The definition of psychology is that it’s the research based study of the mind. Similarly biology is the researched based study of species.

Whilst every field of endeavour continues to make advances in the understanding of things relevant to their field (for example how the mind works) each scientific discipline has nevertheless arrived at a certain set of proven understandings of how a certain thing functions or dysfunctions.

Marketing is a relatively new science. In fact, some would quite rightly argue that it has been brought kicking and screaming into the realm of evidence-based research only with the advent of the Internet and the massively enhanced ability of marketers to split test and accurately track response numbers, conversion rates, revenue generated and cost per lead/client.

Books such as “Buy.ology. Truth And Lies About Why We Buy ” by Martin Lindstrom, “Why We Buy. The Science Of Shopping ” by Pace Underhill (the original research based best seller) and “Persuasive Advertising. Evidence-Based Principles” by J Scott Armstrong and my own humble offering “Leadsology®. The Science of Being In Demand” each lay out, on their own way, the truth behind the idea that effective Marketing and in particular, the predictable generation of leads and new clients, is a science and not an art form.

What this means to you

The good news is that because generating a flow of high quality, inbound leads is a science and not an art, you can be in control of creating that flow of leads predictably and with significant confidence knowing that it you “push the right buttons and pull the right levers” then the leads must flow. Simply follow the formula and the results will follow because it’s a proven science and is not based on some random act of marketing genius.

Books such as Leadsology® and the others mentioned above, give up their formulas. Buy them, study them and put their principles, methods and strategies into action faithfully and accurately and you’ll turn your marketing efforts from “wishing and a hoping” into solid, bankable results.

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