How to Use Your Life Purpose to Build your Brand that Influences Generations – in Just 7 Minutes with Sashka Hanna – Rappl

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  • Learn how to avoid being the underdog that takes the hard route, reactive, and overcompensating, by becoming proactive
  • Find out why you need to distance yourself from your profession for you to find your life purpose
  • Discover how to use ‘your story’ as a clue to figure your life purpose and avoid being stuck in your mind, going around in circles with incongruent messages and ideas



Sashka Hanna – Rappl is a Leadership Accelerator and Brand-Marketing-Strategist.
She is the founder of BrandSashka, Creator of Brand Your Soul®, Soul Brand Marketing®, Author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to finding your life purpose, International Speaker, Podcaster of the No Name Brand Podcast, Business and Branding Strategist.

In this episode, Sashka shares how dormant leaders with an underdog mentality use their life purpose to build a brand that influences a generation. She explains how to turn underdog leaders from I can’t into I can. To go from no-name to brand leader using creativity, humor, imagination, and wisdom.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:03- Sashka’s background as an award-winning brand strategist, international, speaker, and author
  • 01:53- Her ideal client: creative visionary, dormant leaders with the underdog mentality
  • 02:18- The biggest problem of her client, taking the client from unknown to being seen, acknowledge and visible
  • 02:47- Some of the typical symptoms that the dormant leaders experienced before coming to Sashka
  • 03:50- Common mistakes of Sashka’s ideal client; being reactive and not proactive
  • 05:00- Sashka’s Valuable Free Action: Find your life purpose by being distant to yourself from your profession and your worth
  • 06:30- Sashka’s Valuable Free Resource: Learn about branding, business and content marketing by visiting the websites:

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“We are so accustomed to seeing the profession as our life purpose.” -@brandbysashka Share on X

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone a very warm welcome to marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland beaming out to form on the sand next to the waves a little castaways beach in Australia joined today by Sashka Hanna-Rappl.

Tom Poland: Sashka, where are you hanging out?

Sashka: I am hanging out in the Austrian Alps.

Tom Poland: You’re really good. I mean we’re in the summer here it’s 32 degrees which is I don’t know some 103 Fahrenheit or something and it’s humid and is Tropical Storm overhead and you’re sitting there on the Austrian Alps probably just coming out of the depths of winter. A little birdie told me you’ve already been for a walk with your dog this morning and did not freeze to death. So congratulations on that. Folks I Really wanted Sashka on the show because she’s the at the absolute opposite end of the spectrum to the road that most people walking down which is copying their competitors.

Tom Poland: And as I always say you’re never going to get ahead of your competition by following them by copying what they do. So Sashka is a breath of authentic genuine fresh air and she’s been revolutionizing the brand building industry simply by being authentic and inviting her clients to shine the spotlight on their personality rather than adopting someone else’s. She’s an award-winning brand strategist international speaker and author and I’m delighted to have you on the show Sashka. Because the world needs more of people like you and we’ve got seven minutes for this which is pitifully short but we’re going to have to make do with it.

Tom Poland: The title is how to use your life purpose on how to use your life purpose to build your brand that influences generations. And we’re going to tell you how to do that in just seven minutes so Sashka our time starts now. Question number one who is your ideal client.

Sashka: Creative visionaries that are dormant leaders with underdog mentality.

Tom Poland: Can you say that again creative visionaries with.

Sashka: Are dormant leaders with an underdog mentality.

Tom Poland: It’s definitely not a classical definition, is it?

Sashka: Nope, I don’t do classical.

Tom Poland: Okay. Other than the odd Viennese waltz perhaps question number two. What is the problem you solve? Six and a half minutes left so we’re going well.

Sashka: Taking you from unknown to unforgettable. Being seen, acknowledged, recognized, and visible.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Say it again. Come on. That was, that was worth repeating.

Sashka: So the problem that I solve is that that I take you from unknown to unforgettable so that you’re visible you’re seen you’re recognized and acknowledged.

Tom Poland: Beautiful. Question number three are just under six minutes left. What are the typical symptoms that people are going to be experiencing? Who have that problem before they get to see you. What’s gonna to be going on?

Sashka: Say what’s gonna be going as creative visionaries overcompensating in all marketing areas. You never feeling good enough. You’re always doing you always in doing you’re always creating and coming up with another new idea and never fulfilling the other one. Always taking the hard route and you’re always in the state of proving yourself.

Tom Poland: Does that sometimes. Do you get this much without the other world’s best-kept secret? And why these other people seem to be so successful. You get that.

Sashka: Yes. That’s why they dormant leaders with underdog mentality.
Tom Poland: So these dormant leaders with underdog mentality who want to go from unknown to unforgettable. So they’re going to be experiencing these symptoms of not being recognized not being heard not being known not being in demand. And they’re going to do stuff and some of that stuff before they get to you. It’s not going to work. So what are some of the common mistakes that people make when trying to solve the problem that you solve four and a half minutes left.
Sashka: So the common mistakes are they lead themselves into burnout. They’re always in reactive state rather than proactive. They’re always learning learning learning not putting into action. They’re always working on their island. The mistakes that they do because they think no one’s going to understand that because their whole lives they’ve been told you different that the ideas you never finish anything. So I’ll just work on my island. Kind of feel useless. Very emotional. Those are the mistakes you get into emotional rant about something without thinking about the consequences. And you blame yourself a lot. You don’t play the victim you blame yourself a lot.

Tom Poland: So question number five. We’ve got this person with this problem who’s experience the symptoms and having made these mistakes. Let’s let’s give them one valuable free action that they could take. That’s going to move them a step forward in the right direction not going to solve the whole problem but it’s something they can do to start with three and half minutes left.

Sashka: So I love that you speak about action because I’m all about action you can learn as much as you want but if you don’t put it into action it’s useless. So you need to distance yourself from your profession. Which a lot of people feel that your profession is your identity and your worth. That’s how we talk from kids be taught how to copy what are going to be when you grow up you need to find your life purpose which isn’t your profession with talents gifts emotions values dreams it’s none of that your profession amplifies your life purpose. Then you need to believe in you. That’s very easy to say. So you need to find you and then you need to bring that.

Tom Poland: So good in whopping three minutes left. So let’s talk about life purpose. Are there clues that people can look for when trying to figure out their life purpose.

Sashka: Yes sir. I went on this journey because everyone talks about stories in marketing and you need to find your story and they go by God I’m a marketer and I don’t have a story. So I went on a journey to go and find it. And I can confidently say that I still don’t have a story. In the meantime, what I found was that in stories lies with characters your life purpose clues that have been with you since the beginning of time. But because we are so accustomed to seeing profession as our life purpose what we supposed to be doing that we deferred or deterred from the life purpose. And you just keep jump up job hopping because they’re multi-passionate. We want to be lots of professions. So that’s where the clue we can find it.
Tom Poland: All right. Well we’ve got. Quite neatly. Neat timing or two minutes left and two questions. So question number six is what’s one valuable free resource that we could direct people to. That’s going to help them even a bit more.

Sashka: So I’m going to give you the URL. It’s and it’s a free resource about four weeks to three weeks depend on how long you take where you learn about a brand and a business and you can do some content marketing as well around your life purpose.

Tom Poland: Go to the website and check it out and also It’s not free but you want to go grab it. Question number 7, 55 seconds left. What is the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Sashka: I want to be doing this for the rest of my life.

Tom Poland: Sashka, thanks so much for your time. It’s been a hoot. Thanks for checking out our marketing the invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to iTunes to subscribe, write to us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out