“The Million Dollar Ceiling is nothing short of paradigm shattering. Here is a proven, step by step plan for generating more revenue in less time than I’d ever dreamed possible.”

– Kerry Boulton, The Exit Strategy Group

The Million Dollar Ceiling is not an e-book but a real, physical, block buster book of 270 pages and it’s loaded with a simple, proven method that will empower you to help more people and generate more revenue, in less time.

In it you’ll discover how it’s now relatively easy for even a “solopreneur” to break the million dollar ceiling whilst enjoying the sort of freedom, choice and quality of lifestyle previously unachievable by all but super stars.

If you offer a service or advice for a living then this book could literally be worth millions of dollars to you as I pull back the lid on how I’ve helped generate tens of millions in revenue for my clients and for my own businesses (click here for validation of that claim).

In “The Million Dollar Ceiling” you’ll discover:

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