Workflows and Efficiency for Better Podcasting Impact – in Just 7 Minutes with Yann Ilunga

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  • Learn how to strategically leverage podcasting, podcast guesting and systems to get exposure, grow your email list and attract your ideal clients
  • Find out the systems you can use to help you automate your podcast workflow
  • Learn about the automation tools to use to keep your podcast up and running achieving efficiency for better podcasting impact



Yann Ilunga is a podcaster, podcasting consultant, international speaker, and communication specialist.

In this episode, Yann shares his expertise in bringing crystal clarity in your podcasting goals, also marketing strategies and tactics that would be in the best interest of your podcast. He also shares how he helps entrepreneurs and businesses leverage podcasting to attract new prospects and podcasters grow their show and make their workflow more efficient through systems.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:29 – Yann talks about his ideal clients: Business owners and professionals who are interested in leveraging podcasting from both sides of the mic
  • 03:18 – Problem he helps solve: Podcasters getting clarity on what it is they truly want to achieve.
  • 04:37 – Typical symptoms that these podcasters do before reaching out to Yann: Podcasters experience information overload that they feel the lack of critical thinking.
  • 05:53 – Yann’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): “You should take time to really map out everything you can do to promote your podcast and obviously everything that makes sense.”
  • 09:00 – Yann’s Valuable Free Resource(VFR): Learn how to systemize your podcast publishing system: Visit:
  • 09:00 – Q: Which tools can podcasters use to automate the podcasting workflow? A: Zapier for integration and for content distribution

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“You should take time to really map out everything you can do to promote your podcast and obviously everything that makes sense.” -@theyannilunga Share on X
“Drip out your content marketing. Don't just blast everything on the day the episode goes live and then be silent, but truly spread out the way you go about the marketing.” -@theyannilunga Share on X

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Tom Poland: Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to another edition of marketing the invisible. My name is Tom Poland joined today by Yann Ilunga. Yann a very, what is a good morning for you.

Yann Ilunga: Yeah. Good morning. Good morning Tom I’m excited to be here.

Tom Poland: Well yeah. Thank you so much for your persistence and I had to postpone a couple of times. Folks don’t know that but I can accredit Yann is having full marks for persistence and endurance and reliability unlike myself. Yann, where are you hanging out? Where are you living?

Yann Ilunga: Well, I’m in Helsinki, Finland and today is like a super sunny day which is nice. Finally, I have to admit.

Tom Poland: Yeah, I heard you had a pretty long winter and still trailing out. Folks, Yann is a very interesting person in addition to speaking some six different languages and being an official military translator at one point in time. Not in his bio but we whistled that out of him. He’s also a podcaster, a podcasting consultant, international speaker, and communications specialist. He’s got a really interesting gig and it’s something that fascinates, fascinates me as a podcaster. As a podcaster, you can smell the gold but doesn’t always mine it, because… Yeah, and that’s frustrating.

Yann helps entrepreneurs and business owners leverages podcasting to attract new prospects and podcasters use podcasts to grow the show. And just to make the whole workflow of what, if you haven’t done podcasts it probably looks pretty simple, but it’s actually incredibly complicated to get it right and also to harvest the potential of the podcast even adds another layer of complexity. So, Yann’s thing is to make that whole process more efficient but also more profitable through systems. So, he does so through one of his four podcasts. Not that he’s an overachiever but four podcasts. The Podcasters Lab, the Podcast Growth Hub Membership site, and what Forbes magazine dubbed podcast, “The podcast community to join”, the Podcast Growth Mastermind. Whooh! So, just go ahead and start of the seven-minute clock because your impressive bios would have taken up at least half of it. So, our title Yann is “Podcast Systems Workflows and Efficiency for Better Podcasting Impact and Great Profitability”. So our seven minutes are going to start now. I’m going to stop jabbering, you’re going to hopefully start. Question number one is, who’s your ideal client?

Yann Ilunga: Well you already said it Tom, thank you for the great introduction. My ideal client, I have two segments, one is business owners, professionals, who are interested in leveraging podcasting from both sides of the mike so it can be podcast hosting as well as podcast guesting. And then the other aspect is content creators especially podcasters who need help leveraging their medium and make, as you said, their workflow more efficient and more let’s say more optimized so that they get more out of their efforts and endeavors and they carry out.

Tom Poland: Great way of putting it. So, get the potential from the podcast but also make that potential much easier to generate. So, six minutes ten seconds left. Describe for us if you would the problem you solve.

