How Advisors and Consultants can Win High-Value Clients on LinkedIn – in Just 7 Minutes with Adam Franklin

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  • Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to attract high-value clients
  • Find out how to become in-demand advisor and consultant of your field that attracts inbound leads
  • Learn why paid ads is a waste of money when it comes to generating leads



Adam Franklin is a social media speaker and commentator who gives content marketing keynotes, digital strategy sessions and LinkedIn workshops.

In this episode, Adam hares his expertise in helping advisers and consultants find a high-value client on LinkedIn and how to use your current network in finding high-value client without doing the hard sell.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:28 – Adam’s backstory as a social media speaker, expert, entrepreneur, business owner, and Amazon #1 bestselling author
  • 01:22 – Adam’s ideal client: adviser or a consultant who works with high-value clients
  • 01:47 – The problem that Adam’s client experienced in finding leads or high-value clients for their business
  • 01:59 – No enough inbound inquiries and no process to shake when there are qualified appointments
  • 03:09 – Common mistakes of Adams target market before coming to him
  • 04:11 – Adam’s Valuable Free Action: Log-in to your LinkedIn account and search for your first-degree connection who has the role the same with your target market and reconnect with them
  • 06:13 – Adam’s Valuable Free Resource: LinkedIn Profile Checklist:7 Step Guide to Get your LinkedIn Profile up to Speed

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:
“The best place to start is to look at the people you know already. Let's look at who we can help in our existing network and start there. ” -@Franklin_Adam Share on X

“The common mistakes I find that people have had tried is basically interrupting strangers by paying for advert, yes that can work but it can be expensive and it can be very time consuming. ” -@Franklin_Adam Share on X

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Tom Poland: On a very warm welcome to marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland joined today by Adam Franklin and I’m not too far away I believe. Whereabouts are you hanging out?

Adam Franklin: Brisbane today.

Tom Poland: Brisbane just two hours and a half south of Little castaways beach on the sunny Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. Adam great to have a new show on the show.

Tom Poland: For those of you don’t know Adam. For those of you don’t know he’s the author of Web marketing that works. He’s a professional speaker. I know he travels the globe and speaks internationally. He’s also a university lecturer. He’s CEO of Blue wire media and his blog was named Australia’s number one business blog. The podcast was made number 9 on Entrepreneur magazine’s top marketing podcast. So the truth is the fact that your marketing works very well at home. So what’s Adam do. Helps advisors and also consultants advisory and consulting businesses with when high-value clients via LinkedIn. The title of our interview Adam is how advisers and consultants can find high-value clients on LinkedIn and they can do that in just seven minutes. So, Adam, our time starts now. Question number one is always is Who is your ideal client.

Adam Franklin: Tom as you alluded to earlier my ideal client is an adviser or a consultant who works with high-value clients. So if by high valued client I mean a client that would typically have an annual spend of over ten thousand dollars. And my ideal clients are typically in high trust relationship based roles.

Tom Poland: Perfect. So a question number two six and a half minutes. What’s the problem you solve for them.

Adam Franklin: I solve the problem of not having enough qualified leads in their business.

Tom Poland: Okay. And what do you notice as being the typical symptoms of people who aren’t having enough leads flowing in?

Adam Franklin: Look the typical symptoms look like one not having enough inbound inquiries and two not having a process to shake the tree if you will to drum up new business but also the qualified appointments and the sales appointments that you need to be converting the business to work with these high-value clients.

Tom Poland: And I imagine there might some stress around the fact that the clients coming in dribs and drabs.

Adam Franklin: Well that’s it. You kind of at the mercy of Will somebody call and it’s outside the control of many of our clients when they first start to work with us but we show them a system and a process to actually enable them to be able to actually not only attract the leads but generate them on demand when they need them.

Tom Poland: So they’ve got these symptoms a little stress. The leads are coming in sporadically you know certain sure predictable but I think that’s not true in process or system to get those leads in before they find you. They’re probably going to try some things that don’t work so well So that’s question number four. What are some of the common mistakes that folks make prior to finding Blue Wire media?

Adam Franklin: Look the common mistakes I find that people have had tried is basically interrupting strangers by paying for advert now yes that can work it can be expensive it can be very time consuming to get right but the reason I say it’s a mistake is because right under our nose most, in fact, all consultants and advisers that I work with they have an existing network they have people that already know like and trust them and they don’t explore that network first they go how can I get more leads. Well, I’m going to have to just pay Facebook or pay Google or pay LinkedIn money to interrupt strangers. Now to me, that isn’t the best place to start. For me, the best place to start is let’s look at the people we know already. Let’s look at who we can help in our existing network and start there.

Tom Poland: And you’re obviously doing a lot of work with LinkedIn because that’s the name of our title. So question number five is it just under four minutes left. What’s one valuable free action that someone listening to this could take that may not solve the whole problem it’s going to help start them on the pathway to generating leads.

Adam Franklin: Well as I mentioned before we’ve got this network of people that we already know and they know us and hopefully like us and trust us it’s in some capacity. So what that means is that that’s the low hanging fruit. That’s what we need to be exploring first and my valuable free action for listeners is to actually log into LinkedIn and do a search of your first-degree contact and type in the name of the role who is your ideal buyer. For example, if you sell to accountants you would talk accountant up the top and then you would search by a first-degree connection which means that’s people you’re already connected to. And then simply hit the search button and LinkedIn is going to tell you how many people in your existing network fit the criteria of being an accountant also the first-degree contract. Now you can add more filters and narrow that down to say Queensland or Brisbane or Sydney or San Francisco or wherever you happen to live. The area where your clients live and it’s going to give you a list of maybe 10, 20 a couple of hundred people which you can then just reach out to and reactivate the relationship and that’s can be as simple as something like “Hi Tom. Long time no speaks what are you working on at the moment” now because you already know one another. You don’t need to do a hard sell or come across as pushy or needy or desperate. What you do is you just ask a question just like if we cross paths in real life and you know what. When somebody asks you What are you working on they’ll tell you normally they’re going to reciprocate and say hey Adam what are you working on. And that’s your opportunity to explain what you’re up to and to see if there’s any path forward in terms of a commercial relationship.

Tom Poland: Perfect. Thank you sir question number six in one hour 40 seconds left. What’s one valuable free resource that we can direct people to that’s going help them a little further with us.

Adam Franklin: Tom the valuable free resource that I put together is my LinkedIn profile checklist. You’ll have the URL for that and it’s been my most popular LinkedIn resource that I’ve shared. I shared it on LinkedIn and had over one hundred ninety-three thousand views of the video and thousands and thousands of requests for it. So that’s the resource I want to share because it’s the first step of this journey because when you do connect with somebody or somebody does look you up on LinkedIn when they hear your name referred by somebody that’s what’s going to show up. So you need to be putting the best forward free LinkedIn profile.

Tom Poland: OK so if you’re watching the video the link will be underneath but if you’re listening to the sound studio it’s Perfect. So, Thank you. Thirty-five seconds left.

Tom Poland: Question number seven what’s the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t.

Adam Franklin: Is LinkedIn better than Facebook and consultants and advisors and people working with high-value clients I believe it is significantly better than Facebook.

Tom Poland: Hell, yes.

Adam Franklin: Because when you get let’s look a lot more leverage and reach with your content and you actually know the roles that these people are in they can target them very meaningfully. You can see a mutual connection in a work capacity. So for a business to business type of marketing that’s great. Thanks, Adam.

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