’s a financial strategic advisor. In the investment world, Lynn was considered something of a pioneer actually breaking ground as one of the first woman owners of a successful investment broker, dealer firm in California. Enjoyed a 34-year career as a financial executive advisor. And now as a producer, she’s most passionate about creating positive media, and more specifically spotlighting the World’s Greatest Motivators.

Tom Poland: 1:22
And when a client and colleague of mine, Bill Prater, mentioned you and the show, The World’s Greatest Motivators, my ears pricked up, my eyeballs just popped out of my head because I thought, “Wow.” First of all, what an incredible marketing if you like book cover, but secondly, what a product, The World’s Greatest Motivators.

Tom Poland:1:41
So, thank you so much for accepting the invitation. And thanks to Bill for introducing us as well. So, how about we kick-off and just tell folks where did the idea for the show come from and a little bit about how you got the world’s best motivators engaged? Fascinating. The floor is yours.

How Lynn got the World’s Best Motivators Engaged?

Lynn Kitchen 2:03
Oh, thank you so much. I so appreciate being here and want to give a shout out to your special audience because I’m sure they’re interested in new ideas and how to achieve and creating marketing and creating value is, I think, near and dear to all of our hearts. And how to go about doing that is always big, you know, the big deal, that’s your business, the big how.

What is it going to take to really follow our dreams?

And part of that is, what it’s going to take? What is it going to take to really follow our dreams? And what is it going to take to have a dream in your heart and say, “You know, it’s been rolling around in the back corner of my mind for maybe just too many years, and what’s it going to take for me to grow my business, or for me to start a new business?” And that question, “What’s it going to take,” I realized was a real question that was rather universal.

And so, in my own grappling with my own dreams and my own grappling with that question, what’s it going to take?

I began to study with some of the better and best well-known motivational speakers and thought leaders, at least in America that I had access to.

And I studied 10 years with three of them in particular. And I decided during that, that there is a common denominator of some of the very best of the best. They may speak to you from a different perspective but they began to speak to me in one language that spoke to my spark. And it’s like, “What is it going to take to finally spark you?”

“What is it going to take to finally spark you?”

And I began to get curious and got the idea, what would it be like if I could corral on one stage all of the finest motivational speakers in the world today, and of course, I began with what I could get. You really push, you know, we’re in the scope of my relationships, and that grew. But I think that to answer your question, how this all came about, was in becoming curious in my own life.

So, what’s it going to take for me to finally have my big dream?

Tom Poland:
It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it? That, and you mentioned the word spark. You’ve got this, every human being has more potential than we’ve ever fulfilled. And it’s fascinating to me that you had the drive, which is there also in the minds and hearts of a lot of other people, which is something like, “Well, how can I make the world a better place?” And that’s what thought leaders do, that’s what motivators do.

When you responded to my invitation, you mentioned Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, so many others that have shifted the way that humanity or large parts of humanity think about the rest of humanity. About the planet, and so on. About politics, about religion, about faith. And the power of the well-articulated thought to transcend religions, and borders, and politics, and to pivot people.

Lynn Kitchen 5:14
Right. And I, you know, when we were speaking about that, I’ve studied these great orators and I saw a common denominator in the Abraham Lincoln’s, Churchill’s and, you know,

Anytime that the world goes through a major, major calamity, tragedy, there’s always somebody that rises to the occasion and uses oratory to spark people to their greatness.

To pull us to higher ideals and better thoughts. And in every case, I don’t care if it was Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, you know, give me conflict and you’ll find someone who helped raise our consciousness.

And in this time that we’re going through now, I’m knowing that there are some young people right now that have the skill set to lead by way of how they inspire us. Sometimes that’s not necessarily the politicians, by the way. It’s usually, it comes from.

Tom Poland:6:23
No kidding.

We want to have a better life.

Lynn Kitchen 6:25
Yeah, no kidding. It usually comes from, you know, the democratic peoplehood. And I noticed that in my own life, I saw the common denominator that everyone, everybody loves to be, to feel, well, we all have kind of a common drive. Really. We want to have a better life. I don’t care if you’re in Bangladesh, born in the wrong side of the street or whatever, you just really want a better life.

Tom Poland: 6:57
Yeah. And sometimes it can be a politician. I shouldn’t sneer at the politicians. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has really set herself apart on the world stage in dealing with COVID-19. But you’ve put together quite an extraordinary suite, if you like, of some of the world’s greatest motivators. Tell us about who some of them were, and tell us about what their motivation in life is. And some of the very best of them are very good commercially. I mean, they’re very good marketers, and so on.

Lynn Kitchen 7:27

Tom Poland: 7:27
But I don’t think that I don’t personally know of any that I’ve ever heard speak where I get the idea that they are doing this just for the money. It’s this marriage between profit and purpose, and their passion. So, tell us about some of these folks.

Lynn Kitchen 7:45
I’m so glad you said that, Tom.

Actually, I curated this group of people for their particular passionate purpose toward helping others.

