Hi there and welcome.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess who you are.

Well, not exactly who you are (as in your name) but rather what makes you tick.

Here we go:
  1. You are an Advisor or Service Provider and you love it when a client’s business or life is transformed by your Magic because you get to make the world a better place and you feel happier and more fulfilled
  2. You also love it when you’ve got more cash in your bank account as a result of transforming more businesses or lives (who wouldn’t like that?)
  3. You understand that in order to enjoy (1) and (2) above you need to create a system (A.K.A. ‘rinse and repeatable’) that creates a flow of high quality, inbound, new client enquiries flowing into your business virtually every week of the year
  4. Over many years, and possibly decades, you’ve invested in books (a lot) and attended meetings (ditto) in a quest to discover such a system
  5. You’re disappointed to report that all the money, time and effort invested into (4) above has resulted in little impact on progressing (1), (2) and (3) above
  6. But you’re not a quitter and so you’re still searching for that Lead Generation System that will create a flow of high quality, inbound, new client enquiries flowing into your business virtually every week of the year.

If I’ve just described you then I’m delighted to report that you have finally found the answer you’re looking for.

It’s called Leadsology® and this whole website been created especially for you and others like you!

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Whatever your budget, whatever stage of business development you’re at and wherever you are in the world, there’s a Leadsology® Resource that’s right for you!

Leadsology®: The Science Of Being In Demand (Kindle, 2016)

This book will be in demand too


A terrific book. With trademark clarity and honesty, Tom Poland shows how trainers, consultants, and other advisers can generate a reliable flow of high quality leads. It’s a really excellent method, and presented with verve and wit.

Richard Koch

Author of The 80/20 Principle which sold over one million copies



One of the best books on marketing ever written


One of the best books on marketing ever written. Tom Poland is not only an expert marketer but a master teacher. Step by step instructions are easy to follow and you can build a complete marketing system without needing to be a genius. More practical and actionable than the 4 year marketing degree I completed.


Richard Petrie

Speed Marketing





Leadsology® gives you the science behind figuring out EXACTLY how to create demand and generate a flow of high quality leads. Buy this book and put the formula to work in your business – the results speak for themselves.”


Dr Ivan Misner

Founder Business Network International (BNI) and New York Times best selling author



Easily one of the most valuable business books I’ve read


By this point I must have read over 400 books on marketing, sales and business and I can honestly say I found this one of the most valuable.


So much useful stuff in Tom’s book; it’s accessible and Tom is a charming, down-to-earth guide, but the methodology is rigorous too. It’s never dumbed down or over-simplified, because there is a lot to the Leadsology model.


Tom’s model gives you not only a ton of useful ideas, but the overarching framework you need to fit them together. It’s a complete system, and it gives you clarity.


Rob Tyson

The Tyson Report



A book definitely worth buying


Business books that you don’t want to put down are very rare, but Tom Poland’s “Leadsology” is one of them. Tom Poland goes right to the heart of lead generation this wonderful book, which is full of real world wisdom.


As the author of 47 books, I hate having to say that I wish I had written this one! It has certainly given me loads of ideas for improving my next book.


If I ever get chance, I will invite Tom Poland to address my MBA students in one of the world’s top Business Schools. They really need to know and understand material like this.”


Professor Malcolm McDonald MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc

Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management

Author of Marketing Plans which sold over 500,000 copies



A Must-Read Book


Brilliant! Leadsology lays out a step by step process for advisors who want to create a cut-through marketing message and get the message out to the marketplace so that inbound new client enquiries flow in like turning on a tap.


In particular, I recommend searching the book for “The Waterfall”, “The Dinner Party Question”, and “The Value Slider” which are all original and brilliant concepts that the author has introduced. As a successful consultant for over a decade, I recognize marketing gold when I see it.

Ari Galper

Author of Unlock The Game



Put this book into practice then step back and watch your whole world change


If you’re an advisor, coach, consultant, or trainer, who’s tried a lot of techniques and spent a lot of time and money on marketing with mixed-to-awful results, I strongly urge you to open the Kindle version of this book and search for “Here’s why the traditional Product Funnel probably won’t work for you.”


In coaching business owners from start-up through $100M mark, I’ve seen more service-based companies waste more time, money, and energy on marketing funnels than you would even believe. In SO many cases, it’s all been a waste. This is particularly true for business owners who try to mimic info-marketing models.


