How to Align Your Brain and Business for Rapid Growth – In Just 7 Minutes with Erik Luhrs

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  • Discover the difference between higher performance and high performance
  • Find out why you should set yourself and your mindset on the right track
  • Learn more on how going out of your comfort zone could help you and your business achieve growth


  • Wanting to Know More About Yourself for Your Business and Personal Life? Learn More About the Epiphany Process:


Have you been feeling overwhelmed with hustling and expectations?

Do you feel like you could do and be more than who you are right now?

Are you ready to overcome that high performance and achieve a better and HIGHER performance?

Erik Luhrs is a higher performance coach and helps executives and entrepreneurs become who they desire to be and achieve what they desire to achieve by aligning what is beyond their brain with what is in their business.

How to Craft a Million Dollar Joint Venture – In Just 7 Minutes with Johann Nogueira

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  • Discover why you should participate in a joint venture
  • Find out how to grow out and scale your business through a joint venture
  • Learn more about the secrets on how your business can create a big impact on the world



Have you always wanted to join a joint venture but not sure how?

Do you want to know how you can earn millions from it?

Are you ready to know more about the secret ways of joint ventures?

Johann Nogueira has built, grown, and sold businesses over the last two decades and the secret to their rapid growth has been joint ventures.

Self Coaching to Maximize Commitment, Confidence, and Capability to Achieve Business and Career Goals – In Just 7 Minutes with Dr. Sarah E. Brown

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  • Discover why taking and doing it all alone isn’t going to do you any good
  • Learn more about the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to maximizing your confidence, commitment, and capability
  • Find out why you should start learning and practicing self-coaching for you and your co-workers


  • Wanting to Know the Benefits of Self Coaching and How You Can Apply It in Your Business and Workplace? Learn more about the Power of Self-Coaching:


Have you been feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or doubtful when it comes to your career or business?

Do you find yourself and others being limited physically or mentally from achieving your goals?

Do you want to know how self-coaching could help guarantee you to be a better business leader for you and others in your workplace?

Dr. Sarah E. Brown, after 30 years of corporate work and most recently as Managing Director of Accenture, retired to devote herself to teaching women in companies to self-coach– increasing their commitment, confidence, and capability to achieve big career goals.

How to Make Better Decisions – In Just 7 Minutes with Christi Scarrow

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  • Find out why understanding your natural decision-making style is important
  • See how decision-making isn’t just one-man’s job
  • Learn why conflict is a crucial aspect of decision-making


  • Wanting to Make the Best Decisions for You, Your Team, and Your Business? Learn more about What Your Natural Decision Style Is and Understand Where You Are Right Now:


Have you always felt tired and consumed by the different decisions you need to make in your business?

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed by this? Do you want to know how to make the best decisions that can guarantee you and your team to move forward?

Are you ready to know how you can make great decisions faster, confidently, and with clarity?

Christi Scarrow writes, speaks, coaches, trains, and guides. She empowers leaders to find their voice and listen to the voices of others. She helps individuals, teams, and organizations make decisions that count.

How to Drive New Revenue Growth in Your B2B Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Jose Palomino

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  • Discover ways on how you can grow sustainably instead of being stuck on the revenue plateau
  • Find out why looking at the marketplace perspective is better than the seller’s perspective
  • Learn about tips that can guarantee to help you on how you can make your products and business more unique


  • Wanting to know how to be unique and not like your competitors? Are you ready to shift and overcome that revenue plateau? Learn more about Jose’s different tips and tactics on how to get that revenue growth you’ve been wanting:


Have you been feeling stuck on that revenue plateau that’s seemingly stagnant or going nowhere?

Are you worried that people might not buy your product because of your other competitors?

Do you want to know the secrets that could help you change your game play and guarantee you new revenue growth and authenticity in the marketplace?

Jose Palomino started Value Prop Interactive to integrate B2B strategy, marketing, and sales. He wrote the book, “Value Prop” and holds his MBA from Villanova University where he teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing.

How to Deliver Captivating, World-Class Virtual Presentations that will Wow Your Audience – In Just 7 Minutes with Alfred Poor

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  • Discover the big differences brought by the pandemic when it comes to events and presentations
  • Find out how you can turn up your presentations without much cost to make you and your message memorable and captivating
  • Learn more on why engagement matters especially in virtual presentations and how you can get more of it


  • Wanting to Know How to Keep Your Audience Engaged with Your Captivating Virtual Presentations Without Wasting Time and Money? Learn more about the Speaker Springboard System:


Are you spending most of your time worrying if your audience is still listening to you and your presentations behind the screen?

Do you struggle when it comes to presenting virtually than on-stage?

Have you been spending money and wasting time more but not getting the results you wanted?

Do you want to know how to make awesome presentations that will surely promise you more engagements without your money and time going to waste?

Alfred Poor is a professional speaker and writer with audiences around the world, both onstage and virtual. He is a graduate of Harvard College and is the author of 15 books.

How to Establish a LinkedIn Presence and Generate New Clients – In Just 7 Minutes with Adam Houlahan

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  • Learn how to generate leads and enquiries in 2021 using LinkedIn
  • Discover what content you should avoid and what matters to gain traction for your LinkedIn
  • Find out why you should choose to elevate your own influenceon Linkedin for your business


  • Wanting to Know the Promising and Guaranteed Secrets on How to be HIGHLY Influential in your Industry? Read more on how to influence and become the go-to person in any industry?


Are you struggling with traction to your LinkedIn and your business?

Do you want to know about the promising LinkedIn strategies that can guarantee you to become more influential in your industry?

Adam Houlahan is an International Keynote Speaker specializing in LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs, and the CEO of the highly successful LinkedIn agency, Prominence Global. He hosts arguably the world’s largest free online LinkedIn training event with thousands of people registering 5 times each year and is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business. Adam is also the author of three Amazon best-selling books– Social Media Secret Sauce, The LinkedIn Playbook, and Influencer.

How to Create Sticky Brands and Meaningful Messaging – In Just 7 Minutes with Steven S. Hoffman

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  • Discover how branding helps you to stand out from all the other startups that struggle to gain attention on a crowded market
  • Discover what the essence of your company is and how it relates to your branding
  • Find out how branding can make your startup a ‘sticky’ one, building affinity and familiarity with your audience


  • Want to know more about how to survive and build a successful startup? Grab a copy of Steven’s Book NOW:


Have you been struggling with your branding?

Do you want to know more about the secrets of branding that will surely put you on the right track?

Branding is at the core of any great business.

All you have to do is look around you to see it. Dyson, Virgin, and even Coca-Cola made an impact more than just by creating great products.

Effective companies present their goods and services in the right manner to the right audience at the right time.

Steven S. Hoffman is the CEO of Founders Space. He is a venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and author of several award-winning books. These include Make Elephants Fly (published by Hachette) and Surviving a Startup (published by HarperCollins).

How to Tame the Tech Monster and Build Your Business Online with Joy and Confidence – In Just 7 Minutes with Anke Herrmann

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  • Discover the advantages and power of going online
  • Find out how to handle your business online with ease without the fear of technical stuff
  • Learn more about the secrets that can assure growth and sales for your business online


  • Wanting to put your business online but scared of the techy stuff? Learn more about how to use technology to your advantage:


Have you ever thought about taking your coaching or training business online but were afraid of the technology?

Do you feel overwhelmed by it?

Want to learn the ways and secrets to growing your business online without the tech struggles?

Anke Herrmann is a tech mentor and business coach who was originally from Germany but now is based in Spain. She helps professional coaches, educators, and other service-based business owners grow their business online, without the tech struggles.

How to Double Your Sales with Trust-Based Selling – In Just 7 Minutes with Ari Galper

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  • Why TRUST has become the new currency and why you don’t need a pre-existing relationship to create trust
  • How to stop “chasing” potential clients and start getting callbacks from those who are ready to come on board with you
  • New ways to create deep trust in your sales process, so you don’t have to sell, persuade or “close” anymore



Have you always struggled when it comes to selling?

Want to discover the magic of trust-based languaging and why slowing down your sales process (not speeding it up) is the key to unlimited sales opportunities?

In a day and age where technology rules the selling world, for many growth-oriented business owners and sales consultants, authenticity and trust have taken a “back seat” to the sales process.

Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine, SkyNews, and the Australian Financial Review.

How to Get Consistent SEO Results by Applying the ERICA Framework – In Just 7 Minutes with Gert Mellak

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  • Discover the importance of the ERICA Framework and why you should be applying it
  • Find out how to address the SEO’s toughest challenges
  • Learn more on why consistency is the key to making the most out of SEO


  • Want to know more about the ERICA Framework and how to apply it to your brand and content? Learn more about the ERICA Framework– The Answer to the Toughest SEO Challenges:


Do you want your brand to be discovered at the right moment? Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? Are you tired of trying to make new content that isn’t getting much attention? Are you sick of not getting the most out of your website? Do you want to know the secrets of the ERICA Framework that can guarantee you consistent SEO results?

Gert Mellak is the Founder of where he helps e-commerce and other online businesses to achieve consistent SEO results.

7 Levers to Endless Profits – In Just 7 Minutes with Jackson Millan

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  • Discover how to make endless profits without constant reinvestment
  • Find out the importance of learning the language of money and your cash flow
  • Learn more on how to manufacture financial freedom so that you can enjoy the life and time that you and your family deserve



Have you been struggling and doubting your cash flow? Do you feel like you’ve been investing more money in your business more than getting profits from it? Are you sure you’ve been maximizing you have been managing your money well, personally and in business?