And yes, there is everyone and why not has a drive toward profitability? That’s great. But I really hear in my heart those messages that motivate that inner part of me, that part of me that really wants to expand and grow. And the motivators that I chose and curated to be a part of the platform of light, which is what I call, The World’s Greatest Motivators, it’s a platform.

I’m building a platform of light of voices that, and I’ve invited all of these voices from different parts of the personal development industry to all speak about one thing, one theme.

One thing, one theme– the Power of Positivity and the Can-do Spirit

I invited them to speak about the power of positivity and the can-do spirit, which really is the, you know, the impetus for all of us to do better. It was the impetus for Australia, for America. And, you know, it doesn’t belong to anyone particular country. But it is that idea by which we dust ourselves off after a failure, get right back up and try again, and try again. And that can-do spirit that we can believe in ourselves.

So, the names that I chose, you know, we have a beautiful list of some of the very best internationally known speakers. I’m sure you know, Bob Proctor, Les Brown.

Tom Poland: 9:26
Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Mary Morrissey, Brian Tracy, one of my all-time favorites.

Lynn Kitchen 9:32
Brian Tracy.

Tom Poland: 9:33
And heads up folks, Lynn’s going to give you access to some of this content.

Lynn Kitchen 9:38
All of it. You know, this is the time I am giving open-door access, especially during this COVID-19 time in which I really would love people to have access to a great resource online.

Worlds Greatest Motivators Season 1

You can go to, and on the top right there’s a little button that says, “Watch season one.”

Well, season one is a combination of 13 of the best motivational speakers that I have curated and chosen along with my partner, Julie Jones Hamilton. And we’ve produced, I think, a well-crafted 30-minute television program.

And it’s an opportunity for you to, you know, if you’re listening to media right now, why not inculcate yourself with positive media, positive messages rather than constantly negative news, I like to call it, CNN or whatever. And just give yourself an opportunity, and your children an opportunity.

Tom Poland: 10:40
Right. And folks, I was viewing Zig Ziglar being interviewed in Australia, he was about to do a tour and, yeah, it was one of these classic. I thought the interview did a pretty good job, but people expect the interviewer to challenge the motivational guru.

And he said to Zig Ziglar, “You know, do you really think a positive attitude makes a difference, I mean, if I’m sick, is it going to make any difference?”

And Zig Ziglar said, “Well, let’s put it like this, if you and I were on a desert island together and I suddenly got appendicitis and you had to cut it out, otherwise I was going to die. Rather than you saying to me, ‘Oh, my God, it’s absolutely hopeless. You’re going to die; I’m probably going to kill you.’ I would rather you say, ‘Look, I don’t have any experience in this Zig, but I think we could probably do it. Point me in the right direction.’ You know, I’d rather have you with that attitude than the one that says, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to die,’ you know.”

So, a positive attitude makes a difference to everyone. It’s not enough on its own, you got to take action. But if you don’t have the right mindset to start with, the net positive action is completely devoid of any possibility of coming into fruition.

I want to ask you in a second about some of the showstoppers, some of the, from the sizzle reel, I think you call it, was one of the things where you thought, “My God, that’s so profound.”

But before I do that, I want to just tell folks, this is not an affiliate arrangement. Lynn is, you know, I’m not making any money, Lynn’s not going to clip your credit card. And these are not just kind of little zoom meeting or YouTube videos. These are professionally produced speeches from some of the world’s, literally, some of the world’s greatest motivators. And you can get a bite for an extremely good price, which is called free.

Lynn Kitchen 12:24
That’s right, called free.

Tom Poland: 12:26
Yeah. So, I’m sharing it because I think it’s simply one of the most extraordinary opportunities that I’ve come across all year, if not for a while longer.

Lynn Kitchen 12:35
Thank you, Tom. Thank you, I, I happen to agree with you because in one place, you can have access to the best of the best. And the best of the best anything. Whether it’s the best of the best sports stars, or the best of the best, anything. It’s wonderful to get the smorgasbord taste if you’re not familiar with some of this celebrity personality.

“Why not make them available to the public so that each person can have a little taste?”

Lynn Kitchen 13:07
I run into people on the street and I say, “Hey, have you ever heard of Les Brown?” And, you know, two out of 10 people say, “No, I’ve never heard of him, I’ve never been exposed to him.” Or Lisa Nichols, who’s internationally famous, never heard of her.

So, there is a, I think that those of us inside the personal development field, we know all of these. These people have been on stages teaching around the world for 40 years, many, many of them. And often they’re, you know, some of them are elder, elderly, you know, over 60, 70, 83. I think he’s, no, 85 this year. And, you know, Brian Tracy, as you mentioned. And these folks, we’ve lost some of the great ones, Jim Rohn. As you mentioned, Zig Ziglar, passed on. And so, this is a legacy series as well, from that perspective.

Tom Poland: 14:08
Yeah, that’s true.

How Did This All Begun…It Actually Began Selfishly

Lynn Kitchen 14:09
Yeah. And one of the things that I really love is, you ask, you know, how did this all begin? And it actually began selfishly, when I wanted to see if I could emulate when I was younger, and I was a green stockbroker. And I didn’t know where my next dollar was going to come from, or if I would ever be able to sell anything to anybody, ever, you know. And I would really crave and go seek a motivational speaker and sit in the room.