Yann Ilunga: Yeah, I would say that the main problem, I solve a few different ones, but I would say the main problem I solved is to really help the people we just mentioned get crystal clear, get clarity on what is it that they want to achieve. Because oftentimes I realize that for example with podcasters that there is a huge disconnect between what their goal is or the goals are and how they go about hosting a podcast for example or being a guest on a show. So, then the decisions they make, the strategies they implement, the tools they utilize, and so forth all are impacted by what the goals are and sometimes I feel as if people are focusing on this side but the goal is actually to go on this other side.

Tom Poland: Right. So, the tactics don’t reference back to this strategy by the sound of it.

Yann Ilunga: Exactly absolutely.

Tom Poland: Thank you. Five minutes 10 seconds left. Doing well. Question number three, someone who’s hasn’t worked with you whose needs what you’ve got, got those symptoms of a lack of alignment in tactics and strategies on. What are some of the common I should say some of the common mistakes that they are experiencing before they get to you?

Yann Ilunga: Yeah, I would say when it comes to learning I’m going to use a general term here but when it comes to learning and advice there is so much out there. I mean we live in an era of information available but also overload. That I feel that people lack critical thinking and I often rant about this but I believe it to be very true and here’s also where my academic background, I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication, come into play. And I feel that for example when it comes to podcasting and you Tom are a podcast as well you can confirm these, people hear, “Okay this person achieved this result, carrying out these five steps”. So, if I emulate him or her and do the exact same things, I’m going to get the exact same result. And that’s just not the case because audiences are different, podcasts are different, and goals are different as well. But sometimes we think, “Well, I just want to make millions with my podcast so I do want to land sponsors”, or whatever. When actually there may be another strategy which may be even easier for you to achieve to then go and get that result. But somehow because of the lack of critical thinking, we think, well if Tom does this and get this result. Then if I do the exact same things as Tom, I should get the exact same result.

Tom Poland: So that’s clearly a mistake because you’d have to be bold to achieve that. Just kidding. So, question number, question number six. What? Sorry, sorry. Question number five, I’ve thrown myself completely. One variable free action that an audience member could take to help them with the problem of optimizing the podcast opportunity and making it more efficient. Three minutes left.

Yann Ilunga: Yeah absolutely. Let’s talk about the three different systems, one it’s about the onboarding, one it’s about the content distribution, and one it’s about the conversion. I’m going to focus maybe on the content distribution because I feel that one of the things that many podcasters want to do is how do I grow my audience. To simplify things here is, you should take time to really map out everything you can do to promote your podcast and obviously everything that makes sense. So, if you’re trying to reach a certain demographic then think about what are the strategies I can implement both in terms of digital marketing but even things that you can do offline maybe flyers can be a thing. I don’t know business cards whatever. So, what you want to do is map those out. Take up project management tool for example like Trello, Asana, Clickup, or whatever. Write down all of them and then drip out your content marketing. So, don’t just blast everything on the day the episode goes live and then be silent, but truly spread out the way you go about the marketing. So, for example, to simplify things, maybe today you post on Twitter and you mention, you tag the guest. This afternoon, you post on your Facebook business page. Then tomorrow you post on Instagram. Two days from now your purpose the content into a short blog post. You want to really spread out the way you go by the marketing and that’s a mistake I see many podcasters make especially when I’m a guest is on publishing day they post and tagged me all over social media and then nothing. That’s a mistake especially if it’s evergreen cont that we’re talking about.

Tom Poland: Great not only mistake to avoid but also some very clear and practical layout of a plan to actually do it right.

Yann Ilunga: Yeah, and may I add quickly one thing Tom, if you don’t mind very quickly.

Tom Poland: We have a whole seventy seconds left. Go ahead.

Yann Ilunga: Awesome. And that’s the best way then to carry them out and not feeling overwhelmed because if you find that you’re a podcast marketing strategy has, for example, let’s say 15 steps. If you’re trying to say to yourself, “Ahh, I or my team have to do everything today”, you may feel very overwhelming. But if you say okay, we have 15 steps let’s break them down. How can we drip these out in the span of a week? We carry out three steps today, two steps tomorrow, three steps the following day. So, then you can focus only on the tasks at hand for this specific date and not feel overwhelmed.

Tom Poland: All right. Thank you. 30 seconds left. I’m going to give the answer to question number six, which variable free resource. We’ll post, publish it under the video but for podcasters, listeners, Y-A-N-N I-L-U-N-G-A. Leaves us twelve seconds left for the last question. What’s the one question I should’ve asked you but didn’t?

Yann Ilunga: Well I think when it comes to automation it’s about tools. So which tools can we use to implement some of the things we talked about in this interview? I’m going to mention a few, a must is Zapier, which is a tool that allows you to connect everything. And then the other tool I’m going to mention it’s called perfect for content distribution.

Tom Poland:, wonderful. Yann thanks so much.

Yann Ilunga: My pleasure. Thank you, Tom.

Tom Poland: Thank you.

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