Jackson Millan, the Wealth Mentor, has spent the last 14 years helping service businesses understand the language of money and manufacture financial freedom for themselves and their families.

How to Get Your Team to Use Your CRM – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeroen Courthout

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  • Discover the importance of learning and using CRM as a team and as a business
  • Find out why discussing as a team and collaborating is crucial in handling CRM
  • Learn more on why guideline and training are important for team collaboration and development



Is your team struggling with CRM? Are you struggling to achieve the level of collaboration needed when handling CRM? Do you want to know the steps on how to maximize the use of your CRM? Do you want to know the secrets that can guarantee you better team cooperation in sales?

Jeroen Courthout is the Co-Founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for small and medium businesses (SMBs) selling B2Bs, mostly popular with agencies and SaaS companies.

Death to the Corporate Video – In Just 7 Minutes with Guy Bauer

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  • Discover why it’s important to strategically plan your videos for a successful outcome
  • Find out what’s wrong with your marketing videos
  • Learn more on how you can avoid making a “corporate” video



Are you struggling to make a marketing video that everyone would want to watch?

Have you found yourself being bound to the “corporate” video template?

Do you want to know how you could make creative videos that could bring out the best in your business and promise you more views and clients?

Guy Bauer is the Founder and Creative Director of Umault, an agency that makes wildly creative B2B video marketing campaigns people actually want to watch.

How to Use Podcasting to Grow that Beautiful Business of Yours – In Just 7 Minutes with Tim Reid

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  • Discover the secret power of podcasting as a marketing tool
  • Learn more on the importance of loving and treating marketing as a hobby
  • Find out how to overcome those limiting beliefs and get the most out of your marketing



Have you always had a grudge when it comes to marketing? Does hearing the word “market” or “marketing” instill fear in you? Do you feel limited when it comes to marketing your product or business?

Well, fear not. Podcasting is the answer to that! Get the stress out of marketing and let your business grow beautifully and your profit greatly!

Tim Reid is the Host of Australia’s #1 award-winning, 12-year-old Small Business Big Marketing Podcast. He is one of the true early pioneers of podcasting.

How to Make Money with Your Non-Fiction Book – In Just 7 Minutes with Susan Friedmann

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  • Discover how to make the most out of your marketplace and platform to get more sales and get your message across
  • Learn more about the right strategies that guarantees you sales and the “Best Selling” title
  • Find out why you shouldn’t rely too much on Amazon when starting off



Are you struggling with getting the “Best Seller” title on your book? Have you ever dreamt of selling thousands of copies of your book across the world? Do you want to ensure that your book’s message and value will be welcomed by readers? Do you want to know the secrets of marketing your book in a way that guarantees sales?

Susan Friedmann is on a mission to wipe out sameness and add vitality and differentiation to your marketing. She helps struggling non-fiction authors get known and paid for their expertise.

How to Create a Referable Brand – In Just 7 Minutes with Michael Roderick

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  • Discover what makes a brand referable and memorable
  • Find out what to do when you fall into the “echo chamber of the enlightened”
  • Know more about how to make your brand influential and get the most out of it



Are you struggling with getting sales? Don’t want to spend more money on advertisements or marketing, but want to make sure your brand’s message will still be able to reach people? Do you want to know the secrets to spread your brand’s message and identity for free through referrals? Do you want to know how to make your brand referable and unforgettable?

Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable.

How to Double Your Revenue in 90 Days – In Just 7 Minutes with Simon Severino

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  • Discover how to double your revenue without sacrificing your personal life
  • Find out what’s the right sales system and strategy for you
  • Learn more on the importance of working on the form, fit, and function of your sales system



Are you stuck in the revenue plateau and just don’t know how to go out of it? Do you want to still be able to get the income you deserve without sacrificing too much of your personal time? Do you want to make the most out of your sales system and redefine it in a way that can guarantee you better revenue?

Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints GmbH. He teaches growth, strategy, and innovation at select MBA courses across Europe. He is also the host of the Strategy Show. His value proposition is to double your revenue in 90 days and he backs that with a money-back guarantee!

Becoming a Hometown Hero – In Just 7 Minutes with Tom Gaddis

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  • Learn about the ways on how you can be a hometown hero yourself
  • Find out the common mistakes people do when marketing their business
  • Discover a training ground where you can be helped on becoming aware of the ways you can market a business


  • Do you want to know more about what Tom Gaddis does and be trained with stuffs related to how he helps people in becoming a hometown hero? Learn more through clicking this link:


Are you one of those people who have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but have no idea how to go out into the public’s world?

Have you ever thought of being a ‘hometown hero’ in your local position?

Just like you, Tom Gaddis has always wanted to be self-employed and free from the butt-smooching of the corporate world. He started from zero but he wanted success bad enough.

How to Understand the Legal Aspects of Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeremy Streten

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  • Learn about the legal aspects of business and be briefed on how the business’ legal world works
  • Discover the problems entrepreneurs usually encounter and the ways on how to deal with such
  • Find out why it is important to seek legal advice even before a problem appears at your front



Are you a business owner that is stuck with an event that needs legal assistance?

Have you been an entrepreneur for a long period of time but is still stagnant with the state of your business?

Do you manage your business on your own and you’re bothered by the countless possibilities of conflicts you’re not sure how to resolve?

Jeremy Streten is a successful entrepreneur and lawyer applying his passion and experience to help entrepreneurs succeed in their business so that they can live the life that they want to live.

He collaborates with lawyers from different countries – especially the US, UK, and Australia – as he works and writes books to help lawyers and business owners in dealing with the legal aspect of their businesses.

How to Power Your Profits – In Just 7 Minutes with Susie Carder

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  • Discover how knowing your “why” should be the foundation of your business
  • Learn more about why analyzing your key performance is essential to business growth
  • Find out how you can make an effective financial strategic plan that can increase your financial well-being and grow your business



Do you want to learn how to increase your financial well-being and grow your business more? Do you want to know how to make an effective financial strategic plan?

Susie Carder has created $10 million dollar businesses and her genius is the ability to simplify complicated issues by creating simple proven systems that create dramatic growth. She’s helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs increase revenues by anywhere from 25% to over 3,000%.

How a Strong Brand Identity Can Help You Build a Successful and Sustainable Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Ross Kimbarovsky

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  • Discover how planning your marketing strategies and brand is important
  • Find out why investing in a high-quality and world-class brand logo, and web design is better than under-investing
  • Learn how first impressions matter in a business brand



Are you struggling with how to build your own brand? Are you planning on using an online logo generator for your brand?

Don’t settle with the generic instead go with something mesmeric. Be authentic with your brand and settle with something high-quality and world-class while paying less! First impressions matter, so grab their attention with your authenticity and the rest will follow.

Ross Kimbarovsky is the Founder and CEO of Crowdspring where 220,000+ creatives help businesses, startups, agencies, and non-profits with high-quality custom logos, web and graphic design, product design, and business names.

How to Connect Your Business with the Next Generation of Smart Talent – In Just 7 Minutes with Jordan Levy

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  • Discover how hiring the next generation could be one of your best investments yet
  • Learn more on how to recruit next generations as interns
  • Find out why hiring next generations is important in growing your business



Is your business slowly lacking connection with all the new changes brought by time? Do you want to know how you can engage more and increase your audience even with the change?

Welcoming the next generation of smart, young, and fresh talent is one of the greatest investments you can give to your business. With this change, you may be able to get a bigger audience, more connections, and a booming profit. Don’t be the boomer in the business industry and stay updated and fresh with the new-gen!

Jordan Levy is a serial education technology entrepreneur. He has started two EdTech companies that help higher-ed programs bridge the skills gap for their students through experiential learning.

How to Stop Your Website from Killing Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Carol Dunlop

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  • Find out what you need to fill your website with and how to make it navigable for people to know that they are in the right place
  • Learn how not to be chasing all the shiny objects you see and instead find the clarity to know who you’re working with, what their problem is, and how you solve it
  • Find out how to make your marketing a money magnet



Are you someone who loves chasing shiny objects and never ever gets to decide which way to go and focus on?

Do you love following people who seem to have the solution you are looking for, but nothing is tried, tested and true with them?

Is your website navigable and filled with essential elements people truly look for?

How do you turn your marketing into something that actually works and bring in money for you?

Carol J. Dunlop, The Online WOW! Strategist and 3X Amazon Best-selling author teaches brilliant creators to convert marketing into money using their WOW! website as their hub.

How to Build, Live, and Give – In Just 7 Minutes with Paul Higgins

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  • Find out the secrets to let you stand out in the market
  • How to name your price as an established authority and not charging based on what the market perceives
  • Find out why even if your work could speak for itself, no one would hear it, and why the need for you to be proactive



Are you up for selling your business but couldn’t for lack of a repeatable sales system?

Is your personal life compromised for working too many hours, and you can’t hand off sales to anyone?

Do you get burned by people who try to fix things, over-promise but under-deliver?

Paul Higgins is a High Performing Business Mentor, podcaster, and published author who helps 7 Figure Business Owners with Sales & Teams so they can BUILD LIVE & GIVE. He has 27 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, finishing up an 18-year gig at The Coca-Cola Company as a Director.

How to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret and Start Earning the Rewards You Deserve – In Just 7 Minutes with Brett Jarman

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  • Find out the secrets to let you stand out in the market
  • How to name your price as an established authority and not charging based on what the market perceives
  • Find out why even if your work could speak for itself, no one would hear it, and why the need for you to be proactive



Have you been wondering why, despite having excellent work, nothing is happening to your business?

