How to Mimic Nature In Your Business for More Abundance, Fulfillment, and Impact – In Just 7 Minutes with Sam Garcia

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  • Discover how to create a life that reflects the natural design, both personally and professionally, rather than conforming to human-made standards
  • Find a way to build your business centered on your passion while living sustainably
  • Explore how to elevate your business by recognizing and optimizing both short-term and long-term cycles of growth and development



Want to leave a positive and lasting impact to the world and to the people you connect with?

More than sales and profits think about how you can make a real difference in the lives of people you come in contact with.

Sam Garcia is the author of the bestselling book, Regenerative Business, and is the founder of Dirty Alchemy, the marketing agency & consulting firm for conscious entrepreneurs, coaches & course creators.

In this episode Sam shares about what she’s doing in regenerative farming. How the idea closely mirrors what we should be like towards the environment and to the people we encounter. It’s about touching lives and impacting them.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:14 – The whole idea of regenerative farming: Leaving a piece of land better than it was before.
  • 02:55 – Context of conscious entrepreneurs: They want to have their business and their passion to be a part of changing the world in a positive way.
  • 04:01 – Sam’s ideal client: I work with online course creators and service providers who are low-level disgusted with the way we’re conditioned to do business.
  • 05:02 – The problem she helps solve: We’re not trying to use bro marketing tactics, which are a lot of unethical urgency and scarcity.
  • 06:41 – Symptoms of the problem: They’re burned out, they’re uninspired.
  • 07:28 – Mistakes Sam’s clients make before reaching out: Just trying to do more and work harder.
  • 08:08 – Sam’s Valuable Free Action [VFA]: Deciding what those larger and smaller cycles are for you will actually make your business feel better and work better.
  • 09:42 – Valuable Free Resource: Read the first two chapters of the “Regenerative Business ‘book here:
  • 10:32 – Sam’s inspiring message: If you have a business based around your passion, then you have a lifelong relationship.

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“With the regenerative business framework, it really is about how we build our business based on how nature designs systems versus how humans design systems.” -Sam Garcia Share on X

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Tom Poland 00:10
Welcome everyone, for another episode of Marketing The Invisible. I’m Tom Poland, beaming out to you from sunny Queensland, Australia as usual. I’m joined today by Samantha or Sam Garcia. Sam, very warm welcome from down under. Where are you hanging out?

Sam Garcia 00:24
I live in Maui on the west side. So also in a sunny place.

Tom Poland 00:29
Is the sun shining? The birds are singing?

Sam Garcia 00:32
The sun is shining. Birds are singing. It’s midday in the middle of winter, which is a lovely 70 degrees.

Tom Poland 00:39
Beautiful. And you’ve got ducks and geese outside or chickens?

Sam Garcia 00:46
Yeah. I live on a farm. So we have some friends around right now joining us today,

Tom Poland 00:58
Feathered friends. And tell me about, because you’re on a regenerative farm, and I’m asking you this question because it’s a consistent theme through your marketing and your business and this very holistic approach. It’s got a lot of integrity around it. Tell us what is a regenerative farm?

Sam Garcia 01:14
Yeah. So a regenerative farm is a farm that is leaving a piece of land better than it was before. So most farming, including organic farming, is very extractive. It is… just see about the humans and just thinking about being as productive as possible. And what that has led to is us having a fraction of the topsoil, which is just the soil that we can actually use to make more food. It’s like 1% of what it was decades ago. So it’s all regenerative. And my book, which we’ll jump into at some point today, it’s called Regenerative Business. So it’s with the same idea of, we are leaving the world better off, we’re leaving our relationships better off, we’re leaving the land better off than when we first came into contact with.

Tom Poland 02:01
It’s a terrific message and just to underline that, Sam’s also the author of a bestselling book called Regenerative Business, which, and that the whole idea and the world needs this. It’s not just a matter of selling stuff and walking away, you’re leaving people better off than they were when they first engaged with you. So you’re making a positive dent in the universe. It’s not just about the sales and market, it’s about people and helping them have a better life after they’ve met you, than they did before. But that’s one part of it. But the other part is to also be very successful in your own business. The same is in addition to being a bestselling author, she’s the founder of Dirty Alchemy as the marketing agency and consulting firm for conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators. Tell us what you mean by conscious, real quick.

Sam Garcia 02:55
In that context it’s really about people who, they’re often really highly sensitive people. They can sense more than just our 3D reality, but there also is a sense of consciousness with, they care about their impact. They are upset about what’s happening in the world, and they want to make an impact. They want to have their business and their passion to be a part of changing the world in a positive way.

Tom Poland 03:20
Thank you for that. And I mentioned thinking about things that, hence, conscious versus just running on unconscious patterns and habits, et cetera. They’re actually getting above reality and looking at it and base of reality and facts and truth, et cetera, as close as they can and wanting to make the world a better place. Folks and I’m taking more time out of this introduction because I think the core to this message is it’s really what the world needs. We’ve had thousands of years of being egotistical and selfish. Well, there’s too many people on the planet, I should say. There’s not everyone, but we need more of this. So let’s kick off, Sam. Question number one is, who is your ideal client?

Sam Garcia 04:01
So I work with online course creators and service providers who are low-level disgusted with the way we’re conditioned to do business. So they’re creative, they’re spiritual, and they’re committed to their client’s transformation versus simply making as much money as possible.