The author explains not only why this doesn’t work, but also how to evaluate your marketing efforts, explains how to properly define your ideal client, step-by-step instructions for crafting an effective message, advises on selecting the effective media, and a number of other critical topics.


If you read and implement what the author suggests in this book you’ll have done what 95% of marketers have NOT done; you’ll have made your marketing as good as your service. And when that happens? Step back and watch your whole world change.


Robert Michon

The Unstoppable CEO



Don’t think about it, grab this book now and breakdown the barriers holding your business back!


Tom Poland’s book is a great resource that lays out common entrepreneur pitfalls for coaches, consultants, advisors, and experts. He then goes on to provide solutions to these problems that slow people from making the progress they desire to run a successful business — ultimately enabling them to live an impactful life.


The author’s decades of experience are evident is his rich understanding of the topics, along with his insightful delivery. Don’t think about it, grab this book now and breakdown the barriers holding your business back!


Charles Byrd

Evernote Productivity Guru



Helpful for my start up business


I am planning to start my own business and I still have some questions when it comes to finding the right clients for me and how my marketing model should be. Leadsology has helped me to understand a lot of things especially on the first chapter about the revenue and the profit and how it should be enough for my chosen lifestyle. This is a really good book to read for people like me who wants to start their own business. It is packed with resources and useful tips that you can actually implement.


Alexandra Karenina Arabelo



Holds a mirror up to your marketing – and shows you where it’s ugly. (That’s a good thing)


Tom Poland is clearly gifted at creating a simple-to-understand framework for what it takes to generate leads for your business. I consider myself a marketing professional, and reading through Tom’s book gave me good ideas and showed a few places I could improve.


If you’re struggling to generate leads in your service business, this book will help you solve that problem.


Frank Bria

Author, Speaker, Strategist



A highly actionable book that helps you create a strategy to increase leads into your business


I absolutely loved this book. Tom delivers so many practical tips for creating a lead machine. One of my favorites parts of the book is when he goes into the mistakes that we make when we set out to increase our leads. Mistake #12 really hit home which is lowering prices to increase leads. This was a good reminder that the race to the bottom is not the way to create a lead generating machine and in some cases raising prices actually helps increase lead flow. I highly recommend it to any business owner in need of leads!


Joshua Millage

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Lifter LMS



Practical and Effective Lead Generation System


Leadsology is a practical, effective and implementable system that helps you create a predictable flow of high quality inbound new client enquiries into your business. Tom’s book and system will show you how to stop random acts of marketing and get you back in the driver’s seat running your business. You can easily swipe and deploy his 10-step lead generation model so that you can work smart not harder.


This is a great book for advisors and consultants to learn how to create a system that brings in a predictable flow of clients and shows you how best to invest your marketing time. I have had the privilege of working with the author and have been so pleased with the results and the practical, effective and easy to implement nature of this model which is all laid out in the book. I definitely recommend this book.


Susan Kleinschmidt

Consultant, Trainer Coach



Cool new lead generation roadmap for service and advisory professionals


Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been an internationally recognized expert on Sales, Lead Generation and Positioning for many years now, so I know a thing or two about great lead generation systems.


There are tons of books out there about lead gen, but what’s different with this book is that it’s especially written for folks who specialize in service and/or advisory businesses, and NOT for those who sell physical products.


They say that specificity is power and I believe that the advisor-specific strategies in this book are what makes it so powerful. Tom’s book truly “disrupts” the status quo, and offers a road map that will lead you to generate a consistent flow of high quality, inbound leads.


Buy this book. Implement every suggestion. Then sit back and watch the new clients flow into your business.


Erik Luhrs

GURU Selling System



Paving the road to success


For coaches, trainers and consultants like me it is often challenging to balance delivery and marketing, to find new clients while servicing established ones, to have such a finely tuned business model in place that it creates ongoing high quality enquiries.


The comprehensive ten step Leadsology model outlined in this book helped me to get clear about the what, the where, the when and the how. The structure, the suggestions and guidelines, they all make sense.


With over 35 years of experience, Tom knows what he is talking about. His clarity and wisdom shine through every story, every comprehensive model and concept that are clearly only so simple because Tom has done all the work.