Do you find yourself always comparing your price with what the market perceives?

Are you experiencing irregular cash flows and going the feast and famine route?

Have you been working on tasks that don’t move the needle in your business?

Are you not getting any referrals?

Brett Jarman is a business strategist and the Founder of Help Me Leverage, providing training and coaching for business, and the Founder of Experts On Air, a podcast production agency.

How to Pre-Condition Prospects to Hire You Before They Meet with You – In Just 7 Minutes with Michael DeLon

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  • Discover how to establish, market, and monetize your credibility get ready and avoid making a premature proposition
  • Find out how authenticity can get you more and promising prospects in the market
  • Learn how by increasing your credibility, you’ll increase your sales, because prospects will see you differently



How do your prospects see you? Do they look at you as a credible expert…or do you look just like your competitors?

Prospects “look” at you before they hire you. If you “look” like everyone else, there’s no reason for them to hire you, so you lose the sale.

Michael DeLon is the ‘credibility creator’. He helps business professionals transform into recognized experts by helping them establish, market, and monetize their credibility.

How to Start Your “Someday When” Project Now – In Just 7 Minutes with Kristin Swanson

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  • Discover how to ditch the ‘someday when’ thinking and live a day with ease, instead of feeling behind or depleted
  • Find out how to change fear and resistance and make it into determination, working towards your highest goals instead of feeling victim to a busy schedule
  • Know more about why small steps and consistency can make you and your business better



Are you struggling to choose between whether you should do it or not? Do you end up constantly saying to yourself, “Someday when…” or “Soon…”?

Do you find yourself putting off your most important business growth and scaling initiatives until “someday”?

Face it, there is no right time. There is no ‘someday when’.

Kristin Swanson helps service-based entrepreneurs execute their ‘someday when’ procrastinate projects with ease. As a cancer survivor and Co-Active Coaches Institute trained Coach, Kristin has learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and how to stop waiting until someday to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that you only live once, she has gained perspective, tools, and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instils in us.

Your 1-Page Marketing Plan – In Just 7 Minutes with Mostafa Hosseini

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  • Discover the impact of goal setting on your planning and executing stage
  • Learn the importance of a concise goal instead of multiple at once
  • Know more about how you can avoid stress with the right marketing plan



Are you sure you’ve got the right marketing plan for your business?

Did you know you can have your own marketing formula as easy as counting from one to three? Do you want to know what’s the Simple Marketing Formula and how it can end all your frustration, and confusion?

Mostafa Hosseini specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and experts create and implement their 1-page marketing plan in 7 days or less!

How to 10x Your Launch Without Growing Your List or Spending Money on Ads – In Just 7 Minutes with Laura Sprinkle

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  • Discover how partnerships can help you save less, and market more
  • Find out how creating an affiliate partner program can grow out your revenue 10x more
  • Learn more about the value of building business relationships with your list



Are your expenses on marketing more than your profit or revenue? Do you want to know the secret on how you can make 10x more revenue while spending less to none on ads?

Have more students in your course, more money in your pocket, and more fun in your launches!

Laura Sprinkle is an affiliate partnerships strategist who specializes in working with digital course creators. She has helped seven-figure industry leaders and budding entrepreneurs garner over $14 million in partner revenue.

How to Speak Up, and Get New Clients – In Just 7 Minutes with Arvee Robinson

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  • Discover how it how to use public speaking as a free and effective marketing strategy
  • Learn how to use your message to get more leads and clients
  • Find out about the three important key points in public speaking and how these can help you become a superstar speaker even if you have never spoken in public before



Are you stuck and struggling with how to get more clients? Do your sales starting to fluctuate?

Did you know there’s a free marketing strategy that can guarantee you to get high paying clients? Yes. It exists, and you’ll only need your voice!

Arvee Robinson is the Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and author of Speak Up, Get Clients. She teaches business owners how to speak and generate leads, attracts clients, and grow their businesses fast.

The Simple Formula for Success in Web Design – In Just 7 Minutes with Jon Hollenberg

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  • Find out how you can have a successful website through a simple formula
  • Learn the importance of gaining self-knowledge about digital marketing
  • Discover how design is important for your website



Are you struggling to get traffic to your website?

What does it take to build a great looking, high performing website that gets found in Google and generates leads and enquiries?

How to Move from Anonymous to Authority – In Just 7 Minutes with Melanie Colling

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  • Discover how to accelerate your authority in your field, industry, or niche
  • Learn how you can leverage your message through podcasting and become a ‘stand out’ in your field
  • Know how to get ‘effortless attention’ from people who matter to you and and your business through podcasting



Want to get your word out there but don’t know how?

Are you sure you’re using the right media to connect and engage with your potential new clients?

Do you want to know an easier, more fun, and amazingly cost-efficient way to spread your message?

Melanie Colling is the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, Co-Founder of Experts on Air, a podcast booking agency, the host of the Business Connections Podcast and Amazon International best-selling Co-Author of You Are a Genius.

Why Your Business Is Not as Profitable as It Should Be and What You Can Do About It – In Just 7 Minutes with Adam Lean

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  • Discover how to make more profit without sacrificing more time and money
  • Learn more on which numbers you should be focusing on- profit, revenue, or cashflow
  • Find out how you can be an expert in your craft and business at the same time



Do you want to know the secrets of how to be more profitable? Do you care more about your profits than your cashflow? Are you sure you’re doing your business right?

Adam Lean has been an accountant and built a 7-figure business that grew to be an industry leader. He now wants to help 10,000 business owners know how to make more money.

How to Become a Mindful Millionaire – In Just 7 Minutes with Leisa Peterson

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  • Discover where your current money habits come from and why you feel the way you do about money and success
  • Find out how to get out of the scarcity mindset and how to stop financial self-sabotage and procrastination
  • What true financial independence looks like and how to discover the millionaire within



Is wealth building just about positive thinking and “manifesting” things into reality

Do you want to be financially secure so that you can live prosperously?

Leisa Peterson is a coach, author, business growth strategist, and founder of WealthClinic, She helps people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and creating financial security for themselves.

How to Build a Website for Google’s Perfect World – In Just 7 Minutes with Geoff Atkinson

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  • Discover how to attain organic search traffic for your website
  • Know more about creating a website that Google can understand
  • Find out more about why PageSpeed and SEO is important for your website and to gain organic interactions



Are you struggling to get your website views and interactions? Do you want to get those organically?

Are you familiar with how PageSpeed and SEO work? Did you know that it can affect how Google understands your website?

Geoff Atkinson is the former Senior Vice President of Marketing at He is now the Founder-CEO of Huckabuy, an SEO software company.

How to be a Profitable Podcast Guest So You Can Generate New Leads in Just One Hour Per Week – In Just 7 Minutes with Kristin Molenaar

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  • Learn how to work less and make more by becoming a podcast guest
  • Discover the advantages of focusing on connections rather than automation
  • Know more on how to avoid the barriers between you and your clients or customers



Do you want to know how you can generate new leads in just one hour per week? Do you want to share your insights, learnings, and business with others without wasting your time and resources?

Kristin Molenaar lives by the mantra, “work less + make more”. As CEO of YesBoss, she helps entrepreneurs get featured as guests on podcast shows so they can generate new leads in one hour per week.

How to Use Instagram To Build Your Brand and Reach Your Audience on a Global Scale – In Just 7 Minutes with Jake Davey

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  • Find out how to use Instagram to build your brand and reach your audience on a global scale
  • Learn how to forge deeper connections with people even if the majority of those you do business with you might never meet in person
  • Find out how you can give people something that gets them excited, moves their emotion slightly so they will come back for more



Have you done all you can in social media and just don’t seem to get noticed?

Even how hard you try to generate leads all you get are crickets.

How about, take a pause, and listen to Jake. He might have something that would resonate with what you’re facing now.

Jake Davey empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to be seen as the go-to expert and authority in their industry by growing their first 10,000 followers on Instagram without spending a penny on paid advertising.

How to Get Clients with Cookies – In Just 7 Minutes with Chelsea Martin

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  • Discover how to improve your relationship with your clients through gifting
  • Learn the proper way of gifting your clients through a personal level rather than a call-to-action gift
  • Find out different substitutes that you can use as gifts for your clients instead of the regular pens and t-shirts



Do you want to know how to get more clients? Do you want to build a strong relationship with your clients? Do you want to know how you can swoon them off their feet and make them think that you’re different than the rest?

Chelsea Martin is a Co-Owner of Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in personalized, corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression with clients, partners, and prospects.

How to Sell More with Email Without Being a Jerk – In Just 7 Minutes with Terry Dean

Check out episode
  • Discover how to craft the perfect email for your email list with guarantee for more sales and interests from your clients
  • Learn about the “constipated content” and how to avoid it
  • Find out how to sell more through the use of email without being a jerk



Are you tired of not making enough money? Are you using your email list wisely to get more sales or are you sending out “constipated content”? Do you want to know the secrets to sell more with the use of emailing and your business personality?

Terry Dean started his online business from scratch in 1996. He went from delivering pizzas to designing an Internet Lifestyle business which gave him both the freedom and the money to enjoy life. Within a few years he was also consulting with home-based businesses, local companies, and million-dollar corporations. His original company and websites were sold in 2004, and in 2006 he launched MyMarketingCoach as a solution for entrepreneurs who are overworked, overstressed, and not earning the kind of income they want in their businesses.