Tom Poland 04:17
And it’s a massive, well, it’s not massive enough, but it’s a new meme. It’s a new thought process. It’s a new paradigm that’s flowing through with your generation, which it’s just music to my ears because we need more care, we need more humanity. And there’s no reason why that has to result in less sales or less clients. In fact, it can do exactly the opposite. Plus you can sleep well at night.

Sam Garcia 04:48
Those people are craving that. They feel it. So it is good for business.

Tom Poland 04:53
Yeah. Exactly. There’s a few boxes that ticks, right? Yes. So tell us about the problem you solve for these folks.

Sam Garcia 05:02
So with regenerative business and with my marketing agency, it’s kind of two sides of something. With the regenerative business framework, it really is about how we build our business based on how nature designs systems versus how humans design systems. So the way that nature design systems is like a lush forest. It is self-reliant. You don’t have to tend to it like a garden in the middle of summer. It is actually taking care of itself and it’s thriving versus human design systems, it’s a factory, and we are cogs in that machine. So it is exploitative, it is extractive, it is dehumanizing. and so it’s bad for the humans and the rest of the planet. So that’s really where the regenerative business framework comes in. And then on the marketing agency side of things, there are just so many businesses that are craving an agency that actually understands weirdo creatives. And we aren’t just trying to like, put people out or like, we’re not trying to use bro marketing tactics, which are a lot of unethical urgency and scarcity. It’s actually how we like to lean into desire and lean into inspiration for this fuel? So regenerative fuel versus this non-regenerative fuel.

Tom Poland 06:22
Thank you for that. I’ll keep it moving just for the sake of time. That’s very interesting. And inside, what would you say is going on in the life of your ideal client before they meet you? Where they kinda like the symptoms that they’re experiencing that when you describe them, they go, oh, that’s me. I need to reach out and talk to Sam.

Sam Garcia 06:41
They’re often feeling, I mean, on the feeling side of things, they’re burned out, they’re uninspired. They might even secretly dream of getting a normal job because they’re really overwhelmed with what’s happening in business. So they’re often overwhelmed with the possibilities of what they could be doing in their business and they’re trying to fit into a box of how they should be and who they should be as a business owner versus leaning into their natural tendencies.

Tom Poland 07:09
Right. Their personality, their effects, their values are maybe they’re feeling like a bit of a square peg in a round hole. So we’ve got three and three and three quarter minutes left. What would you say are some of the common mistakes that people make when they’re trying to get out of that square peg in a round hole situation?

Sam Garcia 07:28
just trying to do more and work harder, right? That’s not the answer. And also shiny object syndrome of just jumping around to different tactics and what is the new thing? What is the next thing? Those are things, common mistakes for sure.

Tom Poland 07:41
Right. So sort of sort of doing more, working harder, working longer, chasing shiny things, chasing the next squirrel or rabbit. So let’s flip it then. Because I think we’ve played a really good platform for people to understand who you are, what you’re doing, and who you can help and why. Let’s give them a top tip. So question five is, what’s one valuable free action someone could take? That is, not going to solve the whole challenge that lies before them, but it might take them a step in the right direction?

Sam Garcia 08:08
So one of the principles of nature that we try and really center regenerative business around is that we work in cycles, both in nature and as a part of nature, as humans in meat suits. So something that can really pull you out of this go harder shiny object syndrome, do more, is realizing that if you can identify your own cycles and lean into them, you will actually get more done in less time. So if you are a human with a menstrual cycle, realizing that there are different times of the month where different things are much better to do, right? And for all humans, usually there’s different times of day where you’re just more productive. Yeah. If you’re a night owl or you’re an early morning person, and even times of the year and really honoring different times of year, both in, like, maybe winter for you means you are stuck inside and you just want to go hard on your business, beautiful. But maybe winter for you means like, I should be spending all of my time with my friends and family for the holidays. So deciding what those larger and smaller cycles are for you will actually make your business feel better and work better.

Tom Poland 09:19
I think it’s a terrific tip. When you’ve got your own business, why wouldn’t you want to do that? Why would you better conform to a nine to five, a paradigm that was constructed probably between angry trade unionists, greedy employers? So we can break free of that. Great top tip. Thank you. question six, 90 seconds left, a free resource. Where can people go to learn more about regenerative businesses?

Sam Garcia 09:42
Yeah. So you can read the first two chapters of my book, Regenerative Business: How to Align Your Business with Nature for More Abundance, Impact, and Fulfillment. What was the last word? My gosh. Fulfillment. There we go. And that is the So jump in and they’re good. They’re chunky fat chapters, so you’ll get a lot out of it.

Tom Poland 10:06
Just spell that out again folks. If you can go to And what was the link? You said just a bit slower this time.

Sam Garcia 10:19
Oh, I said the same thing.

Tom Poland 10:20
Oh, you did? Okay. You just did. 35 seconds left. Sam, what’s the one question I should have asked you but didn’t and then answer please?

Sam Garcia 10:32
Well, I think one final message that I would love to get across that really calms business owners down is realizing if you have a business based around your passion, then you have a lifelong relationship. A lot of people are trying to get everything done right now. We’ve hit the next goal this year when really, like if you were in your thirties, your forties, your fifties, even your sixties, that you could have multiple decades left to work in your business. So start cultivating that relationship and feeling that relief.

Tom Poland 11:02
Beautiful. Love your work. Thanks, Sam Garcia. Thank you so much for your insights and sharing as you have from the heart and the head. Cheers.

Sam Garcia 11:11
Cheers. Thank you.

Tom Poland 11:13
Thanks for checking out our Marketing The Invisible podcast. If you like what we’re doing here please head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate us, and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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