And I remember in Los Angeles at the time, one of the great speakers that came through was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote the great book, The Power of Positive Thinking. That was, you know, that was his seminal work. That book opened my eyes and heart to, you know, the thinking. He said, “You can only think one thought at a time. Why not choose a positive one, because the negative one does a lot of damage?”

Tom Poland: 15:09
Yeah, yeah.

Lynn Kitchen 15:10
Might as well do a positive one. So, I, you know, I was inside those rooms to get selfishly a boost in my own conviction. And so, when I was thinking back, “What was it?” As I was in the audience of these great motivational speakers back then, that I still crave. I’m wondering if other people would love that experience too, that to be pulled out of your seat. To be pulled into like, the rush at, you know, it’s not the rush of drugs, but it’s more like that inner rush of self-conviction that can rise up as you’re being pulled into something greater that maybe you could follow a dream.

Tom Poland: 15:55
In a way, there is a rush of drugs. There’s the endorphin and the adrenaline that gets pumped into your system when you feel electrified by the power of words. And it’s far more than words even with many of these folks, there’s a glimpse of charisma, or whatever we want to call it. In New Zealand they call it mana. You know, people have, Nelson Mandela had it, didn’t he, you know. Nelson Mandela could walk into a room and you could hear a pin drop. He had that mana that, that power.

And I, you know, folks, if you’re listening to this and you’re thinking, “Well, you know, mindset positive thinking, blah, blah, blah,” everything about this from us. We know that if you want a healthy body, if you want a body that is charged and energized and powerful and able to achieve what you want to achieve physically, you need great nutrition. You need to feed your body with the right stuff. Why would it be any different with your mind? If you feed your mind garbage, garbage in garbage out. Get quality thoughts, get positive thoughts, get can do thoughts, and the world will open up to you. Let’s finish off Lynn, are there any showstopper moments for you? Are there any things in particular that you can think, phrases, quotes, that just got cut through? That went straight through and you thought, “Oh, that’s the light bulb moments.” Any of those you want to share with us?

Lynn Kitchen 17:07
I would have to say that some of the best light bulb moments came from Lisa Nichols. By the way, let me just back up real quickly, and that each one of these 30-minute television episodes are not only the keynote speaker on stage so that you can get the feeling of their actual speaking on stage. But also, we cut to a fireside chat so that they would be speaking to the camera right to you one on one. And when Lisa Nichols spoke to the camera, one on one, she said, “I know who you are, and I believe in you. There is something great happening in you this day. And I believe in every dream that you’ve ever had in your heart.” And she just talks right to you, and there was no mistake that she was talking to me.

Lynn Kitchen 18:07
And not just Lisa, but we asked each one of the speakers to speak to the audience, that one person in the audience, that if they only had 60 seconds to bring to that person the very message that they were sent on this earth to deliver. And that this was the only time they would have a chance to see you, Tom, what would they say to you, Tom. And every one of these speakers rose to a place that I have never personally seen before because they rose to the occasion and pulled from the inside out. And there was a soul connection, if you will allow me to say that, that absolutely is spot on. We even have some of the younger, not so well known to the rest of the speakers, because we wanted a little bit of diversity. Both men and women, older and younger, and some of the younger voices were surprisingly electric and magnetic.

Tom Poland: 19:19
Well, that’s the next generation. Lynne there are a couple of moments that you’ve pointed out. Folks, when you go to, check out the introduction video at seven minutes and 40 seconds. There’s another show stopper, Lisa Nichols, at four minutes and 25 seconds. And make sure you get Jack Canfield at five minutes and 26 seconds. We will publish these times in these videos, the names of them, and where you need to go to get those showstoppers. Make sure you go get it. It’s the world’s,’s, plural, greatest motivators dot com. Lynn Kitchen, thank you so much for your contribution to the world.

Hey folks, we’re back. There’s a little PS that I forgot. My apologies, Lynn, take it away.

Lynn Kitchen 20:05
Well, each one of the speakers has donated, especially for their episode, some content. So, when you do go to and you go to each one of the speakers, as you scroll down, we have listed a lot of the gifts that they have given. These are free gifts. Some of the gifts will include complimentary eBooks, some of the courses. Some courses are magnificent. John Assaraf practically gave his best courses for free. Why? Because we had the idea of making this a public service so that everyone would have the opportunity, if they liked what they heard, why not give them more? So, it was tremendous. Nobody makes any profit on this. So, it’s all free. Help yourself.

Tom Poland: 21:02
So, it’s not just the videos, folks, it’s also every single and I’m just scrolling through this as I have every single speaker has some of these giveaways that have sold in the past for literally thousands of dollars. All available free. Lynn, thanks for the PS.

Lynn Kitchen 21:18
You’re welcome.

Tom Poland: 21:18

Lynn Kitchen 21:19

Tom Poland: 21:21
Thanks for checking out our Marketing The Invisible podcast. If you like what we’re doing here please head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate us, and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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