Coaching Isn’t Therapy, It’s About Product Development with You as the Product – In Just 7 Minutes with Babette Bensoussan

Check out episode
  • Discover how to improve yourself and your choices through proper guidance, coaching, or counselling
  • Learn more on the importance of having guidance and clarity as a mean to understand your choices and which are right for you and your life or business
  • Find out how to overcome your limiting beliefs and make the right choice when you allow yourself to be guided



Are you in the midst of making a great decision but aren’t sure if it really is the right decision? Are you looking for some clarity with how you’re handling your promotion, or work, or anything that feels like a big thing for you? Do you want to make sure that your choices are what’s meant for you and your business, brand, or life?

Babette Bensoussan is a decision-making Maverick. She supports organizations to make better competitive decisions and support individuals to make better decisions about their life, careers, and leadership.

How to Outsmart Your Brain – In Just 7 Minutes with Marcia Reynolds

Check out episode
  • Discover the importance of being emotionally intelligent and its benefit to your well-being and business
  • Learn how to clear out your thoughts and get the best out of your mind and into your business
  • Find out about the importance of having a clear mind in order for your business to progress and be more organized



Has your mind been feeling foggy recently that you can’t seem to think straight or focus on things? Have you been feeling overwhelmed and stuck because you can’t think properly? Are your emotions getting the best of your ideas and thinking time?

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is an expert on how to use your emotions to manage your mind. She has four award-winning books, has taught in 41 countries, and reached thousands more online.

How to Create Dynamic Virtual Experiences – In Just 7 Minutes with Brian Fanzo

Check out episode
  • Discover how to create the best virtual experience for you and your clients especially in the midst of COVID and the slow degradation of offline events
  • Learn how to move your offline event online and discover the limitless features that lies behind it
  • Find out how technology can help you make a deeper connection and understanding with your team or clients through a dynamic virtual experience



In the midst of this pandemic, are you looking for a way to host your events? Do you want to change and bring the offline to the online world?

Do you want to know how you could still host your event while making it a more dynamic experience for your clients or team, virtually? Are you ready to create a dynamic virtual experience?

Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist, virtual keynote speaker and podcaster helping brands and leaders find synergy between tech and humanity.

How to Choose the Right Online Course Platform – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeff Cobb

Check out episode
  • Discover which online course platform or LMS is right for your online course business and learning objectives
  • Learn about the importance of knowing your focus areas that is critical for unlocking the full potential of your online course business
  • Find out how the right platform can make it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the online course business



Do you keep on creating online courses?

But are confused by all the online course platform choices?

Are you sure you’re using the right platform to ‘house’ your content, optimizes user experience to your students at the same time making it easier to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale business?

You’re not alone! That’s why Jeff Cobb drawn on his 20 years of e-learning and online course platform experience to help you cut through the confusion and choose the right platform.

How to Explode Your Brand Using Content Marketing – In Just 7 Minutes with Lisa Bourke

Check out episode
  • Learn how content creation helps expand your business and attract more clients
  • Discover how to actively create content using the right social media platform that suits your business
  • Know more on how to properly and effectively create content through understanding your client’s needs



Are you struggling to create content? Is it hard for you to increase engagement and sales through your content? Are you sure you’re doing it the right way?

Lisa Bourke is the founder of Content Hive where she helps brands build engagement, authority, media, and leads through effective content creation.

How to Generate Revenue with Integrity and Honesty – In Just 7 Minutes with Ryan Tuckwood

Check out episode
  • Learn how to articulate your value proposition clearly to increase sales productivity
  • Find out how to generate sales by letting consumers see your product’s value not just you seeing it
  • Discover a sales model that creates a relationship-based approach with consumers for more revenue generation



How do you get people to listen, connect, and take action, that is to buy from you?

It is in articulating your message by way of clearly communicating your value that it quickens and effectively fast track your business growth.

Ryan Tuckwood is an introverted engineer turned award-winning ethical sales trainer, who secured three investors on shark tank. He is on a mission to change the perception of sales around the globe.

How to Make Your Marketing Videos More Engaging and Exciting – In Just 7 Minutes with Lou Bortone

Check out episode
  • Discover the value and importance of video marketing in growing your business
  • Learn more about how to overcome the fear of video marketing and which matters most- the quality or its content
  • Know more on the different creative ways on how to film your own video for marketing



Are you struggling when it comes to video marketing whether it’s because you’re shy to be in front of the camera or you just don’t know how to do it?

Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube back 15 years ago, back in 2005. He’s been in that space as a specialist refining and fine-tuning and as an innovator at the leading edge of using videos online.

How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Series – In Just 7 Minutes with Kimberly Weitkamp

Check out episode
  • Discover how to increase your open rate through Kimberly’s Guide, Crafting the Perfect Welcome Series
  • Learn how to craft the “perfect welcome” for your clients and keep them engaged with you and your product
  • Know more on how to better engage with your clients through the use of copywriting and frequent emailing



Are you struggling to keep your clients engaged in your business? Is your open rate decreasing and your clients slowly losing interest?

Kimberly Weitkamp is a very successful marketing strategist, podcaster, and conversion copywriter, which is real science in itself. She created and uses the Audience Conversion Model to help entrepreneurs convert their audiences from strangers to loyal fans.

How to Benefit from the Post-Pandemic Retreat Boom! – In Just 7 Minutes with Sheri Rosenthal

Check out episode
  • Learn how to make your business as a retreat leader grow and become more profitable
  • Discover ways on how to increase your sales and take your business as a retreat leader online
  • Recognize the mistakes your business is making and know the right and proper solutions for it



Have you ever grasped the difference between a retreat and a workshop? Has your business as a retreat leader been slow because of the pandemic or because you’re just not attracting enough attention?

Sheri Rosenthal is a practicing physician. She is also the owner of Journeys of the Spirit Travel. It’s a boutique agency specializing in the planning and management of group travel. She loves helping clients plan, fills, and profit from transformational retreats that change lives while adding serious income to their bottom line.

How to Write a Killer Email Sequence That Converts – In Just 7 Minutes with Shawn Finder

Check out episode
  • Discover how to convert your email list to loyal and engaged customers by constructing a killer email sequence
  • Learn how to make an email sequence that would bring in sales and customers to your business
  • Find out the do’s and don’ts of proper emailing in order to attract more customers into your business



Are you sure you’re writing the right email for your customers? Are they really reading your emails or are they just stuck in their spam folders not wanting to be opened?

Shawn Finder, at the age of 24, entered the entrepreneurial world after competing as one of Canada’s top-ranked tennis players. He founded ExchangeLeads in 2013 which helps B2B companies build quality lists for outreaching new prospects. This was followed by his new venture Autoklose in 2017 that combines both sales engagement and list building all-in-one platform.

The Imposter Illusion: How to Break Free of It – In Just 7 Minutes with Nina Cooke

Check out episode
  • Know more about the imposter syndrome and its effects as a hindrance on your business and its potentials
  • Find out what hinders you from improving your business through Nina’s Scorecard
  • Learn how having a constructive mindset and attitude can further improve your business



Does it feel like your business is stuck, that no matter how much money you put into it, it just doesn’t move forward? Are you about to lose hope on your business progressing?

Nina Cooke helps consultants and others build authority and boost their revenue within a year, and I know from personal connections, you’ve done a lot better than that with some people as well, by creating an unstoppable big action-taking mindset. She’s been featured in Forbes and on BBC, that’s the British Broadcasting Company radio.

How to Use Powerful, Million-Dollar, Visual Models to Drive Revenue and Growth Up – In Just 7 Minutes with Simon Bowen

Check out episode
  • Know more on how to turn your product or service’s complexity to simplicity without losing its value
  • Learn why you need to make an effort to express the profound and hidden value of your product and service in a simple way through visual
  • Discover how to turn your big ideas into a ‘sight-bite’ that expresses the idea in a simple, powerful and with less overwhelm



Does it feel difficult for you to market your product?

Is your market able to visualize the value of your product through the help of visual models that simplifies the complex?

It’s time for you to show your genius through visual content.

Simon Bowen is the founder of The Models Method and creator of The Genius Model. Simon’s forte is using visual models to simplify what would otherwise perhaps be a complex value proposition and elevate your influence in doing so.

How to Get Skaled – In Just 7 Minutes with Jake Dunlap

Check out episode
  • Discover how to scale up your business through the use and help of modern technology that align Marketing and Sales for a smoother buyer experience
  • Learn more about the different levels of growth and which level are you in
  • Find out the importance of the optimization mindset in scaling up your business and choosing the road to growth and change



Do you want to scale up your business, increase sales, and unleash its full potential but just don’t know how to do it?

Do you know which are the parts of your business that needs changing? Or do you have no idea what needs to be changed at all?

Jake Dunlap is the Founder and CEO of Skaled Consulting that helps executives around the world accelerate business growth with data-backed sales solutions. Before building Skaled, he held the roles of VP of Sales at NoWait (acquired by Yelp), Head of Sales and Customer Success at Chartbeat, and VP of Sales at Glassdoor (acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2 billion in 2018).

Why Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not) – In Just 7 Minutes with Re Perez

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  • Learn how to attract and ultimately convert the right type of prospects with the right branding
  • Discover how to build a brand that has a future trajectory to avoid rebranding every so often
  • Find out how to create a brand that is amplified visually, verbally, and experientially so that it truly resonates with the right leads



Are you not attracting and converting the right prospects?

It could be that you are rebranding every so often you already lost count. Or else, it is all over the place.

