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Hi! Are you here because you’re looking for more information about my Leadsology® programs?

Great -- I’ll gladly tell you everything you need to know.   

But please note that there are at least four different options for you to engage with Leadsology®... and I want to make certain you get the one that’s best suited to your budget and needs.   

So that we can have that conversation, please click here and I’ll explain how we’ll talk together about your options.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about what makes Leadsology® unique, here are nine reasons why our clients tell us Leadsology® is their #1 choice for embedding proven lead generation systems into their businesses.  

Reason #1: With Leadsology®, I carry the risk, not you.  

Most coaches and trainers ask you to trust them.             

They say something to the effect of “give me your money and then I’ll deliver the value”.             

But unfortunately, all too often people give them money only to find that the value delivery failed to make any significant difference to their business.             

The comment I hear all too often is “They were really nice person, but I didn’t get a lot out of it”.             

I’m sorry, but being a really nice person is not enough! Suppliers should deliver real value for every customer, and you need to know that’s what they’ll do for you... especially if you’ve been unfortunate enough to waste your money in the past on marketing coaching or training that failed to deliver results.             

And if you’ve been through that experience of losing money by investing in people or courses that didn’t work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to trust me.

Because I’m going to let you test drive Leadsology® risk-free before you make a final decision.             

How that works is simple: if you enroll in one of my Leadsology® programs, then you’ll have access to everything inside. So you can check it out, explore as much as you like, and then if you change your mind for ANY reason within the first 7 days, just email me at tom@leadsology.guru (with a copy to support@leadsology.guru). We’ll cancel your enrollment and send you a full refund.

Reason #2: I’ve got a long track record of successful client results.  

It’s only reasonable that I should demonstrate to you a successful track record of helping clients achieve the sort of results that you want to achieve.             

And I do mean “results” as in bankable revenue. It’s all very well for someone to have testimonials that talk about how excited someone is about the potential, or what a swell guy/gal the coach or trainer is, but nothing short of a proven track record of successful new client generation should be offered as evidence that a coach or trainer's methodologies actually work.             

You’ll find my track record amply demonstrated and proven by clicking here: www.leadsology.guru/results 

Now, let me be frank with you...            

If you can find someone else who can demonstrate bankable client results like the ones you'll see on the above webpage, then I recommend you research them as a possible option for your lead generation systems.              

However, if someone fails to provide evidence of their clients enjoying bankable results, then I’d recommend you steer well clear of them -- because it’s highly likely they can’t deliver on their promises.

Reason #3: I bring unparalleled and internationally acclaimed experience.  

I’m a four-times published and multiple best-selling author, including Leadsology®: The Science of Being In Demand and Marketing With Webinars. Even prior to the internet and ebooks, I was published in 27 countries. (Yes, there was a time when books were only published physically!)              

I’ve also shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber (E-Myth), Richard Koch (80/20 Principle), Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, Michael Port and many others.               

And I’ve been professionally active in sales, management and marketing for more than 37 years. I doubt you’ll find anyone else with this depth, breadth, and specificity of marketing experience.

Reason #4: Leadsology® is specifically for professionals offering a service, advice or software.

This is very important!       

Because marketing a service, advice, or software is not like selling coffee or cars. It’s more like a marriage proposal.            

That means you need to establish a relationship of significant trust and influence, prior to proposing to a potential ideal client that they talk with you about working together.             

With Leadsology®, I show you how to lead a prospective client from "open-minded scepticism" to seeing you as their very best choice, if not their only choice.      

I call this the Leadsology® Persuasion Sequence and with that method, I show you how to establish Rapport, Respect, Relatability and Reciprocity with each prospective client, prior to meeting with you to talk about becoming a client.             

When you select someone to help you implement lead generation systems, it's critical that you find a specialist who knows how to generate leads for professionals with intangible offers. If they’re used to working with clients who offer physical, tangible products, they’ll struggle to give you the specialised advice you need to make your lead generation efforts effective.

Reason #5: Leadsology® generates inbound leads.  

Every business loves inbound leads, because you don’t have to put anywhere near as much time, money, and energy into them as you would into outbound marketing!

No awkward business networking meetings, no need for cold calling, no manipulative selling techniques, no sending out 10,000 direct mail pieces, and definitely no expensive advertising. 

What’s even better is that with the Leadsology® system, your inbound leads are high quality, pre-qualified, and easy to convert into new clients. By the time they make a booking to talk about hiring you, they already know the range of your fees, and they have a reasonable idea of how you work with clients.             

That’s what you call a truly qualified prospect -- someone who knows exactly what you offer, knows they want it, and is ready to sign up as soon as you give them the OK.

Reason #6: 85% of the lead generation effort is outsourced.            

One of the reasons so many professionals fail to be consistent in their lead generation is simple: they don’t want to do it!     

Don’t blame yourself. You might’ve tried to “be more disciplined” and force yourself to do those unenjoyable marketing activities everyone says are crucial… but the reality is that you will do the things that you were born to do, and not the things that someone else says you should do.                     

