This one can pay for itself in about 24 hours. I’ve developed, collected and studied 172 different referral systems and I’ve personally tested dozens of them.

In this course I reveal not only the proven psychology behind successful referral systems but also the top 22 time-tested systems for getting top quality referrals and, in some cases, automating that process so that you don’t even have to physically ask for them. There is very little that could be easier than that.

Okay, since this is an official hype-free zone, let’s look at this from a strictly commercial return-on-investment point of view.

Please write down the following numbers:

  1. Your average sale price: $…………….. (let-s say it’s only $100)
  2. Average number of times per year a client buys from you: ……… (maybe 4?)
  3. Average number of years a client stays with you: ………… (perhaps 5?)
  4. Now please multiply A x B x C and write the figure here: $…………… (that would be $2,000)
    Figure D is what a new client is likely to be worth to you in new sales.  Very like this figure is thousands of dollars.
  5. Now please multiply this figure by 10: $…………… (wow… $20,000)
    Quite probaby figure E comes to tens of thousands of dollars.
    Now compare that extra revenue to the tax deductable investment in the course – a mere US$795.
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