Brands give people a sense of trust and connection. When your message is fully dialed in and people resonate with it, it helps you grow your business.

Re Perez is a Brand Strategist and the CEO of Branding For The People, an award-winning brand transformation agency that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders create authentic, iconic, and memorable brands.

How to Engineer Growth Systems to Scale Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Chris Goegan

Check out episode
  • Learn the importance of having the right growth system for your business
  • Discover how the ‘Engineered Growth Systems’ will help grow a business to whatever level is desired
  • Build a growth system that allow you to take on more clients and more money



Are you where you want to be, or, should your business be much bigger than what it is?

Do you want to scale up your business but don’t know how to do it?

Do you know what growth system best fits your business?

Chris Goegan is an expert in engineering scalable growth systems for business owners, brought by the serial combination of his professional engineering and marketing background for 20 years. Chris draws on his background as a high volume manufacturing engineer, in-the-trenches sales professional, marketer, and endurance athlete.

How to Prepare and Strategize for Generating Sales on Amazon – In Just 7 Minutes with Mike Begg

Check out episode
  • Discover how to increase your brand discovery and sales through the use of Amazon
  • Find out how to make your product “retail-ready” for Amazon
  • Learn why Amazon is one of the best discovery platforms worth investing your product on and how to maximize that investment



Have you already invested your product on the Amazon platform? Are you satisfied with the results it’s getting? Do you want to know the secret to improving your sales and results and how to make the most out of your investment in Amazon?

Mike Begg is an expert in eCommerce and digital marketing. He co-founded AMZ Advisers and has grown the business to over $10M/year in ad spend and $100M/year in Amazon sales.

How to Scale Up Your Agency When You’re Already at Max – In Just 7 Minutes with Breanne Dyck

Check out episode
  • Discover how to grow and maximize your business without the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Know more how to assess and figure what the real problem is in your business
  • Learn more on how to approach the problem in your business using a better, effective and more efficient solution with Breanne’s help



Does it feel like it’s nearly impossible to grow your business once it has reached its maximum? Do you want to grow your business without feeling overwhelmed and overworked?

Breanne Dyck is the co-founder of the Visionary CEO Academy, She helps coaches, agency owners, and consultants who are overwhelmed and burning out because they’ve hit maximum capacity.

How to Build Your Authority Online and Grow Your Business Profitably – In Just 7 Minutes with Ash Roy

Check out episode
  • Understand what is an empathy map and why does it matter to you as a business owner and/or a content creator/thought leader
  • Learn the importance of empathizing with customers, understanding your target audience or your customers better and ‘walk in their shoes’
  • Recognize why it is helpful to create content that emotionally connects with your prospect which is necessary to deliver a transformation



Do you have a great product but you don’t get the number of sales you want? Do you believe your product deserves more than what the current number of sales are?

Ash Roy hosts the Productive Insights Podcast, and he features some of the world’s absolutely top-shelf leading online entrepreneurs including Seth Godin, Amy Porterfield, Ryan Deiss, just to name a few. Also, he helps business owners to build their authority online and to do so profitably.

How to Leverage Opportunities and Build a Strong Business in Today’s World – In Just 7 Minutes with Melinda Cohan

Check out episode
  • Find out the business system that can help in overcoming sporadic revenue and plateaus to achieve sustainable business growth
  • Learn the stages of your business lifecycle and identify which phase are you in
  • Discover the gaps in your business in order for you to make the necessary adjustments for success



Are you stuck in the sporadic revenue and plateau? Are you overwhelmed with your business? Are you’re struggling to look for a system that would work for your business?

Melinda Cohan is a systems expert, helping coaches and consultants get over the task of running their business and focusing on the actual business of what they all love to do, which is to work with clients.

She’s the creator of The Coaching Business System, the absolutely world-class coach’s console software, and a team bundle coaching with training and technology to help you create a strong business.

How to Create Client Relationships = Bliss, Really! – In Just 7 Minutes with Trish Tagle

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  • Discover how to create client relationships that equal bliss using the “real life, done this before” intuitive style to shaping client relationships that are more effortless, and more collaborative
  • Learn how having the right mindset will help to stop the fear of any client-facing situations through clear concise steps to take to change how you interact with your clients
  • Find out how to start a great client relationship or how to start over and create a great relationship with a pain in the ass client that you inherited


  • Want to Know What to Say to Clients When They Want More for Free? Make this a less stressful process for yourself and download Trish’ script today:


As a B2B expert in the service-based business, are you tired of being seen as a commodity by your clients?

Do you feel like you are in the movie “GROUNDHOG DAY;” having the same conversation with the same client over and over again in the same week, like a loop on replay.

Are you someone who waits until the last minute to bring up issues with the client or to talk to the client about the account in general?

Does your client constantly try to nickel and dime you or get work for free?

Trish Tagle is an established efficiency and client relationship expert who uses frameworks developed from her time in the fashion and digital industries to create thriving environments while humanizing the corporate setting.

How to Get More Leads and Sales from Your Website – In Just 7 Minutes with Peter Sandeen

Check out episode
  • Discover how to make the most out of your website in order to increase site interactions and sales
  • Learn how to put your clients in your email list through the right marketing strategy
  • Know more on how to keep your clients engaged in your business and soon add money to your bank account



Are you struggling to get sales no matter how good your website looks? Does your website make people understand that your offer would be valuable for them?

People buy things when they understand that those things are valuable to them. It has little to do with marketing tactics or strategies. It’s about what you say with your marketing.

Peter Sandeen is called the marketer’s marketer because so many of his clients are marketing experts. After years of copywriting and conversion optimization, he helps people get more leads and sales from their website.

How to Say Goodbye to the One Call Close – In Just 7 Minutes with Dallas Travers

Check out episode
  • Learn how to get clients without actually selling
  • Find out how to turn your sales conversations into sales conversions
  • Discover how to make your sales process as easy as turning on your faucet bringing in a steady flow of clients



For some who are allergic to selling, the process seems to be a daunting task that gets complicated than it ever needs to be. One works harder than you should and still ending up not closing the deal.

How do you let go of the pressure of selling and still fill your client pipeline?

Over the last 15 years, Dallas Travers started three six-figure businesses from scratch. Along the way, she’s made a ton of mistakes, had some major successes, and learned precisely how to build a coaching business that makes a real difference in the world and supports the lifestyle she desires.

Masterminds: Everything You Need to Know – In Just 7 Minutes with Brad Hart

Check out episode
  • Discover exactly what a Mastermind is, how they differ from a group coaching program, and what they mean for your future
  • Learn how to start your own successful mastermind, without having to struggle using up all your personal time
  • Find out how to have a profitable mastermind that facilitate a healthy, thriving mastermind community where everyone wins


Are you spending most of your time solving other people’s problems but not getting enough income?

Are you stuck in the income roller coaster? Do you want to be a mastermind in your own expertise?

Do you want to know how to leverage your knowledge and build your own mastermind?

Brad Hart helps people build mastermind groups to increase their income and impact exponentially.

How to Grow Your Contracting Business in a Downturn – In Just 7 Minutes with Tom Reber

Check out episode
  • Discover how you can increase your sales as a contractor without overworking
  • Know more on how to avoid unwanted mistakes in your business as a contractor
  • Learn how to avoid “Feast or Famine” through recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your business


Is it difficult for you to take your business as a contractor to the next level? Do you want to steady and widen your sales? Are you ready to avoid “feast and famine”?

Tom Reber is the creator of The Contractor Fight, a movement of Home Improvement Contractors who are taking back control of their businesses and fattening their wallets.

How to Build a Responsive Email List Hungry for Your Offers – In Just 7 Minutes with Linda Claire Puig

Check out episode
  • Discover how to increase your email list through developing loyal and engaged subscribers
  • Learn how to develop a really strong connection, that profitable, authentic relationship with your subscribers
  • Gain insights on how devoting your time to writing striking weekly newsletters can increase your email list


Are you struggling to gain loyal and engaged subscribers in your email list? Are you devoting your time to write remarkable weekly newsletters that address your subscribers’ needs and their issues?

Linda Puig is a relationship-marketing expert, key phrase “relationship marketing”, and founder of Ready2Go Articles, which provides professionally written done-for-you content that helps you market with ease, and she’s also the author of The Six-Figure Newsletter.

How to Create Online Interactive Events that Triple Your Revenue – In Just 7 Minutes with Hoyin Cheung

Check out episode
  • Discover how to grow your revenue, and connect with your audience in the most interactive way online
  • Learn how to have an easy, face-to-face interaction just like in real life in this time of the ‘new normal’
  • Find out how to foster interactive collaborations, networking opportunities, and a great attendee experience from the comfort of your home with Remo


In this time of the new normal, do you struggle to humanize your connections when organizing online events and remote work?

With lives are becoming more digital, looking for something that’s more real feels like a revolution.

Hoyin Cheung is a serial entrepreneur with an 8-figure Amazon business, a mobile agency, and also a $1M Annual Recurring Revenue B2B SaaS company. Hoyin has 7+ years of experience building remote teams and has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Best Buy, and many others. His new venture is Remo, the next-gen video-first workspace for remote teams and virtual events.

World’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets Revealed – In Just 7 Minutes with Robert ‘Bob’ Bly

Check out episode
  • Discover how to write kick-butt copy that can double the results of your marketing campaigns–quickly and easily!
  • Learn the proven and tested formulas of direct response copywriting that informs and drives clicks, conversions, leads, and sales into the stratosphere
  • Find out why your copy isn’t converting and why basic skills of persuasion is important



‘I’m doing a lot of marketing, I think my product is great. People seem to love it when they have it, but it’s not selling.’— As an entrepreneur that is looking to improve marketing ROI, is this familiar?