I also really appreciate the honesty and candor with which he points out likely pitfalls, especially poignant when they are the ones I already fell into. If you want to grow your business and have a good life to boost, read this book – and then work with Tom


Angela Heise

Trainer, consultant, coach




An insightful resource!


In Leadsology, Tom Poland offers advisors, coaches, consultants, and trainers a step-by-step Lead Generation Model – one that is beautifully tailored to this audience’s specific needs. Grounded in professional experience and observations, Leadsology is written with passion and deep knowledge.


An insightful, elegant, and practical resource – I certainly recommend it.


Dorie Clark

Marketing, Branding and Management Consultant





For anyone who like me is an advisor (or coach or consultant or trainer) and has done the run-around trying to find a genuine specialist in how to message and market our types of service, this is the ultimate answer: Leadsology® is genuinely tailored to us, with tremendous insight that is completely on the mark about us, presented as a simple, proven, step-by-step progressive process you are walked through, hand-in-hand, by a true expert. And it works!


Elizabeth Brown

Branding and Marketing Consultant



Specifically For Coaches & Consultants


If you’re a coach or consultant who wants more leads, this book is a must read because it’s specifically for you.


I’ve been studying and using direct response marketing since 1997 and this is a great resource to now add to my tool chest!


Kevin Thompson

Marketer, consultant, coach



Great marketing book for service professionals


This book is a tool chest of easy to use strategies to attract good numbers of high quality clients.


Every chapter has some nuggets of wisdom that are easy to use. Highly recommended.


Graham McGregor

Marketing and sales consultant, trainer, coach



A treasure trove of information


Leadsology – The Science of Being in Demand is a treasure trove of information not only about lead generation, but also about how to wire our whole business for success. Tom Poland’s 10-part model for being in demand is a comprehensive summary of all the elements we need to have optimized for our business to be coasting along like a well-oiled wheel.


There are so many gems of information in this book, that if we even take one, and implement it, it makes a difference. I know that I’ve already changed my marketing message because of this, and people are much more interested in what I do now. There is also a surprising departure from the normal way of structuring online marketing – specifically for what Tom calls “advisors”. This is vital information that could be the one thing that brings advisors the revenues and number of clients we are really looking for.


Glenda Nicholls

Founder, Money Success System



Lead generation: now a simple and elegant science


Many of us employ a very hit and miss approach to marketing and lead generation – with very hit and miss results. With “Leadsology” however, Tom Poland has turned lead generation into a science that is both simple and elegant.


In a market where we’ve all got used to the same old marketing formulae, Tom brings a fresh approach that provides cut through in a noisy world. You’ll enjoy the easy-to-implement, step-by-step approach outlined in this book.


And, I have no doubt, you’ll enjoy the results this unique system can generate.


Dawn Russell

Founder of Heartwired, trainer and coach



The definition of psychology is that it’s the research based study of the mind. Similarly biology is the researched based study of species.

Whilst every field of endeavour continues to make advances in the understanding of things relevant to their field (for example how the mind works) each scientific discipline has nevertheless arrived at a certain set of proven understandings of how a certain thing functions or dysfunctions.

Marketing is a relatively new science. In fact, some would quite rightly argue that it has been brought kicking and screaming into the realm of evidence-based research only with the advent of the Internet and the massively enhanced ability of marketers to split test and accurately track response numbers, conversion rates, revenue generated and cost per lead/client.

Books such as “Buy.ology. Truth And Lies About Why We Buy ” by Martin Lindstrom, “Why We Buy. The Science Of Shopping ” by Pace Underhill (the original research based best seller) and “Persuasive Advertising. Evidence-Based Principles” by J Scott Armstrong and my own humble offering “Leadsology®. The Science of Being In Demand” each lay out, on their own way, the truth behind the idea that effective Marketing and in particular, the predictable generation of leads and new clients, is a science and not an art form.

What this means to you

The good news is that because generating a flow of high quality, inbound leads is a science and not an art, you can be in control of creating that flow of leads predictably and with significant confidence knowing that it you “push the right buttons and pull the right levers” then the leads must flow. Simply follow the formula and the results will follow because it’s a proven science and is not based on some random act of marketing genius.

Books such as Leadsology® and the others mentioned above, give up their formulas. Buy them, study them and put their principles, methods and strategies into action faithfully and accurately and you’ll turn your marketing efforts from “wishing and a hoping” into solid, bankable results.