How to Quit Procrastinating, Get Your Sales Calls Done, and Actually Enjoy the Calls – In Just 7 Minutes with Wendy Weiss

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  • Discover how you can increase your sales without sacrificing a dime
  • Understand the importance of preparation and practice in getting your sales calls done
  • Learn more about the three-step Salesology Method and gain control over your sales



Do you want to know how you can close more sales without sacrificing a dime?

Sales don’t have to be scary and stressful. It doesn’t have to cost a lot too! For you to feel more confident and comfortable and close more sales calls, you need to understand the importance of practice and preparation. Gain control and get more sales while building confidence!

Wendy Weiss is the creator of the Salesology Prospecting Method which generates predictable sales revenue results. She has helped 775 businesses increase qualified appointments and sales faster, more easily, and more profitably. A former ballet dancer, Wendy believes everything she knows in life and business she learned in ballet class.

Sit back and grab a pen as Wendy talks about how you can close more high-ticket sales with the power of taking action. She also dives deeper into how you can get better at prospecting with the three-step Salesology Method!

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:21 – Wendy’s thoughts on how to increase sales: The number one thing that business owners and entrepreneurs can do to increase sales is to take action.
  • 04:12 – Her tip on how to get over your fears: The really good news for any of you who are nervous. It’s a communication skill. It can be learned, and it can be approved.
  • 05:53 – What is the three-step Salesology Method?
  • 08:48 – Click here to unlock your sales potential by joining the Sales Quest Live at

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“Perfection is the enemy of selling. Good enough is good enough. Your sales conversations don't have to be perfect. You just have to do it!” -Wendy Weiss Share on X

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Tom Poland 00:10
Greetings, everyone, and a warm welcome to another special edition with Breaking the Mold, today, a special edition of Marketing the Invisible, joined today by Wendy Weiss. Wendy, a warm good day from Down Under. Welcome back! I think this is your third and record-breaking appearance at MTI. How are you doing?

Wendy Weiss 00:27
I’m fabulous! Just happy to be back.

Tom Poland 00:30
And you’re calling in from the Big Apple. Is that right?

Wendy Weiss 00:33
I am! I’m in New York City.

Tom Poland 00:35
The Big Apple to the small forest. Hands across the water, all that, from New York to all the way down in Queensland, Australia on the sunny sunshine coast. Folks, Wendy is a specialist and we’ve known each other for years. We’ve effectively been clients of each other and learn from each other. We’ve done interviews together. And so I know her stuff pretty well. She is the creator of the Salesology Prospecting Method. So she’s the one you turn to when you need to get some sales and you don’t have any prospects. So it’s all about, ultimately, it’s about generating predictable sales revenue results. And, very often, Wendy gets called into teams of salespeople to figure out why they’re not converting what appears to be reasonable leads. And other times she gets called into actually help with the prospecting themselves. She’s helped, in fact, 775 businesses at last counts, increase qualified appointments, and get sales faster, and more easily. And in today’s subject, enjoy the process a whole lot more. She’s a former ballet dancer. She believes everything she knows in life and business she has learned in a ballet class. Fantastic! So, Wendy, our subject today, is “How to Quit Procrastinating, Get Your Sales Calls Actually Done and (shock) Enjoy the Process”. So we’re going to see if we can get through this in seven minutes. And we’re talking about breaking the mold, breaking the template, folks, because I’m not using my normal seven questions to seven minutes. I’ve got three questions. And we’re going to start now. Seven minutes– timer, go!

Wendy Weiss 02:12
Let’s go!

Tom Poland 02:13
Question number one, what’s the number one thing that business owners and entrepreneurs can do to increase sales? I am all ears!

Wendy Weiss 02:21
Okay, the number one thing that business owners and entrepreneurs can do to increase sales is to take action. Perfection is the enemy of selling. Good enough is good enough. Your website doesn’t have to be perfect. Your webinar doesn’t have to be perfect. Your sales conversations don’t have to be perfect. You just have to do it! And the more you do it, the easier it gets, the better it gets. And it is so lovely to hear people say “Yes!”.

Tom Poland 02:53
Yeah, isn’t it? It’s music to your ears. It’s actually very true! Dan Kennedy used to have a saying, “Good enough is good enough.” And you know, in other words, just get started. Don’t wait for perfection. Because I know myself, it’s very easy to delay the launch, to delay facing rejection by messing around with their product or service or website or landing page or whatever else. And, when in fact, nothing happens until action is taken.

Wendy Weiss 03:18
And let me interject one thing because I am a ballet dancer. So that was my original training, and we are all about being perfect. But at some point, the curtain goes up and you have to dance!

Tom Poland 03:29
Ready or not?

Wendy Weiss 03:30
It is! Ready or not, the curtain goes up– time to dance.

Tom Poland 03:33
At some point, the curtain goes up and you have to dance. So let’s talk about that curtain going up because in sales, it’s the moment before the call, isn’t it? It’s very often it’s that. I’ve seen that time and time again people fail to take action simply because of the fear of rejection. So how do you coach or train or cajole business owners, and entrepreneurs to overcome that fear of rejection so they can take action? And a lot of people have a fear of selling, as well, or fear of being seen as a salesperson. So how do you get people past that fear?