So, you’ve got the ‘winning product’…and you did your marketing in place. But your copy isn’t converting.

What could be the solution?

Robert ‘Bob’ Bly is a veteran direct response copywriter with 4+ decades of experience in business-to-business and direct marketing.

He has written copy for over 100 clients including IBM, AT&T, Medical Economics, Praxair, and Agora Publishing.

How to Easily and Effortlessly Communicate Your Brand to Your Right People – In Just 7 Minutes with Helen Tremethick

Check out episode
  • Know more about how to broadcast your brand voice, courage, and confidence easily and effortlessly
  • Discover how to grow your business while being authentically you, overcoming procrastination, and not holding back on that rebrands that you’re waiting for
  • Learn the pitfalls of smushing your brand into somebody else’s template, while trying to do what somebody else has done successfully, and hoping to have the same results for your brand



It’s time to turn your ho-hum audience into a crowd of raving fans.

Just imagine how your business would change if you could start your sales conversation with an audience who already knows that you’re the person for them.

Helen Tremethick is a brand voice strategist, advisor, and copywriter who helps scaling entrepreneurs find the words they need to get the clients they want. She’s the CEO of The Communications Distillery.

How to Get Started with SEO – In Just 7 Minutes with Andrew Allen

Check out episode
  • Know more about SEO and how it can help boost your website’s visibility and interaction
  • Discover the advantages of having some basic knowledge of SEO in the growth of your business’ website
  • Learn how having the right SEO can help increase your visibility online



Does it trouble you to get your hands on the perfect SEO for your website because you either don’t have the budget to hire an SEO agency or you just don’t have any knowledge about it?

Andrew Allen has been doing SEO, search engine optimization, for more than eight years. He has helped a huge variety of clients from one-man bands like to international retailers. He now runs a very interesting service called Hike SEO. It’s a platform that helps small to medium-sized business owners conquer Google.

How to Build a Productive Remote Team to Scale Your Business Growth – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeff Hunter

Check out episode
  • Discover how having a remote team can help move your business forward
  • Know more about the benefits of having a remote team for your business
  • Learn how to delegate menial tasks to your virtual assistant or remote team


  • Discover the secret weapon of highly productive people. Instantly scale your business with 80+ virtual assistants.: Check-out


As an entrepreneur, are you struggling to manage your business? Are you having difficulties in managing your time because you have so many things to do?

Jeff J. Hunter builds personal brands for people that are pretty successful, accomplished CEOs and founders who already deliver their business achievements to become influencers in their category. He also happens to have a virtual assistant company. He has hired hundreds of people remotely to not only power his own business but also businesses all over the world.

Master the Mindset of a Confident Closer – In Just 7 Minutes with Chandell Labbozzetta

Check out episode
  • Discover how to attract a steady flow of your ideal clients through mastering the mindset of a confident closer
  • Learn the proven sales techniques and NLP techniques that rebuild your self-esteem, improve communication, and empower negotiation transforming you into a confident closer
  • Know more on how to solve the problem of feeling insecure when it comes to offering, influencing, or persuading your clients about the value of your offer



Do you ever just lose confidence when closing an offer? Do you struggle in persuading your clients to close the deal? Are you having a hard time influencing your clients?

Chandell Labbozzetta is a confidence maker, sales strategist, and also a qualified master trainer of neuro-linguistic programming otherwise known as NLP. She’s specialty is helping people fire as in getting rid of the itty bitty shitty committee. She brings integrity back into the sales process so that you can enjoy win-win-win outcomes, authentic, organically enrolling people from prospects into clients.

7 Proven Steps to Superior Cash Flow – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeff Prager

Check out episode
  • Learn how to explode your cash flow and pay yourself what you deserve without borrowing more or working more
  • Learn how to get your cash flow back on track​
  • Discover how to develop a system for always staying cash flow positive


  • Checkout Jeff’s Freebie: Email Jeff at, and he’ll get you your cash flow calculator.


Would you like more cash in your bank tomorrow than you have today?

Jeff Prager is the founder of Cash Flow Engineering, LLC. He is a retired CPA, author, speaker and former CEO/CFO, founder, and owner of several successful multimillion-dollar companies. He was one of the founders of Ashworth Golf Clothing, the CFO/partner of a large land development company and the owner of Strauss Homes, which was once rated as the second largest privately-owned home builder in Colorado and in the top 100 privately-owned companies of Colorado (2003).

How to Generate Six-Figures or More Every Month with High Ticket Automated Webinar Funnels – In Just 7 Minutes with Sam Bell

Check out episode
  • Discover ways on how to increase your sales through Sam’s Minimal Viable Offer formula
  • Learn how to maximize your product or service’s potential by giving the right offer to your clients
  • Recognize the mistakes in your marketing strategy and product offer and learn how to fix them


  • PreSell Your Product or Service For Profit Before Finishing The Offer With The M.V.O & M.V.F Formula To Finally Create A Profitable Coaching / Consulting Biz That Pays You Daily!​​: Check out


Have you ever felt hopeless about getting a fully booked calendar for your business? Are you struggling to get high ticket sales?

Sam Bell is known as the Social Ads Engineer. He has served coaches, consultants, and service providers by helping them achieve high ticket sales and fully booked appointments in their calendars. He helps them get consistent clients through his own philosophy called the minimal viable offer formula.

How to Discover Your Three Word Rebellion – In Just 7 Minutes with Michelle Mazur

Check out episode
  • Discover how to increase the impact of your business to your customers through your own three-word rebellion
  • Learn how having a five-second rule can increase your business’ potential
  • Discover the importance of having your own one-of-a-kind message to help you improve the influence of your business and possibly start a movement



Does it feel like your business isn’t making an impact on your customers no matter how much money you’ve spent on marketing it?

Michelle Mazur has worked with multiple, game-changing business owners who have difficulty in having a clear and concise message for their business. She helps business owners craft a powerful and captivating message by combining successful social movements with qualitative research.

How to Turn Your Content into Your Best Sales Tool – In Just 7 Minutes with Kronda Adair

Check out episode
  • Learn how to craft an online marketing experience through your content capturing your ideal clients’ attention, introducing them to your brand, and turning them into customers
  • Learn how to use your content to optimize your sales process
  • Discover why content and sales go hand in hand



Kronda Adair is the creator of the Foundations Framework for service-based business owners. She is a content marketing coach and automation specialist for mission-driven badasses who want to scale their service business.

How to Scale Your Business Fast – In Just 7 Minutes with Allan Dib

Check out episode
  • Learn what a marketing plan is all about and why it is important for any business
  • Learn how can Allan’s 1-page marketing plan help map out your own sophisticated marketing plan and go from zero to marketing hero.
  • Discover how to build a marketing infrastructure and scale rapidly


  • Checkout Allan’s 1-Page Marketing Plan Canvas Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Create a Marketing Plan That Will Propel Your Business Growth:


Allan Dib is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert, and #1 bestselling author. He has started, grown, and successfully exited multiple businesses in various industries. Allan grew his business from startup to four years later being named by Business Review Weekly (BRW)’s as one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies.

How to Validate Your App Idea and Get to Market Faster and Cheaper – In Just 7 Minutes with Patrick Bentley

Check out episode
  • Discover the biggest mistakes businesses make when building their app
  • Learn the valuable free action you can take today to get closer to putting your app in the hands of users and get closer to making money
  • Discover how to build a sustainable business around your application using Launchtrail system to answer the most important questions about how to serve your customers and make revenue


  • Checkout Patrick’s Idea Validation Workbook: Learn 4 Steps You Can Take Today to get Closer to Revenue from Your App:


Patrick Bentley is a software developer and Founder of the Launchtrail system. He works with non-technical businesses to use tech to accelerate their business growth.

4 Steps to Get Your Life Back and Run a Successful Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Greg Gunther

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  • Discover how to achieve having the right people in the right seats, doing the right thing at the right time for your business
  • Learn how to map out a structure in your business to improve accountability, empower your team and free up time
  • Discover how to grow and move forward as a business owner working on and not in the business



You’ve worked hard to build your passion into a business that means the world to you. You’ve made lots of great decisions, and maybe some not so great ones too. You want to grow your business and take it to the next level, but aren’t sure on the next best steps?

Greg Gunther is an author, coach, and speaker as well as one of the founders and directors of the business coaching firm, Your Business Momentum.

World’s Greatest Motivators with Lynn Kitchen

Check out episode
  • Learn how to expose yourself to positive media and how it helps you to stay motivated despite the negativity and struggles around us today
  • Discover the importance of bringing people, capital and ideas together in one platform to motivate and aspire people to greater success
  • Recognize the importance of mentorship and how mentors help ignite that spark of greatness in oneself



World’s Greatest Motivators brings a message of inspiration and the “can-do” spirit.

Anytime that the world goes through a major, major calamity, tragedy, there’s always somebody that rises to the occasion and uses oratory to spark people to their greatness.

Lynn Kitchen is a financial consultant, producer, and strategic advisor. Lynn is a pioneer in the investment world, breaking ground as one of the first women owners of a successful investment broker-dealer firm in Los Angeles, California. After 35-years, Lynn continues to be a director/owner of a private money management firm in Pasadena, California.

