How to Make the Shift from Business Operator to Business Owner and CEO – In Just 7 Minutes with Paul Maskill

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  • The systems you need so that your business can survive without you
  • The easiest way to start delegating: know how you can make more when you start working less
  • Tips for escaping the “this is how I’ve always done it” mindset



Paul Maskill is a business coach and investor focused on helping service-based business owners go from Business Operator to Business Owner & CEO. Paul’s focus is on putting systems, processes, and people in place so that the business can thrive on a day-to-day basis without the owner.

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Paul shares how to help business owners crush chaos and uncover the income and freedom they always knew was possible.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 00:42 – Paul’s professional background as a business coach, from being a business operator to CEO
  • 01:52 – His ideal clients: a service-based business that offers a great service who needs help in the backend
  • 02:23 – The business chaos he help solve for his clients
  • 02:57 –The hamster wheel feeling his clients experience when trying to solve their business chaos problems
  • 04:44 – The common mistakes that business owners feel when they try to seek for scalability and predictability on their business
  • 05:28 – Importance of having systems and processes in your business
  • 06:47 – Paul’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get started. Get out of your own way. You’re not special. Other people can do it just as well as you can if you provide them the roadmap to success.
  • 07:16 – Paul’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): How to Pivot When You’ve Plateaued: The 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid Before You Break Through
  • 07:12 – What’s the one thing that’s the most important and the highest priority when someone is stuck in this position and what can they do just to get started and get that momentum going

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“Get out of your own way. You're not special. Other people can do it just as well as you can if you provide them the roadmap to success.” - @paulmaskill Click To Tweet
“I help them get rid of that chaos, focus on what they really do. Which allows them to uncover the income and the freedom that they sought when they started their business” - @paulmaskill Click To Tweet
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Tom Poland:Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to another edition of marketing the Invisible. My name is Tom Poland beaming out to you once again from on the sand at Little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia joined today by Paul Maskill. Paul, where are you hanging out.

Paul Maskill:Hanging out in Raleigh North Carolina where we’re hanging out in yesterday and you’re hanging out in tomorrow night.

Tom Poland:How could we agree I’m a man ahead of your time.

Paul Maskill:You are by about 10 hours.

Tom Poland:Yeah I think that’s pretty much the only way. I mean a good time. But you know I’d love. Yeah I’ll take that. I’ll take that.

Tom Poland:All right. So for those we don’t know Paul,he is an interesting guy because he’s got a special kind of brain. He’s got the sort of brain that can look at and this is not on his bio. This is just my observation. He’s got this sort of brain that looks at things strategically that can also drill down to systems and that’s a unique individual because most of us can do one or the other. He’s a business coach, he’s an investor, he’s focused on helping service-based business owners go from business operator to business owner. Big difference. And CEO. So kind of like the orchestra conductor and his focus as I said before is putting on looking at look at the business strategically where it needs to go but then putting into place the systems, processes, and people. So that the business actually perhaps doesn’t run on autopilot but it’s like a train on tracks sitting in the right direction. And then that train keeps moving on a day to day basis without necessarily the owner being there sticking their nose in whole time. So we’re going to call the interview, How to Make the Shift from Business Operator. To the business owner and CEO in just seven minutes pull out seven minutes starts now. Quest number 1 who is your ideal client?

Paul Maskill:So you sort of referenced in the intro its service space business owners and then to drill down a little bit more, they have to provide a really good service and they just need a little bit help on the back end. So not just any service-based business definitely really good at what they do. Otherwise, it can’t really help them.

Tom Poland:Yeah ditto. Same here. I call it the Magic. Got to have some magic. Got it. Got about to transform something changed something significantly immeasurably. All right. So thank you for that question number 2, six and a half minutes less. What is the problem you solve for them?

Paul Maskill:] So I helped them basically crush the chaos. That’s kind of taking over them. So all business owners when they start. They love what they’re doing they’ve got a passion for it but then eventually that kind of goes away because of all the other things with running a business takeover. I help them get rid of that chaos, focus on that. They really do. Which allows them to uncover the income and the freedom that they sought when they started their business in the first place.

Tom Poland:So question number 3 six minutes left. What are the typical symptoms and don’t hold back give us all the details? Pardon me that people experience when they have that problem?