Wendy Weiss 04:12
That is a great question because that can be paralyzing. And to me, this is so much like stage fright. And I have been there. You’re waiting in the wings. You’re waiting for your music. Your heart’s pounding. You think you are going to throw up. And then you hear your music and you get out on stage and dance! Well, what enables you to do that? What enables you to do that? If you’re prepared, you’ve been rehearsing for months, you have automatic muscle memory, you get out on stage and you dance. And there’s this myth of the ‘born salesperson’, that somehow there are these people out there, they’re just born knowing what to do. That’s a myth. It’s not true! I’m not a born salesperson. I’m a lucky person. Somebody who got a day job many years ago, taught me how to do this. And so, the really good news for any of you that are nervous, it’s communication skill. It can be learned, and it can be approved.

Tom Poland 05:07
And practicing it. So we’re talking about in the good old days, when I was running sales teams and so on, about a sales track. So we had to give people a phone script to practice it, to rehearse it, to drill it, so that when you picked up the phone, you were more confident I’ll be it, you might as well still have some butterflies but you knew what was going to happen. And we used to get people to practice that 21 times– not flawlessly, but to do it 21 times. So it was picking up the phone was kind of like the curtain went up and you’re on stage and you’re on. And so that’s, as you said, muscle memory or brain memory kicks in. You’ve got kind of a sales track, or you have a method. There are three steps in it, as far as I can recall. And can you walk us through the three steps because I think that’s the track that people are going to be looking for?

Wendy Weiss 05:53
Absolutely! The three-step Salesology Method is what I learned in ballet class. Step one, if you’re a ballet dancer, you don’t just run out on stage and start dancing. You have to warm up so that you don’t have a career-ending injury. There are things as a business owner you need to have in place for yourself. If you manage a sales team, you need to have it in place for them, so that they don’t hurt you or you don’t hurt yourself. You don’t hurt your bottom line. Step one, warmup. Step two, if you’re a ballet dancer, you don’t run out on stage and start dancing. You’ve been rehearsing for months. So you have automatic muscle memory and need to practice. That’s what elite athletes do. That’s what successful business people do. They practice! That’s how they get good at what they’re doing. So you need to practice– step two. Step one is to warm up. Step two is to rehearse. Step three, then and only then, is it time to perform. And what enables performance? You’ve warmed up. You are prepared. You’ve rehearsed. You have automatic muscle memory. You’ve practiced. That’s what enables performance. And yeah, you might be a little bit nervous. But what I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been doing this is that for most people, once they have a simple system, and they know what they are doing every step along the path, it is possible and easy to execute. And then when people start saying “yes” to you, it becomes fun. And it becomes easier and easier to execute.

Tom Poland 06:49
Right, because winning is fun! I mean, if you’ve practiced the method that gets you more “yes”, then you’re going to enjoy the process, right? I mean, I always remember doing triathlon training and swimming in the same pool as Rick Wells who just won the world championship. And we got talking afterward. And I said, “Rick, how many hours of training do you do a week?” He said, “About 30.” I said, “Oh my god!” I had a full-time job. He was a professional athlete. I said, “That’s just a ballbreaker. That’s just incredible!” And I still remember him, sort of looking sideways and looking up and then turning back to me and saying, “It’s not so bad if you’re winning.”

Wendy Weiss 08:13
It’s not so bad if you’re winning. Why do we dance? What’s the best part? Curtain call!

Tom Poland 08:21
Yeah. And then that curtain call and the applause is the “Yes”. Beautiful! Wendy, where can people go to learn more about what you do? I’ve got a link here. Folks, it’s going to be under the video. Because you’ve got something pretty special coming up. Let me give you people your website as well, in case they’re listening to this a year or two times. What do you get coming up that’s special?

Wendy Weiss 08:48
Wow, what we have coming up is very special that I’ve learned in all the years I’ve been doing this and we talked about it a little bit, Tom. One of the hardest things for people to do is to take action. So I’ve decided to give business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, solopreneurs, some space and some time and some coaching to actually take action. It’s called “Sales Quest Live”. It’s happening. It’s a virtual event, a two-day event, on January 24th and 25th. And it’s an experiential event. You will finish with appointments, a pipeline, and perhaps even some closed sales. So I invite you to join me for Salesology for Sales Quest Live in January. And if you’re listening to this podcast after January 25, 2024, you’ll get information about our next exciting event!

Tom Poland 09:47
Perfect! So, folks, there’s a link under the video. If you are watching or listening to this, I should say, on iTunes or Stitcher, go to, find our podcast page and scroll down and you’ll see this interview and the link will be under that. Wendy, break a leg, as they say. Thanks for joining!

Wendy Weiss 10:03
No, we don’t say that to dancers.

Tom Poland 10:05
You don’t say that to dancers. That’s probably a good idea. What do you say?

Wendy Weiss 10:08
Merde. M-E-R-D-E. It means “shit” in French.

Tom Poland 10:12
That sounds French. What does that mean?

Wendy Weiss 10:14
It’s French. It means “shit”. Don’t ask me why we say that. But that’s what we say to wish each other luck.

Tom Poland 10:22
All right! It’s great to have you back. Thanks, Wendy!

Wendy Weiss 10:24
Thanks, Tom. Bye!

Tom Poland 10:27
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