How to Generate ROI from Content – in Just 7 Minutes with Alexi Neocleous

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  • Know the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to boost your advertising results
  • Learn the importance of getting to know your clients before creating your content
  • Learn the best avenue to reach your clients


Alexi Neocleous is a Top End direct response copywriter. Having worked with business owners large and small, he’s known as a copywriter who gets fast results for his clients. He is CMO of a company that went from $300,000 per month to $3 million per month in less than 1 year. Have produced nearly every imaginable type of content –videos, sales letter, articles, and emails.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Alexi shares insightful advice on how to get the best return on investment dollars coming from the sales converted from the traffic from your business’ content.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:39 – all about Alexi Neocleous
  • 01:27 – Alexi defines his ideal clients who are in the services space
  • 03:01 – symptoms his clients’ experience when they try to ramp up their content
  • 04:10 – common mistakes his clients make when trying to fix their content
  • 05:03 – Alexi’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get closer to your clients.
  • 06:01 – Alexi s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Shares Are Not Enough: 52 Secrets to Turbocharge your Content Marketing
  • 06:26 – Alexi’s Valuable Free TIP (VFT): Get to know your clients. At the other side of the transaction are human.
  • 07:06 – Alexi shares a quick before and after of a client he helped

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
“Your clients are the basis for an incredible narrative to produce your content.” - @alexineo Click To Tweet
“People tend to rush through the content and if they are rushing through the content that means that they are not hitting on topics that are either of interest to the audience. And if they are of interest, the audience has seen it before. So they… Click To Tweet
“Generating content that is actually performing is not easy.” - @alexineo Click To Tweet
“Get closer to your clients. Do your best to really understand your client.” - @alexineo Click To Tweet

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One thought on “How to Generate ROI from Content – in Just 7 Minutes with Alexi Neocleous

  1. Thank you Alexi and Tom for the byte size information and tips. Content marketing gets overwhelming at times and generating roi is often a challenge. Off to get Alexi’s ebook.