The Science Of Being In Demand

In my book Leadsology® I pull back the curtain and reveal the step by step model that’s responsible for literally generating millions of dollars in extra revenue for both myself and my clients

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Million Dollar Ceiling

The Million Dollar Ceiling is not an e-book but a real, physical, block busterbook of 270 pages and it's loaded with a simple, proven method that will empower you to help more people and generate more revenue in less time.

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Your Extraordinary Life

Simple Steps To A Life Of Freedom And Fulfilment

This is my block buster 103,000 word step by step guide for creating a life of freedom, fun and fulfilment. This book is now in it’s second edition and is sold in the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Ford Motor Company’s MD referred to this book as “A well worn copy of Your Extraordinary Life lies next to my bedside table. If ever there was a user-manual for creating a great life, this is it”.

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Entrepreneurial Style Profile

Identify your own business wealth creation strengths

Every business owner has a natural behavioural style made up of a unique combination of 8 business-related personality traits.

Understanding your unique style and then aligning your behaviour to that style is one of the master keys to unlocking business wealth.

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New Clients NOW!

30 Day Fast Track Program

Sometimes you simply have to “know when to hold and know when to fold” a.k.a. “if you can’t beat ‘em you’re really better to join ‘em”. For over 15 years now I’ve been preaching the need to put marketing strategy ahead of marketing action.

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Top Team Capability Review
and 360° Feedback

Identify your team's strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. And in order for you to maximise the potential of your business you need a clear picture of where your team’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

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Price Stretching Workshop

The fast AND SAFE way to earn more money quickly

How To Raise Your Prices, Increase Your Profit AND Have Clients Happy To Pay More.

This course contains simple and easy to implement strategies that have earned more of my clients more money faster than anything else I have ever taught.

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Performance Management System

How To Create Meaningful Objectives And Then Align And Engage Your WHOLE Team In Achieving Them

Most businesses run about as smoothly as a pig on stilts. This is the master system for creating and achieving business objectives and engaging and empowering your team in achieving those objectives.

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Killer Referral Machine

How To Automatically Generate An Additional 10 Successful Referrals Every Month

This one can pay for itself in about 24 hours. I’ve developed, collected and studied 172 different referral systems and I’ve personally tested dozens of them. In this course I reveal the top 22 time-tested proven systems to generate an additional 10 successful referrals every month. Imagine what that would do to your business?

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Killer Copywriting Course

How To Turn Words Into Money

For 27 years I closely guarded my secrets on writing that attracts the right kind of high paying clients. I’ve used these techniques to earn millions and finally I now reveal my simple, anyone-can-follow, 14 step formula for generating significant cash flow at will.

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