How to Get a Grip on Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Jeremy Macliver

Check out episode
  • Discover how to grow a healthy company culture in your industry
  • Learn how to create a healthy culture in your company using the ‘Start, Stop, Keep’ questions
  • Recognize the disconnects in your business and how to fix them



Does it feel near impossible to grow a healthy company culture in your industry these days?

Jeremy Macliver has led multiple companies in the construction, automotive, and service industries. Under his leadership, companies have doubled in size, attracted top talent, increased profitability, and won Best Places to Work.

How to Grow Your Business by Spending Less Time in It – In Just 7 Minutes with John Nieuwenburg

Check out episode
  • Discover how to grow a practice that is comfortable to manage (mostly without you in it)
  • Learn what’s happening in your business, why it’s happening, and what you need to do to turn it around
  • Know what the next level looks like for you and your business



Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

Do you want to transform your business into something that is both more manageable and valuable?

John Nieuwenburg is an award-winning Business Coach, who has worked with hundreds of clients. John coaches in 3 primary areas. Business, Personal Growth, and Accountability.

How to Leverage Tools to Automate and Optimize Your Content Marketing – In Just 7 Minutes with Lyndsay Phillips

Check out episode
  • Discover the key to leverage your content (blogs, video, podcasts, social) further to increase exposure, and save you time and money
  • Learn how to automate and optimize your content marketing so you can attract and convert customers faster
  • Know how having a well-planned content marketing strategy can enable you to get out of the trenches and instead focus on client retention, business development, and revenue generation



Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Content Marketing Expert helping entrepreneurs across North America grow their business.

How to Design and Deliver Group Coaching Programs for Maximum Retention, Results, Referrals, and Re-Enrollment – In Just 7 Minutes with Milana Leshinsky

Check out episode
  • Unlock how any expert and entrepreneur can add group coaching to their existing revenue centers seamlessly
  • Learn tools you can spend less time managing your programs and do more of what you love
  • Discover how to deliver your group coaching programs with ease


  • Checkout Milana Leshinsky’s Group Coaching Genie – a platform that allows you to deliver a great coaching experience to more clients in less time: Visit


Group coaching is one of the best ways to serve more clients in less time.

Without the right tools, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and get lost in the details of managing your coaching groups.

When you have a growing coaching business, you need a simple way to bring your ideas to life quickly.

Milana Leshinsky is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and a marketing mentor to coaches, authors, and speakers. She is the author of “Coaching Millions” and “Simplicity Entrepreneurship: Escape Burnout, Find Flow, and Discover Your Shortest Path to Profit”. When she’s not working on her business, Milana writes music and enjoys Latin ballroom dancing.

How to Create a Client-Focused LinkedIn Brand – In Just 7 Minutes with Tracy Enos

Check out episode
  • Unlock the countless opportunities for your business publishing on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to craft a customer-focused Linkedin brand
  • Discover how to use Linkedin to become the go-to person in your industry by writing articles


  • Sign up to Tracy’s List to Get LinkedIn Updates, Tips, and Special Offers, and She Will Give You a Copy of Her Best Selling Book and Her Coveted 23 Point Profile Checklist: Visit


Are you getting enough business from LinkedIn?

What if you could improve your chances of getting LinkedIn to feature your article and the possibility of it going viral?

It’s time to put your marketing efforts on auto-pilot and profit from your article.

Tracy Enos is a LinkedIn Business Development Expert and B2B Lead Generation Consultant.

In 2015, Tracy sustained 3rd-degree burns and 5 surgeries in 9 mos. LinkedIn saved her life and career. Today she has others generate millions in revenue, media attention, and speaking gigs with her consulting services.

How to Drive Repeat Buyers Using Artificial Intelligence – In Just 7 Minutes with Jerry Abiog

Check out episode
  • Learn how to execute remarketing protocols from insights gleaned from your customer data
  • Learn how Artificial Intelligence helps in improving customer experience
  • Discover how to use data-driven marketing campaigns to optimize performance through more accurate predictions about customer behavior



Is your business looking to become competitive in a data-driven world?

Data-driven marketing campaigns use customer data to optimize performance, by enabling more accurate predictions about customer behavior. By offering enhanced insights into your audience, you can use this data for more precise targeting, personalized customer experiences, and improved return on investment (ROI).

Jerry Abiog is the Co-Founder and CMO of Standard Insights – an AI as a Service growth marketing platform that helps small, mid, and enterprise-level companies run data-driven omnichannel campaigns.

How to Move From 1:1 Services to Leveraged Income – In Just 7 Minutes with Christine Gallagher

Check out episode
  • Discover how to roll out a solid, doable plan for leveraged income without always focusing on 1:1 services
  • Learn how to create a business model that gives you all the time and clients you want
  • Learn how to leverage client work in a way that feels good to you moving from 1:1 services to leveraged income


  • 5 Surefire Strategies to Escape the Dollars For Hours Trap and Cut Your Work Hours by 30% (or More) While STILL Generating a GREAT Income: Visit to learn more.

The most successful business owners know that in order to achieve success, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You would love to enjoy a business that consistently grows, allows you to pay yourself generously, gives you the freedom you crave, AND helps a lot more people. But, up until now, it’s only been a pipe dream.

Christine Gallagher is a speaker, trainer, bestselling author, and award-winning business coach. She founded in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to get clients online and grow and scale their businesses.

Christine is also an in-demand speaker and has been featured as an online marketing and social media expert in numerous publications such as We Magazine For Women, NewsDay, BlogHer, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and many more.

How to Use the Bottleneck Breakthrough Method to Grow Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Josh Long

Check out episode
  • Determine why achieving success is scarier than fear of failure for most business owners
  • Learn how to clear your path if you are plateauing or getting burned out for trying to do so much for your business
  • Learn about the Bottleneck Breakthrough Method and the importance of figuring out and identifying your time-suck activities that hinder your business growth


Ready to unlock growth that lasts?

Your business and bottlenecks are unique. There’s no 1-size-fits-all solution that will work to help you blast past your current revenue ceiling and make it a thing of the past.

Josh Long is the author of Business Bottleneck Breakthrough and has been helping business owners unlock bottleneck, overcome revenue plateaus, reduce risk, and experience rapid growth.

Since 2008 when he worked with Chet Holmes to help launch his consulting agency. He quickly became the marketing director of Business Breakthroughs International with Chet and Tony Robbins and has since worked with other thought leaders like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Keith Krance.

How to Get More Value From Your Podcast – In Just 7 Minutes with Tom Hazzard

Check out episode
  • Discover how to be seen, heard and found in a noisy digital world through podcasting
  • Learn how to tap into a largely underserved market that’s hungry for fresh content, especially in niche areas of interest through the power of podcasting
  • Learn how to monetize a podcast even if you don’t have hundreds or thousands of downloads or listeners



The popularity of podcasts is booming. Is it time for you to jump on-board?

The goal of any product, service, marketing or business is to make “it” sell itself.

As a business owner, starting a podcast is something you should consider to help you be seen, heard, and found in a noisy digital world and be able to do what you do best — to ‘edu-tain’ an engaged audience.

Tom Hazzard is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with great sales conversion skills. He supports major publications, sports stars, and entrepreneurial influencers to be seen, heard, and found by “Brandcasting” their original messages.

5 Ways to Multiply Your Business with Partnering – In Just 7 Minutes with Ellen Finkelstein

Check out episode
  • Discover 5 simple partnership methods that will multiply your business exponentially
  • Learn what partnering is all about and how it works
  • Learn how building a relationship through partnering can help you grow your list easy and fast



Are you a mission-driven entrepreneur who’s confused in those time-consuming marketing strategies that prevent your message to reach people you are built to serve?

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to find people to partner and venture with.

You can’t grow it alone. But how do you get to know people so you can work with them?

Ellen Finkelstein is on a mission to help world-changers earn a living by teaching them how to speak and write effectively at the same time guides them through their marketing strategy and technology hurdles.

She started her first website in 1999 as has 11 books published with McGraw-Hill and Wiley as well as having self-published 10 e-books and has built an email subscriber list of 22,000 and a social media audience of over 100,000.

How to Lead Remote Teams in Crisis – In Just 7 Minutes with Liz Wiltsie

Check out episode
  • Discover how to gain massive upticks of respect from your subordinates but still be human especially in this time of crisis
  • Learn the challenges business owners face in converting everything from physical into digital space with basically no practice and no warning
  • Learn why being an extreme micromanager is a pitfall when managing teams remotely and how it puts pressure to everyone from the top on down to prove that they’re doing work



In response to the pandemic, organizations allowed their employees to work from home, and flexible work arrangements became the new normal.

But the sudden shift from physical to digital space and indefinite length of this period have caused anxiety and uncertainty to business leaders and owners.

Businesses are forced to adapt to changes overnight, management worries on how to manage remote teams and maintain productivity — what’s perhaps most at risk in this strange new world of work.

Liz Wiltsie is a trauma-informed leadership development coach and consultant with diverse industry experience. Liz’s super-power is breaking complex topics down into actionable insight.

How to Create Virtual Events to Build Your Email List and Generate Revenue – In Just 7 Minutes with Liam Austin

Check out episode
  • Learn more about why a virtual summit is a game-changer for your business
  • Discover how to anchor yourself in the minds of thousands of your ideal prospects so that you position yourself to attract people who call you directly
  • Learn how to break into your industry’s inner circle and connect with the top influencers in your niche



You would have attended many conferences in the past (before this pandemic happened); and realize that as much as they are important for your business, they are also a big drain on your valuable time, energy and resources.

Could there be a better way especially now that most people are asked to stay at home?