Paul Maskill:So yes so usually they feel they’re not sure that they made the right decision. They jumped into the business they were pumped up, they’re fired up, they’re excited and then that passion started to go away that fire that was burning when they first started kind of going out. They feel like they’re burned out and they’re really just sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s like a never-ending hamster wheel that they can’t get off. Because if they get off of it the hamster wheel stops which means their business stops and they stop making money. So they’re sick of the chaos and they’re ready for some predictability and they want to leverage their expertise and what they’re really good at and what they’d love to build that business that they always dreamed of. So I think those are the biggest symptoms they’re burned out. They’re connected to their business 24/7 and that fire that passion, that enthusiasm that had originally is just not there anymore because chaos has taken over.

Tom Poland:Kind of a side question but do they also have I guess I could describe it as a knowing that there’s a better way than what they’ve wanted to achieve with their dream is still possible but they’re not sure exactly how to make that happen?

Paul Maskill:Yeah, so I mean I think they know there is a better way. Unfortunately, they probably can’t get out of their own way. Because they’re just stuck doing it that way because they don’t think anybody can do it as well as they can. And they always have excuses. Well, you don’t know my business, my business is different. You can fix that business but not mine. Just, Deborah, you don’t know if they know there’s a better way. They see people having success but they don’t know if it’s possible for them. Because they’re so stuck in that rut.

Tom Poland:Okay so a question 4 and f4 and a quarter minutes left, one of the mistakes people make when they’re feeling that the situation is thinking that you know that the only one in the world with that problem their business is different than what applies to other business etc. What are some of the other common mistakes that people make when faced with this problem?

Paul Maskill:So I think originally probably their biggest mistake is one waiting too long to make a change. But usually then when they make a change they hire somebody. And they say here’s your job, go do it, and I’ll talk to you at the end of the day. And then that person who they thought was highly qualified comes back and doesn’t do it the way that they want to do it. So then they say, Well that person’s dumb. Why did I hire them? I might just do it myself and better up do it myself because I don’t have time to sit down and train this person and then they try to do that a couple times and then finally they’re like screw it forgets it. I’m just gonna do it all myself because everyone hires an idiot and there’s no good help out there. Can’t find good help. So I think that’s probably the biggest problem when they first try to solve the problem because all that happens because they don’t have the systems and processes in place. If I told you to go bring that sand from point A to Point B you’re going to do a totally different than I would but it doesn’t mean you did it wrong you just didn’t have a direction to follow based on how I want it done and that’s really where business owners usually that are stuck in this problem point the finger at someone else when it should be pointed back at themselves.

Tom Poland:Well said. So question 5, just under three minutes left. What’s one valuable free action that an audience member can take that’s going to help them solve this problem?

Paul Maskill:Well I think initially just realizing that. You’re not special. And that it is solvable and really having the mindset of asking yourself everything that you do is this scalable? Could I have someone else do it the way that I’m doing it? And the answer is no, then you need to start doing things the way other people could do it. And you don’t have to do it all overnight like all these really successful businesses you see they’ve been around for years and years and years. I think just getting started. Documenting how one process is done. And then delegating that to somebody, and once they have success you might have freed up 30 minutes a day, but hey that’s two and a half hours a week that you can then spend on your business that you can then put another process in place and on and on and on. So you know that’s my biggest advice is just. Get started. Get out of your own way. You’re not special. Other people can do it just as well as you can if you provide them the roadmap to success.

Tom Poland:So question 6 is a valuable free resource that you can direct people to and you’ve got quite a powerful very simple which is what I like about it but very powerful articulation kind of a little bit of like a roadmap. Can you give us that landing page for that.

Paul Maskill:Yeah. So it’s just PIVOT. And it’s basically the six mistakes that you must avoid before you breakthrough. So I made all these mistakes a lot of the businesses that I coach make these mistakes businesses that I’ve bought have made these mistakes and it’s really when you’ve plateaued and you need to pivot but you just don’t know what to do. Well, these are the six things not to do so you can get to where you want to go that much quicker. So super easy. You can really implement all of them today or whenever you’re listening to this tonight, tomorrow, whenever you listen to this download it, implement it, and it will make your life a lot easier trust me because I’ve made all those mistakes.

Tom Poland:Dub dub dub dub Paul Maskill double L and folks that pivot. So we’ve got question seven then and forty-five seconds left. What’s the one question I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Paul Maskill: I would probably say of all the things that you could have asked me it’s probably what’s the one thing that’s the most important and the highest priority when someone is stuck in this position and what can they do just to get started and get that momentum going.

Tom Poland:Super, Paul Maskill thanks so much for your time.

Paul Maskill: Thank you Tom really enjoyed it.

Tom Poland:Thanks for checking out our Marketing the Invisible podcast if you like what we’re doing here. Please head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate us and leave us a review. It’s very much appreciated. And if you want to generate five fresh leads in just five hours then check out

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