You’ve got better things to do with your time, things that are more interesting and more suited to your personality.             

Once I’ve shown you how to set up your lead generation systems, then I’ll show you how to outsource 85% of the work to highly motivated, highly skilled contractors -- for as little as $25 a week and a monthly performance bonus.             

So you get to work WITH your natural skills and style instead of against them. Outsourcing the lead generation work that you prefer not to do will not only free up your time, but also boost your lead generation results.             

This is as close to marketing heaven as you’ll ever get: bookings coming in from ideal clients every week, without you hardly lifting a finger. All you have to do is what you do best, which is to show those people how you’ll get the results they want, and then deliver the value once they become clients.             

And there's more: you’ll feel happier and more energised and more fulfilled, because you’ll be doing the core things that you were born to do instead of laboring under the stress of all the things you “should” do.    


Reason #7: Leadsology® takes complicated methods and makes them simple.  

l’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that some of my proven Leadsology® methods have a lot of moving parts. But everything in Leadsology® is delivered to you broken down into a step-by-simple-step process. I’ll give you guides, templates and examples to make it easier and more effective for you to complete every step.           

And that’s not all.           

Your highly experienced Leadsology coaches will also meet with you personally every week to talk with you and review your work, so that they can give you specific feedback on exactly what you need to do next at every stage.          

Leadsology® makes the complicated simple, by breaking down every big task into simpler, shorter and easier-to-accomplish steps. “Click this.” “Send that.” All you need to do is follow along, and within a few weeks you’ll have your whole new lead generation system set up and running perfectly.   

Reason #8: You get my highly trained team and you get my personal phone number.         

A lot of people are surprised to learn that when they invest in Leadsology® they get close and personal attention. 

You’re not “outsourced” or delegated to a licensee or franchisee. Instead, I have a select team of well-trained, experienced Leadsology® coaches to support you and guide you through my program.

And not only will your coach meet with you at our live weekly Support Sessions personally, but you’ll also be able to meet with them one on one if you need that.

And get this: I’m so confident that the support you’ll enjoy is world-leading that I’ll also give you my mobile phone number.

The reason I’m comfortable with giving my clients my phone number, regardless of how small or large their investment, is that they virtually never need it. That’s because the communication and support systems that you get with Leadsology® are so comprehensive that it's unlikely you’ll ever need to contact me outside of those options.             

But if you’re ever stuck and need guidance beyond what the program already provides, you’ll have my number and you can call me. (Just bear in mind that I’m in Australia most of the time, so when it’s lunchtime in Los Angeles or dinnertime in Dublin, that’s my 5am and I may still be on my first cup of coffee!)

Reason #9: Stay in the program for as long as you want my help and advice.

I never kick anyone out of a program simply because their time’s up.     

I mean, come on. How can online training expire? The videos, PDFs and MP3s don’t spontaneously combust just because the person providing the program has set an end date.

Also, what the heck do these calendar-fixated teachers say to their students to rationalize kicking them out? Imagine being told, “I’m sorry, you obviously like my program and are still getting use out of it, but you’ve been enjoying it for too long now so I’ve got to ask you to leave.”

It makes a limited amount of sense for programs that include live coaching hours, unlimited online support, and done-for-you services, because those things are paid for out of the course provider’s profit margin… but even then, why force someone to stop using their program? Why not simply give them the option to control their own membership, so they can stay as long as they like?

That’s how we organize our programs here. You’ll make a signup investment in whichever program you choose, and then you’ll have an ongoing monthly subscription for the level of membership and support that best suits your needs.

As for how long you actually need to block out on your calendar… Every Leadsology® program starts with a strategic implementation phase. For the sake of simplicity and productivity, we’ve defined the official length of each program as the timeframe in which most people can complete that implementation phase, assuming they spend 8 hours per week on it.     

But you get to keep working with us for as long as you need, putting in whatever time you’re able to commit. Only got one hour per week? Then it’ll take longer, but you can still get there. 

If you want to get through the initial implementation phase in the shortest possible timeframe, of course you’ll need to commit more hours per week. But if you have a vacation coming up, or you just get too busy for a couple of weeks, or God forbid you get sick, then don’t worry -- you can keep your membership even while you take a break from the program, and still accomplish your lead generation goals quickly once you get back into the swing of things.     

Even after you’re done implementing the whole lead gen system, we’re here for you. At time of writing, I have one client in Denver, USA, who has been coming to my weekly coaching calls pretty much every week for the last 18 months. As long as she’s getting value then I’m happy for her to keep joining in, asking questions, and continuing to optimize her lead generation machine. 

Your monthly membership keeps you in the loop for all of the same support regardless of whether it’s your first day or your hundred-and-first day.      

I think that’s about it! Congrats on making it this far.

If after everything you’ve just read, you want to go right ahead and enroll in our Leadsology® SOLO program, click here for the details and enrollment options.  

If you’d prefer to have a quick chat with me about your lead generation needs, and whether Leadsology® or someone/something else is a better option for you, then click here to book a call and get more info about what will happen when we chat.