These high time and financial costs have business owners looking for different ways to up-skill their employees and help them dramatically increase their network.

Liam Austin is a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits and online business networking events, hosting over 400 speakers whilst educating 100,000+ business owners through his programs.

How to Make Your Biggest Dreams Come True Through the 7 Systems of Influence – In Just 7 Minutes with Josh Steimle

Check out episode
  • Learn branding and content strategies to help you grow and be more influential in business
  • Discover how PR and influence can bring real impact on your business’ bottom line
  • Learn how to create influential content that fits and is aligned your business’ vision, purpose, and why



Knowledge is not power.

You may know everything, but without influence, you can’t do anything.

Josh Steimle generated over $10M USD for his marketing agency by writing articles for publications like Forbes, Time, Fortune, and Mashable.

How to Get a 300% Increase in Your LinkedIn Leads – In Just 7 Minutes with Jake Dunlap

Check out episode
  • Learn how to align buyer experience with sales and marketing for a smooth path to purchase and increased sales productivity
  • Discover how to deploy a Linkedin content strategy that attract 300% leads
  • Learn how to craft a digital brand that is niche-specific, sales-focused, and empowering to be able to authentically attract leads and increase sales



Where do you think digital presence going in 2020 and beyond? And what is that going to mean for sales as a profession?

People that are going to win are the people that understand how to leverage technology. And if you’re not staying well-versed on those then, you’re losing quite a bit of efficiency and effectiveness.

Rethink your content. Stop selling and start adding value. Pay attention to your digital brand.

Jake Dunlap designs repeatable, sustainable sales models and processes that outperform industry standards. As the Founder + CEO of Skaled Consulting, he helps executives around the world accelerate business growth with data-backed sales solutions.

Before building Skaled, he held the roles of VP of Sales at Nowait (acquired by Yelp), Head of Sales + Customer Success at Chartbeat, and VP of Sales at Glassdoor.

How to Create Highly Engaging Content and Position Yourself as a World Class Expert – In Just 7 Minutes with Ronnie Nijmeh

Check out episode
  • Learn how to make content creation simple so you can focus on the real work of coaching your clients
  • Discover how a content calendar helps in creating a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy
  • Learn what private label is all about and how it helps you position yourself as an expert without having to start from scratch or figure it all out yourself


  • Unlock 10 FREE Download Credits + 2 FREE Credits/mo for Ronnie’s ‘Done-For-You PLR Content For Coaches’ that you can brand as your own: Go to

It’s important to infuse your methodology into your private label done-for-you content.

But at some point, every busy and successful coach stops creating everything themselves from scratch. It’s just not feasible to write every piece of content on your own, right?

If you’re doing everything yourself, it’s impossible to scale your business. It’s impossible to grow.

Ronnie Nijmeh is a Marketing and Publishing Coach, Book Marketing Consultant, and founder of – a “private label rights” company that provides beautiful ready-to-sell private label coaching courses, articles, products, worksheets, and content for coaches and consultants.

How to Separate Your Fee From Your Time – In Just 7 Minutes with Loren Fogelman

Check out episode
  • Discover the path to raise your rates without losing clients
  • Learn how to ask your clients ‘the right questions’ to position yourself as ‘THE authority’ that is paid according to your worth and what you deserve
  • Why you should you never underprice yourself and your services so no money is left in the table


Most entrepreneurs don’t understand how pricing works.

As a result, you undercharge for your services.

This means tolerating non-ideal clients for way too long, working longer hours to make more money and compromising other parts of your life to grow your business.

Loren Fogelman is an expert in pricing strategy and sales for small business owners.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Team – In Just 7 Minutes with Mads Singers

Check out episode
  • Learn how to delegate to employees the right way
  • Learn how NOT to scare away high-performing “A-players” from joining your business
  • Find-out the management skills you need to have to lead your team effectively


Your people are the biggest asset you have. Their attitude, performance, and body of work can result in the success or failure of your business. The most challenging part of any manager’s job is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT, and this is going beyond just managing. The role is dynamic.

Running a successful business requires a good understanding of people and personalities, getting the right people on board in your business building journey, and an ability to delegate to and grow your staff effectively.

Mads Singers has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Xerox and IBM, as well as coaching and consulting with online entrepreneurs. He currently owns and leads 3 companies, and managing more than 100 people.

How to Leverage YouTube Ads and Generate Leads & Sales – In Just 7 Minutes with Aleric Heck

Check out episode
  • Discover how to leverage Youtube – the 2 billion member platform to drive more leads and grow your business
  • Learn how to effectively reach people when they’re on the YouTube homepage or searching for specific topics or solution
  • Find-out the advantage of Youtube ads compared to other paid ads options



Businesses are looking for new ways to win the hearts and minds of their audiences and drive business results.

Aleric Heck is a YouTube Ads Expert, who started out 10 years ago by building the largest app review channel on the platform, AppFind, with over 400k subscribers.

He has helped his clients generate over 8 Figures in Sales using YouTube Ads and is a member of the ClickFunnels 2-Comma Club.

How to Attract Your Dream Clients Using LinkedIn – In Just 7 Minutes with Yakov Smart

Check out episode
  • Discover proven strategies for turning your LinkedIn profile into a lead and referral generating machine.
  • Why is an optimized LinkedIn profile is a ‘must’ in lead generation
  • Find-out how to build a list with the right market through Linkedin



Do you want to know the S.P.O.T. Formula for generating leads, receiving referrals and attracting more of your ideal clients by tapping into LinkedIn?

…even if you hate marketing and can barely remember your LinkedIn password.

Yakov Smart is an Internationally Recognized LinkedIn Business Advisor and the Author of Disrupting LinkedIn.

Smart Money Moves for Business Owners – In Just 7 Minutes with Justin Krane

Check out episode
  • Learn how financial life planning help merge your money with your life
  • Discover how to build a custom portfolio from scratch based on your objectives and risk tolerance
  • Find-out how to get your money life going


Where are you going?

If you don’t know where you are going you will drift through your life.

Justin Krane, a Certified Financial Planner professional, is the founder of Krane Financial Solutions. Known for his savvy, holistic approach to financial planning, he advises his clients on how to unite their money with their lives and businesses.

How to Get More Leads with Pinterest – In Just 7 Minutes with Rachel Ngom

Check out episode
  • How is Pinterest different than other social platforms?
  • Discover how Rachel’s Pinterest strategy can help you generates blog traffic and leads for free
  • Find-out how to get noticed by the right people, gain more followers, and turn your Pinterest account into a lead generation and sales machine


  • Download Rachel Ngom’s Free Cheatsheet ’10 Pinterest Hacks That Increased her Traffic by 34,000/Month’: Visit


Want to have an expert create a step-by-step Pinterest strategy for your specific business?

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest Strategist by choice, business and lead-generation expert and an old-school hard-worker by default. She’s the host of the She’s Making an Impact Podcast.

Nothing makes her happier than creating CRAZY BIG GOALS and achieving them with fun and attention-grabbing pins, pins that put you on the path to new leads daily and money – the kind where you don’t have to think twice before giving back.

How to Leap from Passion to Profit – In Just 7 Minutes with Jennifer Gluckow

Check out episode
  • Learn why mindset matters when it comes to selling
  • Find out how not to be pushy and avoid pretending to be someone you’re not in order to sell your service
  • Discover how to remove blocks around selling and master simple valuable free action that will enable you to generate consistent cash flow without burning yourself out



We’re all passionate about something in our lives.

But how can you actually turn a profit off of that passion?

You have big dreams for your business, but your sales suck because you know what it feels like to be sold to.

How can you possibly build a successful business without hating selling?

Jennifer Gluckow is a sales expert with moxie, smarts, and a passion for helping entrepreneurs get the support and knowledge they need to see huge business success and live the lives they truly deserve.

How to Use Thought Leadership to Grow Your Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Peter Winick

Check out episode
  • Learn how you could master your craft as a thought leader
  • Find out how to reach your target market effectively and convert connections into clients or customers through leveraging thought leadership
  • Discover the importance of having a strategy to be able to establish yourself as a thought leader



As experienced marketers, we assume that we had effectively positioned our business, our services, and our IP.

Soon, you’ll realize you have much important work to do to reach your next level of thought leadership and reach your target market, advance your career, convert connections into clients, attract new opportunities, and add value to your company.

But how do you actually become a thought leader?

Peter Winick is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage.

How to Attract Your Dream Clients Using Mastermind – In Just 7 Minutes with Susan Epstein

Check out episode
  • Learn how to build a tight-knit network of connections through a mastermind
  • Find out how to expand your client base through creating a high-quality mastermind and use it as a foundation to pop out the high paying clients
  • Discover why you should call your friends, family, and prior customers if you are planning to start a mastermind



When it comes to mastermind groups, deciding which program to join, or who to invite is going to set the success of the program.

Many coaches shoot themselves in the foot because they think they’ve ‘got it all figured out’.

The sad truth is they do not know how to start their own tribe of people who will pay for what they knows.

Guidance and mentorship from people with a proven track record is a game-changer. They’ve figured out the blueprint to success. All you have to do is soak up their knowledge and apply what they tell you.

Susan Epstein is a business coach and strategist working with coaches, therapists, and healers to fill their practices and then leverage their time. She does this by offering, Masterclasses, Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs and Individual Coaching. Susan coaches her clients to follow her model by focusing on taking consistent action, eliminating distraction, finding their ONE THING and then focusing on constant reevaluation in order to hit their business goal.